Monday, October 14, 2013

Through My Gethsemane

"Happy Monday from Wisconsin", Sister Tanner says. This time of year is stunningly beautiful in Wisconsin. The colors are changing, and the beauty is unlike anywhere else. People travel there from all over to "leaf watch" during this time of year. This picture of Prairie du Chien makes us understand why.

Sister Tanner's week was exciting as she got to travel to Madison, WI for a bit. Tuesday was Zone training for the Sisters and Elders. The spirit was so strong during the meeting. They even called up a few random missionaries to bear their testimony. Sister Tanner's companion, Sister Asper was called to bear her testimony with everyone. She bore her testimony of Sister Tanner and how much she looks up to her,  because of the strong testimony that she has of the Book of Mormon. It was so sweet, and really touched Sister Tanner. Afterwards, the Sisters went on splits. Sister Tanner stayed the night in Madison, WI with another Sister. Sister Bean was her companion for 2 days. She was amazing, and they had such a wonderful time together! That night, they already had a few appointments with investigators and less active members.
The following day was also spent in Madison, with Sister Bean. Sister Tanner had the best day ever! She loves how busy and fun it is in the city! Sister Tanner said there were appointments set up back to back for the entire day. It helped that her and Sister Bean taught so well together. Sister Tanner said, "We flowed perfectly, and the spirit was so strong." She really admired what an encouraging missionary Sister Bean was. She actually had been the Sister who trained Sister Reese, (Sister Tanner's companion from the MTC)! What a wonderful Missionary she is, and she really inspired Sister Tanner! They had a great 2 days in Madison together.
Wednesday night, Sister Tanner returned to Prairie du Chien. Her companion had stayed there with Sister Christensen who is from Elk Grove! When Sister Tanner got back to her apartment, Sister Christensen had left her a really sweet message. What a sweet surprise! Sister Asper and Sister Christensen also had a great few days. They found a new investigator in Prairie! Sister Tanner cannot wait to meet him and teach him this week!
Thursday was an exciting day for Sister Tanner. After helping weed a garden for a member of their branch, the Sisters got to meet the new Senior Missionary couple! They finally arrived in Prairie! The couple was so sweet and took the Sisters out to dinner. Sister Tanner said that they are in good hands since the couple are a retired cop and nurse.
Friday was spent at the Nursing home. The time they spend there is so meaningful to Sister Tanner. She said that the residents are starting to ask them more questions about why they are there, and what they believe. How exciting! That night, Sister Tanner encountered her first experience having to use a real map! Her and Sister Asper were driving an older couple to a branch party. Their boundaries cover such a large area, that this party was over an hour away. However, it ended up taking 2 1/2 hours each way! Sister Tanner's GPS died, and the poor Sisters were so lost! They definitely got quite the extended detour of Prairie du Chien and its bordering cities.
Saturday was full of visiting investigators and less actives. They were able to meet up with the young man who has recently started coming back to church. They also were able to visit with one of their investigators whom they have had a few challenges with. Sister Tanner didn't know if she truly was interested, but after this meeting she knows that she needs to be teaching her. The woman said to them, "You guys are my rock, and Heavenly Father has special plans for you." Sister Tanner just loves her so much, and prays to know how she can help her progress.
Church on Sunday was completely centered around Missionary work. Sister Tanner said that there ended up being 7 Missionaries in their small branch on Sunday. All of the lessons and testimonies shared that day were about Missionary work. It was amazing! After Church, the Sisters went to see the Senior Missionary couple's home. Sister Tanner said how adorable it is! They worked with them about trying harder to reach out to the less actives. She cannot wait to work with them more!
Halloween d├ęcor in Prairie.
Sister Tanner's week was successful and full of growth. Being able to experience Missionary work in such a big city was inspiring for her. She can bring much of what she learned from Sister Bean to her small town in Prairie du Chien. Finding new people to teach in such a small town can be challenging, but she is never discouraged. Sister Tanner is always sharing the gospel with everyone she meets, and setting an example to those she comes across. We are all so proud of our diligent and faithful Missionary!
Sister Tanner's testimony:
"Last night I was praying and asking Heavenly Father why I feel like I haven't had much success the past couple months,  and telling him that I was really trying hard, and an answer came to me clear as day. I was here right now to serve my companion. I am going to try my best to serve her and love her. I hope to end this transfer by helping her in whatever ways Heavenly Father needs me to help her.
I am so grateful for all the experiences I've had here so far and for all the experiences I will continue to have. I am so grateful for the person I have become. My testimony has never been stronger, and my goals in life and everything I want have changed for the better. I am so happy that I am blessed with this sacred calling and the opportunity to serve the Lord. My mission is the best thing that has happened to me, and I thank you all for making it possible for me to be here and for supporting me on this journey. I couldn't do it without you! I know Heavenly Father loves me so much to send me to such an incredible family.
I know Heavenly Father is aware of each of our trials and every small thing we go through. I am so grateful for the atonement and the sacrifice my Savior made for me to not only be forgiven of my sins but to be able to overcome any hard day. I was listening to Motab sing, "Where can I turn for peace". I love the part in the last verse that says, "through my Gethsemane". We all face challenges, we all have hard days, but we all have our Savior. We just have to turn to him. I am so grateful for my knowledge and understanding of that. I truly gain the strength and comfort I need everyday through him. Because he has felt our every pain, he knows how to help us overcome them. I am so blessed for this gospel and the Atonement. Have the best week ever, and keep sharing the gospel with those around you!"
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

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