Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Someone Needs Your Star

Press Play, and enjoy this beautiful song as you read this week's blog post. The lyrics reminded me so much of Sister Tanner. So many people need her star, and she's sharing it with everyone she can!

This week was a very productive and rewarding week for Sister Tanner. She was able to teach 17 lessons, which is the most since she has been out on her mission. So amazing! Her week started out by getting to visit one of her investigators on Monday. The woman watches children in her home, and Sister Tanner loves being able to talk with them. They were all excited that some "big name" country singer from Ohio was coming to perform there. The kids were so excited that he was from the big Ohio! Sister Tanner said, "I was cracking up, because Wisconsin is more in the middle of nowhere than Ohio is!" It's definitely still a huge change from being in California.

Tuesday was a very busy day for the Sisters. They had District meetings, and then rushed to visit their part member family whom they have been helping with their yard. They helped pull weeds in their garden, and then started reading the Book of Mormon with them. The husband committed and promised to finish the chapter. This was a big step for him! Afterwards, the Sisters hurried to a member's house for dinner which was an hour away from their investigators. Their small branch covers such a large area! The amazing family they had dinner with is sadly moving away. They wanted to have the Sisters over one last time. They taught a lesson to the family about trusting in the Lord to guide them in the right direction. The spirit was overwhelming, and it was exactly what they needed to hear. The family also gave a Book of Mormon to one of their close friends. The Sisters are going to go visit her soon!

Wednesday was a day for Sister Tanner to use her artistic and fashionable skills! The Sisters volunteered at the Bargain Boutique again. This week's task was pricing purses and doing the visual displays! I'm sure the store owners/managers are just loving Sister Tanner! She loves that she is still able to practice and use her fashion skills while on her mission. She said, "Heavenly Father is definitely blessing me with that because he knows how much I miss it!" After volunteering at Bargain, they drove to Madison, and spent the night there.

The morning came early for the Sisters on Thursday. They drove to Oshkosh, WI (yes, THE Oshkosh Corporation home) for Sister Tanner's last 12 week training meeting. It was her first training meeting with the new Mission President. It was centered on preparing the Sisters and Elders to be the Mothers and Fathers that God needs them to be. It was amazing and so spiritual! They learned more about using the photos on our church pamphlets when teaching people. They even practiced by going out on the streets and meeting people with this approach. Sister Tanner said, "It really motivated me to literally talk to everyone we see while we walk and every place we go."

After the training, the Sisters drove back to Madison with the others that they came with. They then met up with another group of Sisters which they exchanged with. They had a wonderful member dinner, visited with the Bishop there, and were able to contact a few less active members. Sister Tanner loves Madison! The following day they spent the majority of it there as well. Every minute of the day was packed with appointments! Since they were on exchanges, Sister Tanner was with a different companion that day. She ended up being from Elk Grove, CA. They knew all the same people, which was exciting and fun! They got along really well. Sister Tanner said, "It's really exciting to experience missionary life in a totally different environment. It will be a huge change if I'm ever transferred to a city." While in Madison, they met with a less active member who is obsessed with Disney, especially Princess Belle. Sister Tanner said there were figurines all over her house, and she loved it! They got along great since Sister Tanner loves Belle too. Afterwards, they had a member dinner with a family, whom the Mom is a fashion designer for American Girl Doll! American Girl Doll Corporation Headquarters are also in Wisconsin! So exciting! Sister Tanner loved talking with her about their common interests, and got to tell her all about attending FIDM.

Friday night, Sister Tanner got back to Prairie du Chien with wonderful news. While she was in Madison, the Sisters found 2 new investigators and set up appointments with a few others. It was a great day for everyone!
Saturday, the Sisters met with their investigators whom they have invited to be baptized. They taught them the plan of Salvation. Sister Tanner was able to talk with them about their concerns and try to work through them. They are going to attend Church next Sunday which is wonderful!
Sunday was wonderful as it always is for Sister Tanner. Church was amazing and afterwards was exciting! They were able to go and visit a less active member of their branch, and he agreed to come to Church next week. They are so happy about this!
Transfers are next week for Sister Tanner. "I love Prairie du Chien and I love everyone here", she said. "My heart will seriously break if I have to leave. So, pray for the assistants to be inspired and pray for me to be okay wherever the Lord needs me." If Sister Tanner is transferred, Wednesday August 7th would be her last day in Prairie. Until we know what happens, it safer to mail letters and anything else to her mission home address. I just wanted to make sure you all have the updated one, as I know some of you have been sending things to her apartment. Here is the Mission Home Address:
7111 W Edgerton Ave Ste 100
Greenfield, WI 53220
In close, Sister Tanner had a wonderful and productive week. We know she will be amazing in Prairie du Chien, the big city, or wherever else the Lord has in store for her. Sister Tanner ends with, "I love you all so much! I am so grateful for each of you! I feel your prayers and I hope you feel mine! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you all! I love you!"

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Power of the Priesthood

This week has been a little bit of a struggle for Sister Tanner, as she has been battling her first sickness during her mission. However, she managed to make the most out of her week and continued doing the Lord's work. She is so grateful for the strength and energy that the Lord provides her with, when she feels as though she literally cannot do any more.

Her week started off good with a dinner at the Branch President's home. She just loves him and his family! He says that she has been over to their home more than any other Sister Missionary! She also loves playing and being silly with his children.

Tuesday, the Sisters received news that they are having another General Authority come to their mission in September for Zone conference! How exciting! She says, "fingers crossed and praying that its Holland!' The Sisters also had a wonderful meeting where they learned about using visuals more in teaching and tracting. For example, they learned how using different pictures on pass along cards and pamphlets came help in their tracting.

That night, the Sisters had dinner with one of their less active/part member families. The man of the house was so excited to have Sister Tanner over for dinner because he made Gluten Free Spaghetti! Sister Tanner said it was amazing! The Sisters taught them a lesson on Faith and Alma 32. They related faith to their Garden, (which they have been helping them weed.) The Sisters brought them a plant and asked them to not let it die, but watch it grow. Just like we should do with our Faith! What a great lesson Sister Tanner gave! It's wonderful to see her using her creativity to engage those she is teaching!

On Wednesday, Sister Tanner got very sick! Our prayers are all with her! Amazingly, she was able to help a less active clean her place. I'm sure she greatly appreciated their help. Afterwards, the Sisters taught one of their investigators. They talked about baptism, and are hoping that she overcomes her fear of water! Sister Tanner is confident that she will be able to overcome that fear, and will be baptized.

Thursday, Sister Tanner received a letter from her previous companion Sister Newton! She was so happy to hear from her! She was able to volunteer at Bargain Boutique again, which she loves. They got to work with Christmas ornaments this time! Afterwards, they went to the library to do a survey for the General Authority who is coming. They had to check their emails in order to do this, so she was able to hear about the Proposal/Engagement just a few hours after it took place! This was really special and coincidental that she was able to be online for the 1st time outside of P-Day right when this special day took place! She said she screamed in the library because she was so happy! She was there in spirit!

On Friday, the Sisters received their new cell phone! A member allowed them to come to their home to activate it. However, Sprint said it cannot be activated since Prairie du Chien is a "roaming area". Their service had already been switched over to the new phone, so they left with 2 phones that do not work. They received special permission to leave their area so that they could activate their phone. They drove to Plateville, WI which is "so far away", Sister Tanner said. It's very different from California. You have to literally drive hours to not be in a "roaming area". "#middleofnowhereproblems" as she calls it! So now they have a working phone which is vital in communicating with investigators and members.

On Saturday, the Sisters had a lesson with their recently baptized/married couple. She shared the Family Proclamation with them, and they talked about the temple and eternal marriage. They are so excited to be sealed in 1 year. They just love the Gospel so much, and have centered their whole life around it. On Sunday, they both received callings as the Branch greeters. They were thrilled, and loved chatting with all the members! Sister Tanner has really played such a vital role in this couple's lives!

Also on Sunday, Sister Tanner was feeling so ill after church. They were finishing their studies, and decided to head back to the Church to see if anyone was still there. She kept getting a feeling that she needed a blessing, but never likes asking for things. She followed her promptings, and it worked out in her favor. The Branch mission leader and another member were still at the Church building. They gave Sister Tanner a blessing, and she is so grateful! She says, "It was everything I needed! And I already feel so much better! In the blessing it said the Lord knows the trials I am going through and that I am going to be able to continue the valiant work I have been doing. I definitely needed that because since I have been sick, I feel like nothing has been happening even though we try so hard to get ahold of people and contact people. So I was feeling really discouraged that we weren't doing as much as we could be and my blessing helped me so much. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and for worthy priesthood holders." It's so wonderful that the power of the Priesthood was able to give her strength not only spiritually but physically as well.

After her blessing she was able to meet with her investigators that have been close to baptism for awhile. She was so happy to be able to have the chance to meet with them, as they are a very busy couple!

As her week came to a close, she was so grateful for her blessing, and the ability to feel less sick. They have a big week ahead of them, so its great that she has her strength back. She has her 12 week training meeting, and transfers in Madison, WI this week! We all cannot wait to hear about her time in the big City! Until then, I will leave you with her testimony.

"So, this week has been tough but the Lord gives us the strength we need to push through and to endure. I am so grateful for everyday I have here and every minute I have to do the Lord's work. I realized this week that this is not my work, so it doesn't matter if I am sick or not feeling good or feeling weak, it doesn't matter. All that matters is my willingness to push through and do the Lord's work no matter what. And when we are willing to do that, the Lord will make up the rest and will provide the strength and energy we need when we alone, cannot do it. I love you all so much and I hope you know I pray for each of you everyday for your individual needs and the things you need at this time. I am so grateful for your prayers as well. I feel the strength from them and I know the power of prayer is REAL. I could not do this without your love and support and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for letting me have such an amazing family. I have been blessed with so much and my mission is the smallest sacrifice of time I can give for the biggest sacrifice our Savior gave for us.  I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a fantastic week and don't forget to rely on the Lord through your trials. Love, Sister Karlie Tanner"

Monday, July 15, 2013

What Heaven Sees In You

Sister Tanner's week started off with Zone Training. It was the best one she has had so far! It was centered on the power of the Book of Mormon and how as missionaries they can help others gain a better understanding of it's importance. It was a great training, and the spirit was so strong the entire time. Sister Tanner thinks the Zone may get split in the near future, because as of now there are over 50 missionaries, and its the largest one in their Mission.
After Zone Conference, the Senior Missionary couple took Sister Tanner and her companion Sister D'Addabbo out to dinner. It was Sister D'A's Birthday! Many of the Elders came out too, and they had so much fun!
Wednesday, the Missionaries had interviews with the new Mission President. Sister Tanner enjoyed hers a lot, and loved getting to know the President even more. They were told that next month is when they will begin training on using and incorporating the internet into their Mission. How exciting! The Sisters also received the new Ensign. Sister Tanner just loves getting the Ensign every month! Her favorite article is on Living for the Eternities. She recommends everyone to read it! Also, her new Mission President's name is in the back, which is very exciting!
On Friday, the Sisters were able to do service for one of their investigators and also a less active member. They helped them weed their garden and work in their yard. The Sisters were also able to teach them. The less active member told the Sisters that he was able to pray and receive an answer about the Book of Mormon being true. It was such an amazing feeling for Sister Tanner, knowing that she had helped this man regain his testimony!
Sunday was a wonderful day at Church for Sister Tanner. She was able to see the progress and love that her recently married and baptized couple are making in the church and in the ward. They both were participating in classes more, and truly loving the Gospel with all their hearts. After Church, they had a big potluck for one of the ward members who just returned from his deployment in Afghanistan. She said it was very exciting and everyone was so happy that he was home!
On Sunday night, Sister Tanner had the opportunity to watch the John Tanner movie. She thought it was so good! She said, "I learned so much more about him! I forget, are we related to him at all? I sure hope so! He was an incredible man! I hope someday I can be as selfless as he was!"
In closing, Sister Tanner encourages everyone to read D&C 24:8. It is a scripture that helped her get through the week, and she hopes it makes your week easier as well! Also, she found a new favorite song, which is featured at the top of this blog post. It is so beautiful! I will now leave you with her testimony this week.
"I love you all so much and I am so grateful for the support and love! I feel all of your prayers for me and I am so grateful! I know that I could not be doing this work without the help of Heavenly Father and you guys! I love this work and I love the Book of Mormon! It has changed my life and I know it can change yours! Read it everyday, pray for understanding and it will be given to you! I am so grateful for my Savior and for the Atonement that allows us to not only repent of our sins but allows us to overcome our trials and that makes up for our incompetency's. What a blessing it is to know that our Savior understands every pain and every discouraging feeling we have. He is the rock and the sure foundation. I am so grateful for the Gospel and for the knowledge and fullness of truth we have from the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know that we can become closer to our Father in Heaven by it than by any other Book. I love you all so much! I have been blessed with the most magnificent family and I know I came into this family for a reason and I would not be the person I am today without each of you! I love you all! Love always, Sister Karlie Marie Tanner."
I had the pleasure of receiving photos and videos from Sister Tanner. Here are a few moments from the last couple of weeks.
Found a turtle!

Turtle Turtle!

At Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packer's play!

Read your scriptures Daily.

Beautiful Sisters!

Gluten free Cookies
Finding out that Sister Newton is being transferred.

Companions for a short while, Best Friends for always.


Sister D'Addabbo

More Turtles!

Beautiful Sister Missionary!

Prairie du Chien has some scary bugs!

The art of animal balloon making.

Making balloons!

Daughter of a King.

Short Cut Road



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fireworks on the Mississippi River

Sister Tanner's week started off with a BANG! Monday night she was able to teach a couple whom they have been teaching on and off since the start of her mission. "They are so golden", Sister Tanner says. The couple asked so many questions and have even prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true. They are waiting for their answer. So, Sister Tanner taught them about the Holy Ghost and how he will help to answer their prayers. Afterwards they watched the Restoration on DVD. The wife was very touched and said how she just knows that all of this really happened. It's amazing that the spirit was so strong! They even asked about baptism, the Word of Wisdom, and other parts of the gospel. Her husband joked that she could never survive without her daily coffee. What he didn't know is that she had already given up drinking it! So amazing! Sister Tanner said the spirit truly guided the lesson, so it bounced all over the place, but was so perfect. The couple has not committed to baptism yet, but clearly they are so willing to learn and so receptive of the spirit and the gospel. Sister Tanner said, "They are just so golden! They would be such kingdom builders! Like seriously, future stake young women's President and future Stake President. They are amazing, I am so excited to see them progress and get baptized. It will happen soon, I know it will!"

Tuesday the Sisters got to meet their new Mission President! Sister Tanner just loves him! His whole theme is Eternal Families and how families are central to Heavenly Father's plan. Sister Tanner loves their 15 year old daughter as well. She had to uproot her life to move there, and is so positive about it! She even received a blessing from Elder Holland before their move! How amazing!

Fourth of July was pretty quiet around Prairie du Chien. Most people leave and go out of town for the Holiday. So there were not too many people left to teach, and no fireworks to watch! Oh well! The Sisters got a lot of scheduling done, and study time.

On Friday, the Sisters got to Volunteer at the Bargain Boutique store again. Sister Tanner got to work with Barbie dolls the whole time, and price them! How fun! She just loves volunteering there! That same day she received a letter from Moni, (whom many of you from the North Stake will know). He is currently serving a mission, and one night at a member dinner the family wanted to show him and his companion a missionary video they found on YouTube! It turned out to be Sister Tanner's mission call video! What a small world! He was so excited and wrote her to tell her all about it.

Saturday, Sister Tanner was able to meet with the couple whom was just recently married, and the Husband was baptized. They have been doing great! They are studying the scriptures together for an hour a day. When the Sisters came over they had an entire list of questions to ask from their studying. They just want to learn everything, which is amazing!

Also, on Saturday a lady from California moved into their branch. She is going through a very hard time, and has lost everything she has worked her whole life for. The Sisters went to visit her, and when they got there, she asked if they could get her a Book of Mormon. Sister Tanner pulled one out of her purse, and the lady could not stop crying. They shared a scripture and message with her, and she was so grateful for them. She even came to church on Sunday!

That night, the Sisters were given permission to go and see the fireworks at the Mississippi River with one of their investigators. The fireworks are set off in Iowa, and you can see them across the River. How exciting! Sister Tanner said it was so fun and made it feel like it was actually 4th of July.

Sunday was a great day for Sister Tanner. She loves Fast Sundays, and enjoys how strong the testimonies are of the members in her branch. The primary kids even drew the Sisters pictures of them and gave them to them after Church. So sweet! The Branch Mission leaders live in Iowa, so the Sisters don't get to see them often. They crossed the River and brought the Sisters a "break the fast meal". They wish they could have them over for dinner, but since they can't travel to there, they brought it to them! The wife served a mission in California! Sister Tanner and her love talking about places she served including Davis, Woodland, etc. Sister Tanner said they are the sweetest family, and they even made her gluten free brownies! =)

Sister Tanner's week was amazing. She is happy that the weather has calmed down a bit. Now its just hot and humid! But she is grateful for no tornados or scary rainstorms. Also, her testimony is growing every week. She already had such a strong testimony and positivity glowing about her, but it just seems to grow more and more. She said, "My mission is the best. I love every minute of it. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to do the Lord's work and be a part of sharing the Gospel with others. I have learned how to love the people and deeply care for their salvation. I know my mission will forever affect every decision I make in my life and I know it will help me be a better member, a better person, a better mother and wife someday. Thank you all for supporting me and helping me have this experience. I am grateful for each of you in my life. I LOVE YOU ALL! Love, Sister Karlie Marie

In case any of you missed a few posts ago, the Mission address changed! Here is the update!
7111 W Edgerton Ave Ste 100
Greenfield, WI 53220
(The old address is no longer in use for the Mission home.)

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Wedding, Baptism, and a New Companion!

It's hard to believe that Sister Tanner has already been out on her mission for 2 full months. That being said, she has accomplished so much, grown as a person, and touched the lives of so many. This past week was no exception. Sister Tanner and Sister Newton were able to be a part of their investigator's wedding day. Many of their family members and even children were able to come and see them be married. The Sisters were able to tell so many of them about the gospel. What a special day this was for everyone! The gospel changed this couple's lives in so many amazing ways!
Sister Newton and Sister Tanner helping the bride get ready on her big day!
Wednesday was transfers! Sister Tanner and her companion drove to Madison, WI, and from there Sister Newton was going to her new area. Sister Tanner patiently waited for 5 hours in a room full of Elders. She was the only Sister Missionary there. Finally her new companion arrived, Sister D'Addabbo! She is from Boise, Idaho. Sister Tanner says that she is very sweet and has a strong testimony.
Saturday was the Baptism! What an incredible experience for this man to be married and baptized in the same week! Both of these things occurred because of the Gospel and how it changed him and his life. How amazing it is that Sister Tanner is the one who introduced him to the church, taught him, and prepared him for this unforgettable day. Sister Tanner said, "Seriously, I will never forget this day! The spirit was so strong and I was overwhelmed with happiness! I can't even imagine how happy Heavenly Father feels when one of his children choose to enter the gate of Baptism, because my heart was filled with so much joy! He was beaming after he was baptized! I felt so amazed that the Lord has trusted me as his servant to teach the gospel to him. This truly is HIS work and I was just the instrument in which the Lord was able to teach him. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of his journey to baptism. It's incredible to watch someone change their entire life because they finally understand what the Lord has asked us to do, and because they come to know this is the true Gospel. What a blessing, and I will never forget this! The Lord really has prepared people for the Gospel, they are just waiting for us to knock on their door and invite them to come unto Christ." 
Prairie du Chien has been experiencing crazy weather! It's hot and sunny, and 10 minutes later its pouring down raining. A nearby town got 10 inches of rain one night. This caused mudslides and homes being flooded. Please keep Sister Tanner and her area in your prayers!
Tonight Sister Tanner and her new companion are having a lesson with a couple whom they invited to be baptized. She is so excited, and nervous, and can't wait to teach them more. She is such a devoted Missionary. The people of Prairie du Chien are so blessed to have her there. And we are all so lucky to know her, and have her positive influence in our lives. Sister Tanner encourages us all to be missionaries in our own way. "The Lord needs all of us, and we don't need to be set apart or have a specific assignment to share the gospel and bring others back to the path."