Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Someone Needs Your Star

Press Play, and enjoy this beautiful song as you read this week's blog post. The lyrics reminded me so much of Sister Tanner. So many people need her star, and she's sharing it with everyone she can!

This week was a very productive and rewarding week for Sister Tanner. She was able to teach 17 lessons, which is the most since she has been out on her mission. So amazing! Her week started out by getting to visit one of her investigators on Monday. The woman watches children in her home, and Sister Tanner loves being able to talk with them. They were all excited that some "big name" country singer from Ohio was coming to perform there. The kids were so excited that he was from the big Ohio! Sister Tanner said, "I was cracking up, because Wisconsin is more in the middle of nowhere than Ohio is!" It's definitely still a huge change from being in California.

Tuesday was a very busy day for the Sisters. They had District meetings, and then rushed to visit their part member family whom they have been helping with their yard. They helped pull weeds in their garden, and then started reading the Book of Mormon with them. The husband committed and promised to finish the chapter. This was a big step for him! Afterwards, the Sisters hurried to a member's house for dinner which was an hour away from their investigators. Their small branch covers such a large area! The amazing family they had dinner with is sadly moving away. They wanted to have the Sisters over one last time. They taught a lesson to the family about trusting in the Lord to guide them in the right direction. The spirit was overwhelming, and it was exactly what they needed to hear. The family also gave a Book of Mormon to one of their close friends. The Sisters are going to go visit her soon!

Wednesday was a day for Sister Tanner to use her artistic and fashionable skills! The Sisters volunteered at the Bargain Boutique again. This week's task was pricing purses and doing the visual displays! I'm sure the store owners/managers are just loving Sister Tanner! She loves that she is still able to practice and use her fashion skills while on her mission. She said, "Heavenly Father is definitely blessing me with that because he knows how much I miss it!" After volunteering at Bargain, they drove to Madison, and spent the night there.

The morning came early for the Sisters on Thursday. They drove to Oshkosh, WI (yes, THE Oshkosh Corporation home) for Sister Tanner's last 12 week training meeting. It was her first training meeting with the new Mission President. It was centered on preparing the Sisters and Elders to be the Mothers and Fathers that God needs them to be. It was amazing and so spiritual! They learned more about using the photos on our church pamphlets when teaching people. They even practiced by going out on the streets and meeting people with this approach. Sister Tanner said, "It really motivated me to literally talk to everyone we see while we walk and every place we go."

After the training, the Sisters drove back to Madison with the others that they came with. They then met up with another group of Sisters which they exchanged with. They had a wonderful member dinner, visited with the Bishop there, and were able to contact a few less active members. Sister Tanner loves Madison! The following day they spent the majority of it there as well. Every minute of the day was packed with appointments! Since they were on exchanges, Sister Tanner was with a different companion that day. She ended up being from Elk Grove, CA. They knew all the same people, which was exciting and fun! They got along really well. Sister Tanner said, "It's really exciting to experience missionary life in a totally different environment. It will be a huge change if I'm ever transferred to a city." While in Madison, they met with a less active member who is obsessed with Disney, especially Princess Belle. Sister Tanner said there were figurines all over her house, and she loved it! They got along great since Sister Tanner loves Belle too. Afterwards, they had a member dinner with a family, whom the Mom is a fashion designer for American Girl Doll! American Girl Doll Corporation Headquarters are also in Wisconsin! So exciting! Sister Tanner loved talking with her about their common interests, and got to tell her all about attending FIDM.

Friday night, Sister Tanner got back to Prairie du Chien with wonderful news. While she was in Madison, the Sisters found 2 new investigators and set up appointments with a few others. It was a great day for everyone!
Saturday, the Sisters met with their investigators whom they have invited to be baptized. They taught them the plan of Salvation. Sister Tanner was able to talk with them about their concerns and try to work through them. They are going to attend Church next Sunday which is wonderful!
Sunday was wonderful as it always is for Sister Tanner. Church was amazing and afterwards was exciting! They were able to go and visit a less active member of their branch, and he agreed to come to Church next week. They are so happy about this!
Transfers are next week for Sister Tanner. "I love Prairie du Chien and I love everyone here", she said. "My heart will seriously break if I have to leave. So, pray for the assistants to be inspired and pray for me to be okay wherever the Lord needs me." If Sister Tanner is transferred, Wednesday August 7th would be her last day in Prairie. Until we know what happens, it safer to mail letters and anything else to her mission home address. I just wanted to make sure you all have the updated one, as I know some of you have been sending things to her apartment. Here is the Mission Home Address:
7111 W Edgerton Ave Ste 100
Greenfield, WI 53220
In close, Sister Tanner had a wonderful and productive week. We know she will be amazing in Prairie du Chien, the big city, or wherever else the Lord has in store for her. Sister Tanner ends with, "I love you all so much! I am so grateful for each of you! I feel your prayers and I hope you feel mine! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you all! I love you!"

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