Monday, September 30, 2013

Having lunch with a General Authority

Sister Tanner had an amazing week. "I just love being a missionary every single day. It's incredible!", she says. Their week started off preparing for the Mission Tour that they had a possibility of teaching at. They also did a lot of tracting, and met awesome people! On Tuesday, Sister Tanner and Sister Asper received so much yummy fresh produce! It was from the garden of one of the branch members. Sister Tanner helped them plant this garden when she first got there on her mission. It was so sweet of them to think of her, and share with her in thanks of the hard work she put in. She said that their garden is "massive" now! "You reap what you sow", Sister Tanner said. She hopes that that the seeds of the gospel she's planted in the people she's taught will do the same.

Wednesday morning the Sisters volunteered at Bargain Boutique again. Afterwards, they had a lesson with the young man that came to church last Sunday, after being beat at ping pong. Sister Tanner helped him decorate for Halloween. Prairie du Chien gets really into Halloween, way more than in California. Sister Tanner said it was similar to people trying to outdo each other with Christmas lights and d├ęcor, but with Halloween decorations! After decorating, they taught him about personal revelation. They even made him a study journal to use. He loved it, and it ended up being an amazing lesson. After their time with him, the Sisters drove to Madison, WI and spent the night there.

Wisconsin's Mission Tour was on Thursday. They had the privilege and honor to hear from Elder Perkins of the 70.

The Mission Tour was split into groups of 2 Zones each. Sister Tanner is part of the Madison Zone. So them and another Zone made up around 100 Missionaries total. They received training from Elder Perkins himself, his wife, their Mission President, and his wife. It was incredible, and exactly the type of training that this group of Missionaries needed to hear. At lunch time, there was 1 open seat at Sister Tanner's small table. He came up to them and asked to sit there! Sister Tanner is proud to write home and say, "I ate lunch with a General Authority!" They had wonderful talks with him, and learned that he is quite the jokester! He had so many amazing stories, and told the Sisters and Elders how he works closely with Elder Holland daily. There has been a "rumor" in Wisconsin of them getting a temple! One of the brave elders asked Elder Perkins if there are plans of this. He answered by saying, "Well if there would be a temple here, I think they would put it somewhere between Appleton and Greenbay." This is the exact location of the temple according to this "rumor". So exciting! We are all curious to see if a temple is really in the works for Wisconsin! He also told them about more wonderful plans of using technology in the Mission field. After the training, the Sister Missionaries had a meeting just for Sisters with his wife. It was a very positive and spiritual meeting.
On their way home from Madison, Sister Tanner had a strong prompting to visit one of the less active members of their branch. She lives pretty far from them, but since they were driving far anyway, they stopped to visit her. It couldn't have been more perfect timing. She was going into the hospital the next day. She is battling cancer. Sister Tanner said, "I KNOW God prompted me to go there because she needed us, she needed the comfort and love we brought from the scriptures we read and the words we shared with her. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father always leading me to the people that need us at the very time they need us. What a blessing that was!"
The Sisters volunteered at Prairie Maison Nursing Home for the first time on Friday. They had been wanting to volunteer there for quite some time, so this was an exciting day. One of the inactive branch members work there, and another is a non member girlfriend of a branch member. The reasons they wanted to volunteer there so badly, finally all made sense. It was an amazing day! Sister Asper played piano for everyone, while Sister Tanner went around and chatted with all the people. One of the ladies told her, "I usually never come out of my room for lunch because these old people just sit and stare at each other, and I want to talk!" Sister Tanner was so happy to be there to talk to her, and so many others! It was an incredible experience!
Saturday was a special day! One of Sister Tanner's favorite families in the branch, had their 8 year old son's baptism. The spirit was so strong there, and many non members were there as well. The family whom Sister Tanner has been teaching was also there. The wife was very touched, and wants to be baptized. She wants her whole family to be baptized. It's so amazing! Afterwards, was the Relief Society Broadcast. It was wonderful having a dinner with all the other women and watching the amazing broadcast.
Sunday was a great day at church. It was all about hastening the work. Sister Tanner hopes it encouraged everyone to get more excited about missionary work.
Sister Tanner loves you all! She is so grateful for all the prayers, letters, emails, and support. She also wishes her puppy a Happy 2nd birthday back at home!

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