Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fireworks on the Mississippi River

Sister Tanner's week started off with a BANG! Monday night she was able to teach a couple whom they have been teaching on and off since the start of her mission. "They are so golden", Sister Tanner says. The couple asked so many questions and have even prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true. They are waiting for their answer. So, Sister Tanner taught them about the Holy Ghost and how he will help to answer their prayers. Afterwards they watched the Restoration on DVD. The wife was very touched and said how she just knows that all of this really happened. It's amazing that the spirit was so strong! They even asked about baptism, the Word of Wisdom, and other parts of the gospel. Her husband joked that she could never survive without her daily coffee. What he didn't know is that she had already given up drinking it! So amazing! Sister Tanner said the spirit truly guided the lesson, so it bounced all over the place, but was so perfect. The couple has not committed to baptism yet, but clearly they are so willing to learn and so receptive of the spirit and the gospel. Sister Tanner said, "They are just so golden! They would be such kingdom builders! Like seriously, future stake young women's President and future Stake President. They are amazing, I am so excited to see them progress and get baptized. It will happen soon, I know it will!"

Tuesday the Sisters got to meet their new Mission President! Sister Tanner just loves him! His whole theme is Eternal Families and how families are central to Heavenly Father's plan. Sister Tanner loves their 15 year old daughter as well. She had to uproot her life to move there, and is so positive about it! She even received a blessing from Elder Holland before their move! How amazing!

Fourth of July was pretty quiet around Prairie du Chien. Most people leave and go out of town for the Holiday. So there were not too many people left to teach, and no fireworks to watch! Oh well! The Sisters got a lot of scheduling done, and study time.

On Friday, the Sisters got to Volunteer at the Bargain Boutique store again. Sister Tanner got to work with Barbie dolls the whole time, and price them! How fun! She just loves volunteering there! That same day she received a letter from Moni, (whom many of you from the North Stake will know). He is currently serving a mission, and one night at a member dinner the family wanted to show him and his companion a missionary video they found on YouTube! It turned out to be Sister Tanner's mission call video! What a small world! He was so excited and wrote her to tell her all about it.

Saturday, Sister Tanner was able to meet with the couple whom was just recently married, and the Husband was baptized. They have been doing great! They are studying the scriptures together for an hour a day. When the Sisters came over they had an entire list of questions to ask from their studying. They just want to learn everything, which is amazing!

Also, on Saturday a lady from California moved into their branch. She is going through a very hard time, and has lost everything she has worked her whole life for. The Sisters went to visit her, and when they got there, she asked if they could get her a Book of Mormon. Sister Tanner pulled one out of her purse, and the lady could not stop crying. They shared a scripture and message with her, and she was so grateful for them. She even came to church on Sunday!

That night, the Sisters were given permission to go and see the fireworks at the Mississippi River with one of their investigators. The fireworks are set off in Iowa, and you can see them across the River. How exciting! Sister Tanner said it was so fun and made it feel like it was actually 4th of July.

Sunday was a great day for Sister Tanner. She loves Fast Sundays, and enjoys how strong the testimonies are of the members in her branch. The primary kids even drew the Sisters pictures of them and gave them to them after Church. So sweet! The Branch Mission leaders live in Iowa, so the Sisters don't get to see them often. They crossed the River and brought the Sisters a "break the fast meal". They wish they could have them over for dinner, but since they can't travel to there, they brought it to them! The wife served a mission in California! Sister Tanner and her love talking about places she served including Davis, Woodland, etc. Sister Tanner said they are the sweetest family, and they even made her gluten free brownies! =)

Sister Tanner's week was amazing. She is happy that the weather has calmed down a bit. Now its just hot and humid! But she is grateful for no tornados or scary rainstorms. Also, her testimony is growing every week. She already had such a strong testimony and positivity glowing about her, but it just seems to grow more and more. She said, "My mission is the best. I love every minute of it. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to do the Lord's work and be a part of sharing the Gospel with others. I have learned how to love the people and deeply care for their salvation. I know my mission will forever affect every decision I make in my life and I know it will help me be a better member, a better person, a better mother and wife someday. Thank you all for supporting me and helping me have this experience. I am grateful for each of you in my life. I LOVE YOU ALL! Love, Sister Karlie Marie

In case any of you missed a few posts ago, the Mission address changed! Here is the update!
7111 W Edgerton Ave Ste 100
Greenfield, WI 53220
(The old address is no longer in use for the Mission home.)

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