Monday, July 15, 2013

What Heaven Sees In You

Sister Tanner's week started off with Zone Training. It was the best one she has had so far! It was centered on the power of the Book of Mormon and how as missionaries they can help others gain a better understanding of it's importance. It was a great training, and the spirit was so strong the entire time. Sister Tanner thinks the Zone may get split in the near future, because as of now there are over 50 missionaries, and its the largest one in their Mission.
After Zone Conference, the Senior Missionary couple took Sister Tanner and her companion Sister D'Addabbo out to dinner. It was Sister D'A's Birthday! Many of the Elders came out too, and they had so much fun!
Wednesday, the Missionaries had interviews with the new Mission President. Sister Tanner enjoyed hers a lot, and loved getting to know the President even more. They were told that next month is when they will begin training on using and incorporating the internet into their Mission. How exciting! The Sisters also received the new Ensign. Sister Tanner just loves getting the Ensign every month! Her favorite article is on Living for the Eternities. She recommends everyone to read it! Also, her new Mission President's name is in the back, which is very exciting!
On Friday, the Sisters were able to do service for one of their investigators and also a less active member. They helped them weed their garden and work in their yard. The Sisters were also able to teach them. The less active member told the Sisters that he was able to pray and receive an answer about the Book of Mormon being true. It was such an amazing feeling for Sister Tanner, knowing that she had helped this man regain his testimony!
Sunday was a wonderful day at Church for Sister Tanner. She was able to see the progress and love that her recently married and baptized couple are making in the church and in the ward. They both were participating in classes more, and truly loving the Gospel with all their hearts. After Church, they had a big potluck for one of the ward members who just returned from his deployment in Afghanistan. She said it was very exciting and everyone was so happy that he was home!
On Sunday night, Sister Tanner had the opportunity to watch the John Tanner movie. She thought it was so good! She said, "I learned so much more about him! I forget, are we related to him at all? I sure hope so! He was an incredible man! I hope someday I can be as selfless as he was!"
In closing, Sister Tanner encourages everyone to read D&C 24:8. It is a scripture that helped her get through the week, and she hopes it makes your week easier as well! Also, she found a new favorite song, which is featured at the top of this blog post. It is so beautiful! I will now leave you with her testimony this week.
"I love you all so much and I am so grateful for the support and love! I feel all of your prayers for me and I am so grateful! I know that I could not be doing this work without the help of Heavenly Father and you guys! I love this work and I love the Book of Mormon! It has changed my life and I know it can change yours! Read it everyday, pray for understanding and it will be given to you! I am so grateful for my Savior and for the Atonement that allows us to not only repent of our sins but allows us to overcome our trials and that makes up for our incompetency's. What a blessing it is to know that our Savior understands every pain and every discouraging feeling we have. He is the rock and the sure foundation. I am so grateful for the Gospel and for the knowledge and fullness of truth we have from the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know that we can become closer to our Father in Heaven by it than by any other Book. I love you all so much! I have been blessed with the most magnificent family and I know I came into this family for a reason and I would not be the person I am today without each of you! I love you all! Love always, Sister Karlie Marie Tanner."
I had the pleasure of receiving photos and videos from Sister Tanner. Here are a few moments from the last couple of weeks.
Found a turtle!

Turtle Turtle!

At Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packer's play!

Read your scriptures Daily.

Beautiful Sisters!

Gluten free Cookies
Finding out that Sister Newton is being transferred.

Companions for a short while, Best Friends for always.


Sister D'Addabbo

More Turtles!

Beautiful Sister Missionary!

Prairie du Chien has some scary bugs!

The art of animal balloon making.

Making balloons!

Daughter of a King.

Short Cut Road



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