Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trainer and Senior Companion!


Sister Tanner has exciting news for everyone this week, "I am staying in Prairie du Chien and training a new missionary!!! I'm so excited!" What an amazing responsibility for someone who has only been out on their mission for 3 short months. We are all so proud of her! So keep those letters coming her way! She will still have the same address and same Mission Address. She would love to hear from you all!
Tuesday, their Mission district had the last meeting before transfers. They talked a lot about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion. Sister Tanner loved it! They also talked about ticks and how to avoid getting them. Apparently getting ticks is a battle many face out there in Wisconsin. Sister Tanner is paranoid of them! We all know how much she hates bugs!

After their District Meeting, the Sisters had a lesson with one of their investigators. She is very religious in a different faith, but loves learning about the Gospel. The Sisters taught her all about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. The investigator thought it all made sense and said, "The Mormons have the strongest faith because they endured all that persecution!" The Sisters love teaching her!
Wednesday was filled with Family Research time for Sister Tanner. She was able to work on familysearch.org at the library for part of the day. In order to become more familiar with the site, they are encouraged to do their own family research. She was astonished to find out that her Grandma Tanner's side went all the way back to over 100 B.C. She just couldn't believe it! The majority of people don't have research for their families past the 1800's. The most fascinating part of her research was finding out that there were many Kings and Queens of France and other European countries in her direct line. Who would have thought there was so much royal blood in her? Everyone started teasing her that she was basically a princess! Finding out this ancestry really touched her. Her patriarchal blessing mentions that she comes from a noble heritage, and now that makes so much sense to her! She says that she can't wait to start doing temple work for all of her ancestors!
After an eventful day of family research, the Sisters had a lesson with a less active member. One of the branch members went with them, and cooked the sisters an amazing Gluten free pizza! How sweet of her! The Sisters had such a fun time with the less active member. They played ping pong and got crushed by him! They talked to him a lot about the changes he is trying to make in his life, so he can be where he wants to be! I love that Sister Tanner is able to inspire others and relate to them so much! While they were teaching, the branch member's daughters wanted to be "future missionaries" themselves. They played dress up with the Sister's name tags. So sweet knowing how much the little children look up to Sister Tanner and the other Sister Missionaries around the world.

Thursday was a trying day for Sister Tanner. There are definitely those days where things don't seem to be going your way. However, Sister Tanner never gives up. She never lets it bring her down. I really think this is something to inspire us all. Whatever we are going through, there is always something positive to see and be thankful for. Sometimes in teaching many different types of people, Missionaries come in contact with those living a hard life. Sister Tanner said it was the most humbling experience of her life. "I realized how much I've taken for granted over the years. Having a roof over my head, clothes and shoes on my back, food to eat, a loving family, a bed to sleep in, water to drink, a shower, and most of all, being able to grow up in the gospel and knowing how much Heavenly Father loves me. I've taken it all for granted."
Saturday was the day that transfers were announced! They received the text list with Sister D'Addabbo's (her companion) name on it. Sister Tanner was very excited to be staying in Prairie du Chien. She loves the people so much, and feels as if her work there is not finished! So after the news, they went and met with their newly baptized and married couple. That is when they got the phone call from the Mission President! He told Sister Tanner the exciting news, which is that she will now be a trainer! This Wednesday she will receive a brand new Sister Missionary as her companion. The Mission President said that he is very excited for Sister Tanner to have this leadership opportunity. He knows that this is what the Lord wants her to do right now. Sister Tanner is nervous, but so very excited!
Fast Sundays are Sister Tanner's favorite! She felt like everything that was said was meant for her to hear. After church, they had a big break the fast dinner at the Branch President's house. Sister Tanner asked him if he wouldn't mind giving her a blessing. So he did! She is nervous about training, and really wanted to receive a Priesthood blessing. Her blessing mentioned, that these years would shape the rest of her life, and that she will see miracles happen. Truly an amazing thing!
Overall, Sister Tanner's week has been one that she will never forget! Overcoming tough days, just made her realize how amazing her life really is. She wishes everyone to have what she does! She obviously is doing amazing as a Missionary. And her wonderful opportunity of being a trainer, shows only that! We are all so proud of the person she grows to be each week.
In closing, I will leave you with her amazing testimony. 
 "I am so happy the Lord trusts me with the great responsibility of being a trainer this coming week and I am so excited for the great miracles that will happen. I hope and pray that I will be able to be a great example of exact obedience and help the new sister develop good habits that will last her whole mission, the way Sister Newton taught me. I am so grateful for the many amazing things the Lord has blessed me with and specifically coming on my mission and I thank you all for helping me be here. I can't even imagine what my life would be like without my mission. I can't even imagine if I wasn't here meeting these people, having these experiences and being able to grow my relationship with God. I know my mission really is shaping the rest of my life and helping me become the person Heavenly Father needs me to be and knows I can become. The greatest feeling a missionary can have is being able to recognize the promptings of the spirit and I have had many of those this week. I love you all so much. Never take for granted the many things we have been blessed with. There are so many of Heavenly Father's sons and daughters who have so much less than we do and who don't have the blessing of the gospel in their lives to help them know their greater purpose. I am sooooo blessed to have such an amazing family and been able to grow up in the gospel. Please pray for me this week and pray for me to have the abilities and relay the things I need to as a trainer and senior companion. I am really nervous but I know that with the Lord's help I can accomplish anything."

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