Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1 in 80,000.

What a wonderful Conference week Sister Tanner had. She cannot wait to receive the Ensign, so that she can read all the talks again. All those years of taking notes during Conference for Seminary, paid off. She loves taking notes at every session now! Watching Conference made her feel closer to everyone back home. Knowing all her loved ones were watching the prophet and his apostles speak, at the same time as her was special.

Tuesday was a great day for Sister Tanner. She received a great pair of boots, which were needed for the extremely cold weather that has started in Prairie du Chien. The missionaries had a district meeting with their new District leader. One of the Elder's investigators showed up to the training. Sister Tanner thought it might be a little different having an investigator there, but it ended up being great. He participated a lot, and felt the spirit so strongly there! It was wonderful! Afterwards, Sister Tanner had dinner at one of her part member/ investigator families. She was able to read the Book of Mormon with them, and share a special message. The woman of the home, is so ready to be baptized! She is progressing so much in her knowledge of the gospel, and is becoming more and more prepared. The spirit was so strong during their time with them. Sister Tanner knows they will one day go to the temple. The Book of Mormon is truly helping them along the way. After their time with them, the Sisters came across an amazing situation. They got stuck as a train was going by very very slowly. It seemed like it was taking forever. Then they saw a girl who was walking, and waiting for the train as well. Sister Tanner's companion Sister Asper, felt like they needed to get out and talk to her. Sister Tanner was worried being the driver. There was a line of cars behind them, who would be needing to pass as soon as the train was gone. However, she got out of the car as well. They went and started talking to this young girl who appeared to be around 15. It turns out she used to date one of the young men in their branch. She already seemed to know a little bit about the church, and seemed interested in the Book of Mormon. They gave her a copy, and said a prayer with her. It turns out she is going through a hard family situation right now. She really needed the comfort of the Sisters. Right after their prayer, the train started moving. It is amazing how inspired and in tune with the spirit, the Sisters are.

Thursday was an exciting day of preparing for the Senior Missionary couple to arrive in Prairie! Sister Tanner and her companion helped move all the furniture in and prepare the house for them. She cannot wait for them to arrive! Afterwards, the Sisters braved the bad storm and headed to their apartment. Right before they went inside, they saw one of their neighbors outside smoking. Sister Tanner said a polite, "hello", and continued in to their apartment. She then heard the woman say, "So, what do you girls do all day?" Sister Tanner then told her all about the church, and what we believe. The woman had moved here after many deaths in her family, including her son and husband. How devastating! The spirit prompted Sister Tanner to read her a scripture from Alma 40 about life after death. The spirit was so strong, and tears came to the woman's eyes. She said that she will read the Book of Mormon, and pray about it. Sister Tanner knows that this woman spoke to them for a reason that day. She also said, "I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the people Heavenly Father put in our path. Timing is everything."

That same night during their weekly planning, Sister Tanner got the tracting spirit! Her and Sister Asper set a goal, that by the end of this transfer they will knock on every door in Prairie du Chien. What a high goal to set! Sister Tanner is confident that they can achieve this! Right as they were planning this goal of theirs, the District leader called them. He asked Sister Tanner to teach the training during their next meeting in a few weeks. Sister Tanner knows this is Heavenly Father preparing her for the rest of her mission. She is nervous, but so excited as well!

Friday was the second time that the Sisters got to volunteer at the nursing home. They painted some of the resident's nails and had so much fun! While they were there, they saw a Book of Mormon sitting in one of the living rooms. Neither of them had brought one there, as they aren't allowed to "preach" inside of the nursing home. The remainder of the day was spent helping members with their family history, and visiting less active members.

Conference on Saturday was wonderful! The Sisters even got treated to ice cream after the second session. Many of their investigators, less actives, and new members were able to watch conference online, which was wonderful!

Sunday was beyond amazing. Conference was incredible, and Sister Tanner loved every minute of it. She said that she loved way too many talks to pick a favorite. She said, "The over encompassing messages I got was, enduring to the end, every day decisions determining our destiny, relying on Heavenly Father, the importance of marriage, overcoming our trials, and the power of the Atonement. It was so cool to hear people speak that I've shaken hands with like, Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder Neilson of the 70. How exciting it is to be 1 of the 80,000 missionaries doing the Lord's work at this time. I know that the Lord has trusted me with this portion of his vineyard. I am ever grateful for this decision that will not only determine my destiny, but the destiny of every person I teach. I know that the words spoken at Conference are exactly what we all needed. I felt the power and truthfulness of the words confirmed in my heart. I am so grateful for our Prophet, apostles, and leaders guiding us through this troubled world. I am so grateful to be 1 in 80,000. What a blessing!"

Sister Tanner's testimony grows more each week. It is wonderful to see how much conference touched her heart, as it did all of ours. She truly is hastening the work in these latter days. She is sharing the light of the gospel to everyone she meets, even in front of a moving train! As the days get shorter, and the nights get colder, let's all try to warm up Sister Tanner's heart! She loves receiving mail! And emails too! Thank you all for your overwhelming support of Sister Tanner! Your thoughts and prayers are definitely felt on her end! Thank you all!

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