Monday, July 28, 2014

Bringing Families Together

"I can't believe summer is coming to an end so soon! I can't believe it's going to be August next week. I already feel like August is going to be an amazing month full of miracles", Sister Tanner said.

Sister Tanner's week started off with saying goodbye to Sister Barnes. It was fun spending the week with 2 companions instead of 1. By Tuesday, Sister Tanner and Sister Reed were back in the swing of things, being in a twosome again. Sadly, Sister Tanner got sick! It made the day a little more tough, but she was a trooper! In the morning, the Sisters visited a few potential investigators. Then it was off to District meeting! It was the first district meeting of the new transfer, so it was fun meeting all the new Missionaries in their area! A new Senior couple was transferred as well, and are part of one of the Spanish Branches. "Yay! Senior Couples are the best", Sister Tanner said. After the district meeting, a few of the Elders gave Sister Tanner a blessing since she was sick. "So I got a blessing, then we went out and worked HARD", Sister Tanner said. That evening, Sister Tanner had a lesson with one of her investigators who is being baptized soon. "We went over the baptism interview questions with her and she's so ready for baptism! She loves the gospel and it's changed her so much", Sister Tanner said. She cannot wait for her baptism on August 2nd! That night the Sisters packed up and drove to Elkorn, WI for exchanges with the Sister Missionaries there.

On Wednesday, Sister Tanner came back to Kenosha with her new companion for the day, Sister Smith. "She was awesome. She's been a Sister Training Leader before, so it was nice to have someone with me who I knew would work hard and help me out since I wasn't feeling too great. She's awesome! She was a dancer too, so we chatted a lot about dance and our families", Sister Tanner said. Sister Tanner is so blessed to serve with such amazing women! Together, these 2 Sisters taught an amazing lesson. They taught the 9 year old son, of one of the Sisters in the family that Sister Tanner has been working with. The Sisters have been inactive for quite some time, and just started getting back into the gospel. Their children are young, but one is 9! He really has a strong desire to be baptized! "He is so cute and the smartest 9 year old ever! We taught the Plan of Salvation and we were talking about the spirit world and he said, "Is that why we do baptisms for the dead?" Like, how the heck does he even know about that? Little kids are still really close to the veil I think. He kept asking us super deep questions like, "What happens to the earth?" "Is there more than one God?" Haha! So we tried to keep it as basic as possible. After we went through the whole thing, we said, "Do you think this is God's plan for us?" And he said, "Yeah, everything except I don't think the earth should be destroyed!" So we had to explain to him everything that's going to happen and he loved it! He's going to make a great Missionary some day", Sister Tanner said. She loves this young boy so much, and his family! She says countless times how much she KNOWS her Mission was to find this family and bring the gospel back into their lives.

Thursday was a very productive day! After weekly planning, Sister Tanner had a bunch of appointments and lessons set up! She also helped a Sister in the ward with her visiting teaching. They were able to help her visit some of the less active members on her visiting teaching list. It was a great success! That evening, at dinner, the Sisters received a referral for a close friend of the family they were with. "Score! Referrals are the best", Sister Tanner said. Working directly with the members makes for the greatest Missionary experiences! After a few more lessons, Sister Tanner visited the home of a part member family in her ward. The husband is not a member, and since she has been teaching him, she has slowly helped him open his eyes to the gospel. That night, she had a great experience while teaching him. "He had lots of questions about the spirit world and we showed him scriptures from the Bible about Christ teaching the spirits in prison, and he totally gets it now! He's slowly but surely getting there! We went home and I was like, I can't believe I remembered that scripture. It's weird when you have moments where you can see how much you've changed. I would never have been able to do that a year ago", Sister Tanner said. As a Missionary, Sister Tanner has grown so much in her knowledge of the scriptures. Using that knowledge, along with the promptings of the spirit, is the ultimate teaching tool. 

Sister Tanner volunteered at the Shalom Center on Friday. It was a wonderful day of service like usual! After volunteering, the Sisters had a full day of appointments. They had another wonderful lesson with the woman who is being baptized next week. "She is so ready for baptism! Now that we have to teach Lesson 5, we started teaching about Priesthood, and she asked questions about the temple and family history and eternal marriage, so we ended up almost teaching all of Lesson 5. She just glows now! She is so much happier! She smiles and laughs all the time and she wasn't like that at all when we first met her", Sister Tanner said. What a miracle! The gospel completely changed this woman's entire life for the better. Afterwards, Sister Tanner had another amazing lesson with one of the recently baptized Sisters in her ward. She has been praying hard about personal things going on in her life. She felt strongly about something she should do. Sister Tanner explained to her that she is receiving revelation from God! It was a special moment with her! What a wonderful and spiritual Friday! "Friday nights are always crazy here in Kenosha", Sister Tanner said. A GOOD crazy!

Sister Tanner had another amazing teaching moment on Saturday! As she was teaching one of the Sisters she has been working with, she was able to show her how to do Family History. "We were able to help her find her great grandpa and his birth record and everything. She was so excited because her Mom knew nothing about him! She was freaking out! It's so cool to be teaching her son and helping him prepare for Baptism and at the same time, helping her find their family and get the names ready to do the baptisms for them. I feel such a connection to this family for some reason and I'm grateful I get to help both sides of the veil a little bit. The gospel truly is about strengthening and bringing together families. I truly believe that their ancestors on the other side are ready for the gospel and are helping soften the hearts of this family to come back and to help their son join the Church. I LOVE WHAT I GET TO DO EVERY DAY", Sister Tanner said. This is what the gospel and Missionary work is all about! Bringing families together! After that amazing lesson, Sister Tanner went to Sister (Z)'s home to practice her song for the baptism next week. The woman being baptized asked the Sisters to sing her favorite song, "Amazing Grace". "It didn't sound too awful, even though I was sick. There is definitely a lot of practice that needs to go into it! Sister (Z) is the best! We had the best conversation with her and we left feeling spiritually renewed. Sister Z is our Mom away from home and totally helps us with everything! She talked to us about how crazy the world is and how much our Missions are preparing us to be Moms. She's the best", Sister Tanner said.

Sunday was an amazing day for Sister Tanner! The Bishop found out that she was singing at the upcoming baptism, so he asked her to sing this coming Sunday as well! "Yikes! I'm super nervous, but it will be good I hope", Sister Tanner said. So many people were at Church that day! The Sisters came with their families, and the soon to be baptized member came as well! "The Sisters leaned over to me after Gospel Principles and they said, "It's going to be hard for us when you guys get transfered because we just love you so much." Awww! They make it all worth it! They are the sweetest", Sister Tanner said. After a wonderful dinner that evening, the Sisters taught the part member family again. The husband isn't a member, but is getting closer to the gospel every day! "He got super deep and we started talking about deep stuff but it made sense to him. He's going to be an amazing member of the Church someday", Sister Tanner said. What a perfect Sabbath!

Sister Tanner's Testimony:

"It's been a great week! I feel each of your prayers every day! Hey, I'm trying something fun and I need your help with it! I would love if each of you could send me your favorite scripture and why! I will greatly appreciate it! I'll share mine with you today! Mosiah 2:17 has always been my favorite scripture, but has taken on a new meaning since I've been on a Mission. We are the means by which God can help his children on earth. =) I hope you all have the best week ever and an amazing start to August! I love you so much!"
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

Sister Tanner would love to hear all of your favorite scriptures and why. Send emails to: 

Monday, July 21, 2014

To Be Perfect In HIM

Sister Tanner had a wonderful week! It started off with a really fun P day. A Sister in her ward gave Sister Tanner the most amazing massage! It was very relaxing and much needed. After the massage, Sister Tanner went to play sports with all the other Missionaries. It was a bittersweet day saying goodbye to her dear friend Sister Hancock. She is being transferred to the opposite side of the Mission.  Sister Tanner was so happy to see her one last time before transfers. That evening, the Sisters spent Family Night with 3 families in their ward. "It was super fun", Sister Tanner said. She ended her day teaching one of her investigators. "She spent the whole time telling us how much she loves feeling the spirit! She's so cute", Sister Tanner said of her investigator. She just loves her so much!

"Tuesday was long, but great. We got a lot of work done", Sister Tanner said. While the Sisters were out and about, they ended up at the gas station to get some water. As they were paying for the water, a man came up to them and looked at their name tags. He said, "Can your church save me girl?" Sister Tanner looked up at him, and proudly said "Yeah!" Sister Tanner said he was a really cool guy. She gave him their info and invited him to come to church. What a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time. After that amazing experience, Sister Tanner went to teach one of her investigators. She taught her all about the 10 Commandments and keeping the Sabbath day holy. She ended up already knowing all about both topics! "She's so ready", Sister Tanner said. 

Sister Tanner enjoyed a perfect princess tea party on Wednesday with one of the less actives she has been working with, and her daughter. "It was so fun and fancy", she said. After the tea party, she taught a lesson to the mom and daughter about developing our spiritual gifts. "It was so good! I love them", Sister Tanner said. After that fun lesson, the Sisters went tracting. They went so far that they ended up at the border of Wisconsin and Illinois! After a wonderful dinner with a fun family, Sister Tanner attended Institute. She brought all the recently baptized members of her ward with her. She feels lucky to have such an amazing Institute teacher! That night, the Mission President called to talk to Sister Tanner and Sister Reed. He called to see if they would be okay with having a third Sister Missionary companion for a few days! Of course they said yes! Sister Barnes will be with them until Tuesday!

On Thursday, Sister Barnes came to join Sister Tanner and Sister Reed. It is definitely different being in a trio, but fun as well. Sister Tanner had a lesson with the woman who is going to be baptized soon. It went really well. "She's so excited for her baptism", Sister Tanner said. She is definitely ready!

Sister Tanner was able to volunteer at the Shalom Center again on Friday. She came across a girl whom she had previously met there about a month ago. The girl wanted to talk to Sister Tanner, and exchange information. "She said she's going to invite us over for a cookout soon! She knows what we do, so we are hoping this leads to a teaching opportunity! She's so fun", Sister Tanner said. How amazing it would be to find someone to teach the gospel to, while providing service to their community! After volunteering, Sister Tanner went and helped a family in her ward move. Sister Tanner even surprised herself with her own strength. She was lifting some heavy boxes! Later that evening, the Sisters went to visit a family in the ward. Sister Barnes started her Mission in Kensha, and wanted to visit some of the people she had taught while she was there. So they went to one family in the ward's home. It ended up being the husband's birthday! They were surprised to see Sister Barnes! Then right after, someone showed up with a cake! A lot of their family was there, including nieces and nephews. It was a lot of fun! "We read from the Book of Mormon with them, and they loved reading it! The little boy even asked us what sin meant and what things he needed to repent for. He's adorable", Sister Tanner said. What a fun night, and rewarding day it was!

Saturday started off on a funny note! "Sister Reed started the morning by coming out of the bathroom with her shirt on inside out and backwards and she had gone to sleep with it on the right way, so we cried laughing for like 30 minutes about it", Sister Tanner said. Silly Sister Missionaries! Then they got to work, and worked hard! Sister Tanner taught a great lesson to a special family. "They told us we always share exactly what they need to hear. We love the spirit", Sister Tanner said. She is always inspired by the spirit on what to say to people as she teaches them. This helps her to know exactly what it is that they need to hear. The power of the spirit is so strong. The day continued with lots and lots of lessons! During a lesson with one of their investigators, they taught her about tithing. "She's so excited to pay tithing", Sister Tanner said. How amazing! She is so in tune with the spirit and ready to be baptized! That night, the Sisters ended up in a scary part of town just before 9pm. As they sat in their car, they saw a huge group of people just hanging out outside. They decided to say prayer before having to leave the car. The group of people ended up trying to talk to them. "So we go talk to them, and it wasn't the girl we were looking for, but they were SO cool! We ended up teaching a group of 8 people the Restoration and giving them all Book of Mormons. The Mom said, "I was just talking to my daughter about how I need something different in my life, and I prayed for direction and here you guys are." Totally inspired! It was wonderful! We invited them all to be baptized! Not on a specific date, but it was still really cool", Sister Tanner said. What an amazing experience! Prayer can bring the greatest miracles. Sister Tanner went from feeling afraid, to feeling comfortable, to teaching these people about the gospel! Not only did she just teach them, but they all accepted Book of Mormons AND want to be baptized! It's moments like this that strengthen testimonies beyond imaginable.  

"Sunday was amazing! Church was great! It was our Ward Conference. The whole 3 hours was amazing. I learned so much from our Stake Presidency here. I love them! We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off in between meetings, because we had so many things we needed to do at Church and so many people that needed our help. But once we sat down, I was able to breathe and learn so much", Sister Tanner said. One of the less active members whom Sister Tanner has been teaching and working with, came to church for the first time since Sister Tanner has been in Kenosha! Church was perfect for her, and everyone was so happy she was there! Later that day, Sister Tanner had one of the most amazing lessons ever. She taught a lesson to the 2 less active sisters and their children. One of their sons is 10, and Sister Tanner has been able to start teaching him. "He loves church and is so excited to be baptized! We set his date for August 23rd, so really soon! The whole family got really excited and I think having a date to work toward will help them be more committed! I love this family! I seriously feel like they are "the ones". Every time we leave their house, I just feel so happy that I am here teaching the people Heavenly Father sent me here to teach. I can't really explain the feeling, but it's amazing", Sister Tanner said. This family truly is so special to Sister Tanner. She knows they are part of the reason that she is serving a Mission at this time and in this particular place in Wisconsin. 

Sister Tanner's Testimony & Quotes of The Week:

"Here's some great quotes from the Week."

"When trials are not consequences of disobedience, they are evidence that the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more." -Richard G Scott

"We will never be perfect but we can be perfect in our effort to be perfect. The world expects us to be perfect, the Lord expects our desire to be perfect in Him." -President Mortimer (Sister Tanner's Stake President)

"This week I've realized that I am far from perfect, yet I still strive every day to be better than I was yesterday. Sometimes I beat myself when I fall short or feel like a failure if I don't do things right, but Heavenly Father knows we aren't going to be perfect, all he expects is our best efforts and reliance on Him. I love you all so much! I miss you every day and pray for you every day! Have the best week ever!"

-Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

Monday, July 14, 2014

Live A Little More Like Christ

"It's been a week full of ups and downs and lots of opposition, but that's okay because opposition means we are doing something right and miracles are about to happen", Sister Tanner said. 

Monday was a productive P-day! After playing sports with the other Missionaries, Sister Tanner spent the day running around contacting potential investigators. She ended the day with a wonderful meal from a sweet Sister in her ward! 

Zone Training Meeting was on Tuesday! Sister Tanner gave a 30 minute training on the qualifications for baptism! How amazing! Later that day, Sister Tanner had a lesson with one of her investigators. She taught her all about the Word of Wisdom. "She was like, yeah I'll totally give up coffee and tea if a prophet said that's what we should do. She's so prepared and so ready", Sister Tanner said.

On Wednesday, Sister Tanner had a wonderful morning scripture study. "Jacob 5 finally made sense to me for the first time in my life", she said. That was a great moment for Sister Tanner! That day, the Sisters watched "His Grace Is Sufficient" with a Sister in their ward. "She loved it", Sister Tanner said. Then, she was able to talk with a couple about getting sealed in the temple next year. They are so excited, and asked Sister Tanner a bunch of questions! That night, their investigator that they taught the Word of Wisdom to, came to Institute with them! She loved it, and even met some new friends! It's only a matter of time before she is a member! She is so prepared!

Sister Tanner met one of her investigators at the park on Thursday morning. Her family is against the Church, and doesn't want her to join or read the Book of Mormon. However, nothing will stand in her way. She is working hard to move out, so that she can be baptized. "We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she brought up baptism before we even did. She wanted to know what exactly happens before she is baptized, and what she's going to learn, so we went through the baptism interview questions with her. She wants to join the Church, but it's just going to take some time for things to smooth over with her family and for her to move out so we re-set her date for September. She's so prepared though", Sister Tanner said. After that, Sister Tanner was able to have lessons with less active members. She even found more new investigators! While out working, she stopped by a Sister in her ward's work. She gave Sister Tanner something called "chocolate cheese". "Weirdest thing ever! It tastes like fudge, but it's cheese! Only in Wisconsin", Sister Tanner said. After a few more lessons, Sister Tanner was able to attend a birthday celebration for one of the Elders in her ward. "They had practically a ward party for him! It was fun though ans we talked to Sister "Z" the whole time about people we can bring to lessons. I love Sister Z", Sister Tanner said.

Sister Tanner was able to volunteer at the Shalom Center again on Friday. She loves the time she spends there! Then Sister Tanner and Sister Reed made a life changing discovery! "We made a grand discovery of a USB port in our car, and Sister Reed has a USB full of good Church music and stuff. We were excited about that", she said. Sister Tanner sure loves her music! That day, they had another lesson with their sweet investigator who attended Institute with them. Sister Tanner wanted to bring someone from the ward along with them to this lesson. She was given a name of a Sister who just moved into the ward. The Sisters called her, and she was excited to come along with them! "She was PERFECT! She served a mission so she totally helped us teach the Law of Chastity. It was great", Sister Tanner said. She was perfect for their investigator, and had a fun sense of humor! Their investigator told them that she feels the power of the Book of Mormon and that it gives her strength to stay away from her past. How amazing! The Book of Mormon is so powerful and can truly change your life!

The transfer texts came in on Saturday! Sister Tanner is staying in Kenosha as the Sister Training Leader! Her companion, Sister Reed is staying too! Sister Tanner is so excited to be staying, but sad that so many of the other Missionaries are being transferred far. "It's going to be a weird change. Sister Hancock is getting transferred to the UP! She's going to Michigan! I'm sad I probably won't see her again after today until after our Missions. So sad", Sister Tanner said. Sister Hancock will forever be one of Sister Tanner's best friends. They truly have been a huge part of each other's Missions! After receiving the transfer texts, Sister Tanner and Sister Reed went to visit one of their investigators from the nursing care home. She was very sick and was sent to a hospital! I'm sure seeing the Sister Missionaries brightened her day! Later that day, Sister Tanner went to visit someone she had met while out tracting. The family ended up being so rude and shewing her and Sister Reed away. "Sometimes people forget we are people with feelings too. Missions are hard! People see our name tags and automatically think it's okay to scream at us or shew us away like we don't matter. It's okay though, we are representing our Savior. It was never easy for him, so we shouldn't expect it to be easy for us. We pulled ourselves together and went to work", Sister Tanner said. She always is able to remain positive even through the hard times. Her positive attitude helped change her day for the better! She was able to teach great lessons and meet new people! She was able to have a lesson with one of the recently baptized members. She wanted to have it at her dad's home, so that her non member family could be there too. "So we ended up teaching the Restoration, and she totally helped us teach it! It was awesome! I love sitting in someone's living room testifying of the Book of Mormon and seeing the spark in their eyes and knowing they are actually listening for a minute. I love it! We left and I was like, that's what Missionary work is about! We can get reviled, spit on, screamed at, whatever, but at the end of the day. we still get to testify of the most important thing we have and that makes it all worth it! I love it", Sister Tanner said. What an amazing feeling that must have been to see the woman she taught the gospel to, start to teach her own family. Missionary work is a rippling effect!

On Saturday night, Sister Tanner attended a Missionary farewell for a girl in her ward. "It was so nice of her to invite us because we don't even know her very well. She asked us a bunch of mission questions and we told her about the hard day we had and we were like, it's still the best thing ever. When we were leaving, we both said to each other "She has no idea what she's getting herself into, the hardest and best 18 months ever". It was so fun", Sister Tanner said. Missions are not easy, but they are one of the greatest times in your life!

"Sunday always comes at the perfect time", Sister Tanner said. It was a wonderful Sunday too! A less active family whom she has been working with, randomly showed up to Church! "So that was good! Church was awesome! Sunday school was all about sacrifices and Relief Society was all about raising your children in the gospel. The teacher has only been a member for 1 year, and went to the temple this week to receive her endowments! She's amazing. Her husband is the one we are still working on", Sister Tanner said. After church, Sister Tanner and Sister Reed went with the Elders so that they could give their sick investigator a blessing. "She's doing so much better", Sister Tanner said. That evening, Sister Tanner visited a bunch of the less active members in her ward. Then she went to visit one of her investigators, and she told her that she wants to get baptized! "WOW! We were shocked! We told her she has to do something and act if she wants that to happen", Sister Tanner said. She must have really felt the spirit! Sister Tanner has brought the spirit and gospel into so many homes this week! Despite the small trials she faced during the week, she was able to stay positive and work hard. Because of her faith and determination, miracles are happening! Sister Tanner is excited for another transfer in Kenosha. It truly is the "promised land" of Wisconsin. 

Sister Tanner's Testimony:

"So it's been a week, but only looking up from here! All we can do is try our best and let God do the rest! I'm looking forward to an awesome transfer ahead of us and all the miracles that are coming! Sister "A" made a comment during Sunday School yesterday that I totally wrote down, she said, "Live like Christ and you'll be with him in the end." That's what I strive to do every day, live a little more like Christ. It's not something I'm going to ever be perfect at but it's something I can get better at. Progress, not perfection. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week ahead of you! My prayers and thoughts are with you! Hold fast to the rod! I love you all so much!"

Sister Karlie Tanner

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The 4th of July!

4th of July week quickly flew by for Sister Tanner! It was another wonderful week. "What a special day this is! Happy 30th Anniversary to my beautiful parents! We've had a great week that went by way too fast", Sister Tanner said.

The week started off with scary tornado warnings on Monday! There was also a severe thunderstorm, which made Sister Tanner scared to drive! Right when the Sisters were ready to leave, the rain and winds suddenly stopped. "The Lord is definitely protecting us", Sister Tanner said.

Tuesday was Sister Tanner's 14 Months on her Mission! "Ah, that's kind of scary", she said. Time really does go so quickly when you are serving the Lord. Her day started of well, as she met a few new investigators! Then it was time for her weekly district meeting. Sister Tanner and her companion were treated to a whole watermelon! It was their prize for reaching their Book of Mormon goal the previous week. How sweet! "Then we spent the rest of the night running around with appointments and teaching people. It was good", Sister Tanner said.

Wednesday was a wonderful day for Sister Tanner! She taught a lesson with one of her investigators that has a baptism date. "She's so awesome", Sister Tanner said. "She loves the gospel and has been reading the Book of Mormon every day." How amazing! Later that day, the Sisters had dinner at another investigator's home. They ended up teaching a room full of young girls that lived on that street. Sister Tanner taught them all about the Plan of Salvation. "They loved it and were asking us questions! It was so fun to teach them", Sister Tanner said. Then a miracle happened after that dinner appointment! Sister Tanner was able to have a lesson with a special family that she met 2 months ago! "This is the family that me and Sister Peterson met like 2 months ago and it was perfect timing! So we finally got to meet their kids and talk to them. They are the coolest family ever! The mom and dad were baptized like 3 years ago, but moved right after baptism and haven't really been active since. They never got new member lessons or anything and they have 3 kids who haven't been baptized, and who all want to be! I've felt so good about this family since the first time we met them. Tuesday night, I prayed to be able to get back in contact and start teaching them, and then we were able to on Wednesday! Prayers are answered", Sister Tanner said. The family is ready to come back to church, and the children are all so excited about this! The power of prayer is so real. Sister Tanner is so excited for this family, and so happy she never gave up on them! Heavenly Father never gives up on any of us.

Sister Tanner attended her Mission Leadership Council on Thursday. "It was so good", she said. The institute director for the Milwaukee North Stake came to speak to them. "He's like the next John Bytheway. He blew our minds! He was awesome! The whole thing was about sanctification and grace. It was really inspiring", Sister Tanner said. This man picked apart Moroni 10:31-32. He explained to them all the temple references in those scriptures. They are both all about eternal families. If you read verse 31 with that knowledge, then verse 32 makes so much more sense.

Moroni 10:31 "And awake, and arise from the dust, O Jerusalem; yea, and put on thy beautiful garments, O daughter of Zion; and strengthen thy stakes and enlarge thy borders forever, that thou mayest no more be confounded, that the covenants of the Eternal Father which he hath made unto thee, O house of Israel, may be fulfilled."

 32 "Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God."
What beautiful scriptures those are! Also during the Leadership Council, the Mission President told them all of his vision. His vision is that every area will have a baptism before the October General Conference! "Lots of prayers will be needed", Sister Tanner said. Afterwards, Sister Tanner approached the Mission President about possibly attending the temple. "He basically told me an opportunity will open up for me to go soon. Yay", Sister Tanner said. She is so excited and anxious to attend the temple again! After the Leadership council ended, it was time for exchanges! Sister Tanner went to Oak Creek for the night, and got a truck! "I had way too much fun driving a truck for the first time in my life", she said.

Friday was 4th of July! Sister Tanner spent the first half of the day in Oak Creek. She was able to go contacting at the parade, and found a ton of new investigators! It was so fun. Then once she got back to Kenosha, she attended a 4th of July bash with a bunch of members from the ward. Other Missionaries were there too! The family who hosted it, is moving in 2 weeks. Sister Tanner is going to miss them so much, so she was happy she was able to spend time with them for the holiday. That night, Sister Tanner went to Lake Michigan to try and meet people who were there for the fireworks. It was so crowded and impossible to find parking! Bummer! Sister Tanner made the most of it, and was able to still visit and contact a bunch of people. Happy Independence Day!

Kenosha, WI on the 4th of July

Saturday was an exciting day! A miamaid in Sister Tanner's ward contacted them, and asked if she could come out with them. "We brought her to a few lessons and took her tracting because she wanted to experience it, and she liked it! It was fun to get to know her more too. Hopefully we inspired her to want to serve a mission! Props to her though, when I was 14, the last thing on earth I would have wanted to do was go out with the Missionaries", Sister Tanner said. What an incredible girl! Sister Tanner had a lot of fun with her. Later on, Sister Tanner had a successful lesson with one of her investigators. "We asked her some of the baptism interview questions even though we haven't taught her much, and she knows the Church is true! Now it's just a matter of teaching her everything before her baptism, now that we have to teach Lesson 5 too. She's so ready for the gospel. Before we even started, she told us how she's been repenting of everything just because she felt she needed too, and that's totally what we had planned to commit her to do", Sister Tanner said. This girl is so ready for baptism! We are excited to hear all about her journey to the gospel. Another one of Sister Tanner's investigators is ready for baptism as well. Unfortunately, her family does not agree with her decision. She told the Sisters she is working hard to move out on her own, so that she can join the Church. "Dedication! She knows it's true", Sister Tanner said. What a great Saturday!

"Sunday was awesome too! We had 4 investigators at church", Sister Tanner said! How amazing! After a wonderful day at Church, the Sisters went to their appointments. They were able to visit with the 2 Sisters that are being reactivated. It seems that they have yet another Sister! This one has been active for a few years now, and is preparing to go to the temple for the first time! Sister Tanner loved getting to talk to her. She was also able to talk to one of the other Sisters about her son. He is of baptism age, and she is going to start teaching him this week! Sister Tanner is beyond excited! "I feel like we are starting to teach so many children and my setting apart blessing and patriarchal blessing are being fulfilled", Sister Tanner said. She has always known she was meant to bring young children into the gospel, and this is now happening! What an exciting and beautiful week this was for Sister Tanner!

Sister Tanner's Testimony

"I've been reading "Our Search For Happiness" and today I read about Missionary work and how most Missionaries think their 18 months or 2 years of service is going to give back to God for the blessings he's given them, but then how they find out that their mission brings more blessings than they could ever ask for. This is so true! Although, I knew my Mission could never "repay" God, I never anticipated the amount of joy and happiness and blessings it brings. A quote from the book says about the joy of Missionary work, "Weaknesses become strengths, challenges become opportunities, trials become triumphs, and adversity becomes an adventure in the service of the Lord- another fruit of gospel living." (pg. 104). I'm so grateful for the countless blessings my mission has given me. I know this is the Lord's work. I'm so grateful for every day I get to help others learn the gospel and in return, my testimony is strengthened. I'm so blessed to be born into an eternal family. I love my parents who made the most important decision 30 years ago today to be sealed for time and all eternity. Because of them, we can be together forever! Thank you Mom and Dad for your example to me and for all you've done for our family in the last 30 years! I love you both so much! I hope everyone has a wonderful July ahead of them! I love you all and pray for you every day! 

Love always,

Sister Tanner

A video Sister Tanner wanted to share with you all! It's about the very first Sister Missionaries!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Miracles Happen

Sister Tanner had a MIRACULOUS week! "Happy last Monday in June! It's been an awesome week for us! Thanks for all your prayers for us to be able to accomplish our goal! WE DID IT! We gave out as companionship, 51 Book of Mormons, and our district hit well over 100! It was seriously only done because of Heavenly Father's help. There is no way we could have done that on our own. "The nature of the thing does not change, but our capacity and ability to do that thing can change." Our capacity has increased, our faith has increased and we have seen miracles! We have so many new investigators and lots of following up to do", said Sister Tanner.

Sister Tanner enjoyed another fun game day playing "chair soccer" on Monday. It has quickly become her new favorite sport! That evening, she had a lesson with one of the recently baptized converts in her ward. The Bishop's wife even came with them. It was wonderful! The Bishop and his wife are visiting Sacramento this week, since that is where she is from. What a small world! 

On Tuesday, Sister Tanner found an awesome new investigator! She is a 16 year old girl who is looking for a Church. "She's super prepared", Sister Tanner said. Tuesday was also District Meeting day! The meeting this week was focused all on finding and expecting miracles. "Just the pump of inspiration we needed for the week", Sister Tanner said. After district meeting, it was time to do exchanges! Sister Tanner was blessed to do exchanges with her former companion, Sister Hancock! She loves her to death! It was fun having her go to Kenosha to serve together for a day. "We had a blast and worked super hard. We were able to make our daily goal of Book of Mormons", Sister Tanner said. One of the Sisters in Sister Tanner's ward, gave her lots of referrals! Two of them are her nonmember Sisters, and another is a close friend. Sister Tanner and Sister Hancock were able to teach all of them! It was amazing! 

Wednesday was the 6 month mark until Christmas! Sister Tanner and Sister Hancock celebrated by singing, "Joy To The World"! It was a great day! Sister Tanner found new investigators and new potential investigators! One of her lessons she taught that day, was on the "Plan of Salvation". It went really well! Right after that lesson, she attended Institute which was also focused on the Plan of Salvation! What are the odds? "We definitely needed to learn something from it that day", Sister Tanner said. 

To learn more about the Plan of Salvation, visit

"The Stake President was our institute teacher for the day. He is awesome! I had been feeling stressed out the whole week, so I asked him after class if he could give me a blessing. It was everything I needed! In the blessing it said that I would have peace in my heart and that I'd be able to work hard and follow the spirit at the same time, and that my path would be lightened for decisions in the future. After the blessing, I felt a huge weight just lifted from my shoulders", Sister Tanner said. The power of the Priesthood is remarkable. Sister Tanner was truly comforted from this blessing. 

"Thursday was a miracle", Sister Tanner said. The blessing she received the previous day, gave her the faith and determination to see miracles happen in Kenosha! She was able to accomplish her goal of giving out 20 Book of Mormons that day! She also was able to meet so many amazing people because of that goal! "God really does put the people in your path that are prepared as long as we are prepared to talk to them", Sister Tanner said. She had the opportunity to teach one of her investigators that attended Church the previous Sunday. He comes from a rough background and a hard life. "He wants to change his life, and he hasn't been able to stop thinking about Church and how he feels like God wants something different for his life", Sister Tanner said. She can truly see a huge change in his heart and his spirit! What a miracle! That evening, Sister Tanner let her faith take over. She didn't know where to go or who to teach. She decided to trust in Heavenly Father, and have faith that he would lead her to those that she was supposed to teach. That is exactly what happened! "Toward the end of the night, we were driving around aimlessly trying to figure out where Heavenly Father wanted us to be and where we needed to go to reach our goals and to help the people he wanted us to help. Then we saw this lady walking her dog and we both felt that we needed to just pull over and get out and talk to her, so we did and she is soooooo cool. She's going through a divorce, and just lost her job. She talked to us for awhile and accepted a Book of Mormon, and wants to talk to us more. When we were leaving she was like, "I know God put you in my path, thanks for making me happy today". Ah! It makes me so happy when I know we are being tools in God's hands to cheer someone up", Sister Tanner said. What an amazing story! This is what Missionary work is all about! If we can listen to those promptings from our Heavenly Father, he will always lead us to those who are ready to hear the gospel!

On Friday, Sister Tanner was able to volunteer at the Shalom Center! It was a great experience like always! Afterwards, she was able to visit an elderly Sister at her nursing home. "All her friends there want to come to church with her, but we can't seem to find a way to get them all there! Ah! If there is a will, there is a way, right", Sister Tanner said. How wonderful if she can find a way for them to all attend Church! The Sisters ended up running out of Book of Mormons that day! What a great problem to have! Luckily, they were able to meet up with the Elders and get more! That evening, Sister Tanner and Sister Reed helped decorate the gym at Church for a wedding! Then they taught a recently baptized convert. They taught her about Missionary work and helping her family learn about the Church. She then visited one of the Sisters in her ward. She watched "His Grace is Sufficient" with her and her family. "That talk gets me every time", Sister Tanner said. (This talk is featured in the June 16th blog post if you are interested in watching it.)

"Saturday we went to the lake and the farmer's market where there are thousands of people to talk to! We met lots of cool people again and the Lord blessed us", Sister Tanner said of her day. The Sisters also received a referral from the Elders of a girl who was ready to be taught. "We went there, taught the Restoration and she basically told us she already knew the Book of Mormon was true, and we set a baptism date with her. She's totally prepared and loves the gospel already", Sister Tanner said. What an absolute miracle! Sister Tanner is so excited and happy for her! Sister Tanner had a fun evening at the Wedding Reception of a Sister from her ward. It was "Lord of the Rings" themed! We cannot wait to see pictures of this wedding! "It was great", Sister Tanner said! Afterwards, her and Sister Reed were able to spend some time at a part member family in their ward. The husband is not a member. At first he was against the Church, but the Sisters have helped him progress. His heart has slowly softened. "He will totally join the Church soon. The priesthood blessing he received when he was in the hospital, has changed so much for him", Sister Tanner said. 

Two investigators attended Church on Sunday! It was amazing! The lessons were mainly centered on "Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy". That night, Sister Tanner had dinner with a wonderful family in her ward. "Such a cool family! Sister "L" is a Death Investigator for the FBI in Chicago, murder capital of the country. So she told us all about her job and the crazy things she deals with!  She also looks like a model! Brother "L" is hilarious too", Sister Tanner said. She is blessed to get to meet such amazing families in Wisconsin! That evening, the Sisters finished their day by teaching lessons. It was a great Sunday!

Sister Tanner had a miraculous week! We are so proud of her success in accomplishing her goal of giving out 50 Book of Mormons this week! She will truly be blessed for this! She has already seen the blessings of this, by meeting more investigators and being led to people who are prepared to learn about the gospel. 

Sister Tanner's Testimony:

"This week I have been able to reflect on the missionary I was at the beginning of my mission, the missionary I am now and how much I've grown and how much I still want to do to become the missionary I will be. I love the reassurance from the spirit after a long day of working hard when I am absolutely exhausted and the spirit confirms to me that I am doing exactly what Heavenly Father needs me to do. I know that Miracles are possible when you rely on the Lord and your committed to your goals and I know God is in charge!"

Romans 8:38-39
38: For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
39: Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

"Nothing can separate us from the Love of God! I love you all so much! Have another amazing week! Happy 4th of July and 4 months until I see you all again!"

love always,
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner