Monday, July 22, 2013

The Power of the Priesthood

This week has been a little bit of a struggle for Sister Tanner, as she has been battling her first sickness during her mission. However, she managed to make the most out of her week and continued doing the Lord's work. She is so grateful for the strength and energy that the Lord provides her with, when she feels as though she literally cannot do any more.

Her week started off good with a dinner at the Branch President's home. She just loves him and his family! He says that she has been over to their home more than any other Sister Missionary! She also loves playing and being silly with his children.

Tuesday, the Sisters received news that they are having another General Authority come to their mission in September for Zone conference! How exciting! She says, "fingers crossed and praying that its Holland!' The Sisters also had a wonderful meeting where they learned about using visuals more in teaching and tracting. For example, they learned how using different pictures on pass along cards and pamphlets came help in their tracting.

That night, the Sisters had dinner with one of their less active/part member families. The man of the house was so excited to have Sister Tanner over for dinner because he made Gluten Free Spaghetti! Sister Tanner said it was amazing! The Sisters taught them a lesson on Faith and Alma 32. They related faith to their Garden, (which they have been helping them weed.) The Sisters brought them a plant and asked them to not let it die, but watch it grow. Just like we should do with our Faith! What a great lesson Sister Tanner gave! It's wonderful to see her using her creativity to engage those she is teaching!

On Wednesday, Sister Tanner got very sick! Our prayers are all with her! Amazingly, she was able to help a less active clean her place. I'm sure she greatly appreciated their help. Afterwards, the Sisters taught one of their investigators. They talked about baptism, and are hoping that she overcomes her fear of water! Sister Tanner is confident that she will be able to overcome that fear, and will be baptized.

Thursday, Sister Tanner received a letter from her previous companion Sister Newton! She was so happy to hear from her! She was able to volunteer at Bargain Boutique again, which she loves. They got to work with Christmas ornaments this time! Afterwards, they went to the library to do a survey for the General Authority who is coming. They had to check their emails in order to do this, so she was able to hear about the Proposal/Engagement just a few hours after it took place! This was really special and coincidental that she was able to be online for the 1st time outside of P-Day right when this special day took place! She said she screamed in the library because she was so happy! She was there in spirit!

On Friday, the Sisters received their new cell phone! A member allowed them to come to their home to activate it. However, Sprint said it cannot be activated since Prairie du Chien is a "roaming area". Their service had already been switched over to the new phone, so they left with 2 phones that do not work. They received special permission to leave their area so that they could activate their phone. They drove to Plateville, WI which is "so far away", Sister Tanner said. It's very different from California. You have to literally drive hours to not be in a "roaming area". "#middleofnowhereproblems" as she calls it! So now they have a working phone which is vital in communicating with investigators and members.

On Saturday, the Sisters had a lesson with their recently baptized/married couple. She shared the Family Proclamation with them, and they talked about the temple and eternal marriage. They are so excited to be sealed in 1 year. They just love the Gospel so much, and have centered their whole life around it. On Sunday, they both received callings as the Branch greeters. They were thrilled, and loved chatting with all the members! Sister Tanner has really played such a vital role in this couple's lives!

Also on Sunday, Sister Tanner was feeling so ill after church. They were finishing their studies, and decided to head back to the Church to see if anyone was still there. She kept getting a feeling that she needed a blessing, but never likes asking for things. She followed her promptings, and it worked out in her favor. The Branch mission leader and another member were still at the Church building. They gave Sister Tanner a blessing, and she is so grateful! She says, "It was everything I needed! And I already feel so much better! In the blessing it said the Lord knows the trials I am going through and that I am going to be able to continue the valiant work I have been doing. I definitely needed that because since I have been sick, I feel like nothing has been happening even though we try so hard to get ahold of people and contact people. So I was feeling really discouraged that we weren't doing as much as we could be and my blessing helped me so much. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and for worthy priesthood holders." It's so wonderful that the power of the Priesthood was able to give her strength not only spiritually but physically as well.

After her blessing she was able to meet with her investigators that have been close to baptism for awhile. She was so happy to be able to have the chance to meet with them, as they are a very busy couple!

As her week came to a close, she was so grateful for her blessing, and the ability to feel less sick. They have a big week ahead of them, so its great that she has her strength back. She has her 12 week training meeting, and transfers in Madison, WI this week! We all cannot wait to hear about her time in the big City! Until then, I will leave you with her testimony.

"So, this week has been tough but the Lord gives us the strength we need to push through and to endure. I am so grateful for everyday I have here and every minute I have to do the Lord's work. I realized this week that this is not my work, so it doesn't matter if I am sick or not feeling good or feeling weak, it doesn't matter. All that matters is my willingness to push through and do the Lord's work no matter what. And when we are willing to do that, the Lord will make up the rest and will provide the strength and energy we need when we alone, cannot do it. I love you all so much and I hope you know I pray for each of you everyday for your individual needs and the things you need at this time. I am so grateful for your prayers as well. I feel the strength from them and I know the power of prayer is REAL. I could not do this without your love and support and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for letting me have such an amazing family. I have been blessed with so much and my mission is the smallest sacrifice of time I can give for the biggest sacrifice our Savior gave for us.  I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a fantastic week and don't forget to rely on the Lord through your trials. Love, Sister Karlie Tanner"

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