Monday, July 1, 2013

A Wedding, Baptism, and a New Companion!

It's hard to believe that Sister Tanner has already been out on her mission for 2 full months. That being said, she has accomplished so much, grown as a person, and touched the lives of so many. This past week was no exception. Sister Tanner and Sister Newton were able to be a part of their investigator's wedding day. Many of their family members and even children were able to come and see them be married. The Sisters were able to tell so many of them about the gospel. What a special day this was for everyone! The gospel changed this couple's lives in so many amazing ways!
Sister Newton and Sister Tanner helping the bride get ready on her big day!
Wednesday was transfers! Sister Tanner and her companion drove to Madison, WI, and from there Sister Newton was going to her new area. Sister Tanner patiently waited for 5 hours in a room full of Elders. She was the only Sister Missionary there. Finally her new companion arrived, Sister D'Addabbo! She is from Boise, Idaho. Sister Tanner says that she is very sweet and has a strong testimony.
Saturday was the Baptism! What an incredible experience for this man to be married and baptized in the same week! Both of these things occurred because of the Gospel and how it changed him and his life. How amazing it is that Sister Tanner is the one who introduced him to the church, taught him, and prepared him for this unforgettable day. Sister Tanner said, "Seriously, I will never forget this day! The spirit was so strong and I was overwhelmed with happiness! I can't even imagine how happy Heavenly Father feels when one of his children choose to enter the gate of Baptism, because my heart was filled with so much joy! He was beaming after he was baptized! I felt so amazed that the Lord has trusted me as his servant to teach the gospel to him. This truly is HIS work and I was just the instrument in which the Lord was able to teach him. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of his journey to baptism. It's incredible to watch someone change their entire life because they finally understand what the Lord has asked us to do, and because they come to know this is the true Gospel. What a blessing, and I will never forget this! The Lord really has prepared people for the Gospel, they are just waiting for us to knock on their door and invite them to come unto Christ." 
Prairie du Chien has been experiencing crazy weather! It's hot and sunny, and 10 minutes later its pouring down raining. A nearby town got 10 inches of rain one night. This caused mudslides and homes being flooded. Please keep Sister Tanner and her area in your prayers!
Tonight Sister Tanner and her new companion are having a lesson with a couple whom they invited to be baptized. She is so excited, and nervous, and can't wait to teach them more. She is such a devoted Missionary. The people of Prairie du Chien are so blessed to have her there. And we are all so lucky to know her, and have her positive influence in our lives. Sister Tanner encourages us all to be missionaries in our own way. "The Lord needs all of us, and we don't need to be set apart or have a specific assignment to share the gospel and bring others back to the path."

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