Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy 6 months and Happy Halloween!

This week is Sister Tanner's 6 month mark of her Mission! Time is flying by as she serves the Lord! We are all so proud of her! "This week I have been on my mission 6 months! I can't believe it! Time goes way too fast. I only have 1 year left. I would have never imagined time to go this quickly. I pray to be able to make every minute of the time I have left, count. Every moment is precious on a Mission. I am so grateful for the person I've become in the last 6 months, and the person I will be in one year from now", Sister Tanner says.
Monday was P day as usual for the Sisters. This week was a bit different in the fact that they were able to hang out with other Missionaries that day. They all helped move furniture around for the Senior Missionary couple. Sister Tanner loved being able to spend time with other Missionaries. They all cover such a large area, that it's not often they see other Missionaries outside of meetings and trainings.
Tuesday was a bittersweet day for Sister Tanner. She had her interview with the Mission President to discuss the future of her Mission. He was conflicted whether or not to keep her in Prairie du Chien. It is rare for 1 missionary to stay in a specific ward for more than 6 months. It is her time to go somewhere new, but she is doing so well there. He asked her what she thought. She responded to that with, "I want to do what the Lord has planned." I guess we will have to wait until next week to see if Sister Tanner is leaving or staying in Prairie! Either way is wonderful news!
After her interview, Sister Tanner had to say goodbye to their Senior Missionary couple. She said it was tough saying goodbye, because they were almost like her grandparents away from home. She misses them already!
Sister Tanner and Sister Asper met a new potential investigator on Wednesday! As they were walking back to their car after an appointment, a man was washing his car in his driveway. He wanted to learn more about the Church, and the Sisters loved talking to him!
After an efficient weekly planning session, the Sisters went to visit an investigator on Thursday. She had called them and invited them over. She cooked food for them to take home for dinner later that night. She also explained to Sister Tanner what her "calling in life" was. She said she knew that sometime in life she would be helping children, and be involved in social work of some kind. She told her she could be a court appointed counselor to help children get through their problems and bad situations. Very fascinating! Sister Tanner is wonderful with children, so none of that seems too far out of reach!
Friday was a wonderful day for Sister Tanner! She received her beautiful and WARM winter coat her parents purchased for her. Coats that are warm to her in California, barely help her through the warmest part of the day in Prairie du Chien. She is very grateful for a coat that is made for -30 degree weather! Prairie du Chien got its first drops of snow this past week! Sister Tanner said, "It was weird to see white stuff falling from the sky!" She will get used to it soon!
The Sisters had the pleasure of volunteering at the Nursing home on Friday. Sister Tanner just loves it, and says the elderly just make her day! After their time there, they visited with a lot of investigators. And then that night was their Branch Halloween party! They had a Trunk-or-treat party and Chili Cook off! Sister Tanner and her companion dressed up as Angels! Everyone loved their costumes, and said it wasn't fair that they dressed up as something they are every day! Too sweet! One of the inactive member couples came to the party! The man had taken a bad fall a few days prior, and the Sisters had sent his home teacher to give him a blessing. He was so touched , and said he had not felt the spirit like that since the 1970's. Sister Tanner was so happy to see him so receptive of the  spirit! It was wonderful that they came to the Halloween party, and Sister Tanner said they had a lot of fun!

Sister Tanner also tried Venison (deer) Chili for the first time at the Branch party. It was quite daring of her to try new food! She wasn't the biggest fan however.
Sister Tanner had a wonderful time at the Branch party. She loves her Branch so much, and feels so lucky to be a part of it!
Saturday was a very special day for Sister Tanner. She was able to visit a member who is currently battling Cancer. They had a wonderful lesson with her about keeping the Sabbath day holy, even though she is unable to attend Church. Right as the lesson ended, her home teachers arrived. The Sisters were able to stay and see them give her a blessing. Sister Tanner had a wonderful experience during that. "I am so glad I got to be there for that. The spirit was already so strong during our lesson, and it touched all of our hearts during her blessing. While she was getting the blessing, I just felt how much Heavenly Father loves her. It was the coolest feeling", she said.
Later that night, the Sisters went to visit the family who is getting ready to be baptized. The husband has to leave for work for most of next month, which means the baptism will have to be postponed. Sister Tanner said how apparent it is that Satan is working so hard to make this baptism be impossible. The husband is diligently looking for a new job that requires less travel and Sundays off. Regardless if Sister Tanner is still in Prairie du Chien when they get baptized, or not, she made a huge impact on this family. She knows they will be baptized soon. How special it is to know, that she was able to share the Gospel with them and teach them along the way.
On Sunday, they had Stake Conference. Since they live so far away, they were able to have it broadcasted at their building. One of their less active members whom they had invited, came! They were so excited. It was a wonderful Stake Conference! One of their fellow Missionaries spoke, as well as their Mission President. It was all centered around the Book of Mormon and Missionary work. It was a wonderful day!
Sister Tanner had a wonderful week in Prairie du Chien. She is really cherishing the time she has there with all those people she has grown to love over the last 6 months. With transfers coming within a week, she is unsure if she is staying or going off to serve the Lord in a new place. Regardless, she is so grateful for her time in Prairie du Chien. We know she is greatly loved by so many there. I will now leave you with her testimony this week.
"I cannot explain to you in words how much the last 6 months has meant to me. This is the greatest work I could ever be doing. I know that if I help no one else, my mission has helped ME. I have come to know my Savior. I understand the Atonement more fully in my life and I know that the Lord's plan is always the best. It may not be the easiest, but it is ALWAYS the best and most rewarding. Thank you for allowing me to feel the most happiness I've had in my life from being able to serve the Lord."
-Sister Karlie Marie Tanner
Fall time in Wisconsin.


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