Monday, October 21, 2013

The fruit of Love is Service

The chilly fall weather has definitely hit Prairie du Chien this week! As the temperatures have hit the freezing low 30's, Sister Tanner is there warming the hearts of everyone she meets. Her week started off on a good note. Monday night she had a lesson with the family she has been teaching. They were reading out of 3 Nephi 11, when their 8 year old son turned to his mom and said, "I have a secret." "I think I want to be baptized." The Sisters continued on with the lesson, and at the end the young boy blurted out, "I want to be baptized!" It was amazing! Sister Tanner invited the wife and 8 year old son to be baptized next month. The young boy said he wanted to be baptized this Sunday! The spirit was so strong, and Sister Tanner is eager to see them progress in the Gospel.

Tuesday marked a mini milestone for Sister Tanner! She taught the training at her District Meeting! Her training was on Hope. She said it was a bit nerve wracking to teach in front of Missionaries who have been out far longer than herself, as well as the Zone Leaders. The spirit helped her through it, and she thought it went really well! She also brought cookies for everyone! After the training, an investigator called the Sisters and invited them over for dinner. She made delicious Gluten Free Chili for them! As they were enjoying their yummy meal, the Jehovah Witness girls came to the door. Their investigator let them in, and they shared a message from their Bible. Sister Tanner opened hers to the same place. The scripture was about the Restoration. She found it so ironic that the girls had no idea what they were reading. After they left, the Sisters shared a great lesson with their investigator. They talked to her so much about the importance of the Book of Mormon, and how through that she will know if the Gospel is true.
On Wednesday, Sister Tanner volunteered at Bargain Boutique. After spending the morning there, the Sisters went tracting. They found 2 great potential investigators! So amazing! Afterwards, they went to visit the young man who recently came back to Church. He had dinner for the Sisters, which was very sweet. His family was there as well. They technically live in Iowa, so the Missionaries cannot visit their house since they would have to cross the water. Sister Tanner loved being with his family, especially his little niece. She looks up to Sister Tanner so much!
Thursday was the former Senior Missionary couple's last day in town. Sister Tanner, Sister Asper, and another couple from Church went to say their goodbyes. As they were driving, Sister Tanner kept catching the Brother from her Branch saying "Stop & Go Light" instead of Stop Light. She realized that this is what they all call stop lights in Wisconsin. "Stop and Go light". Funny Wisconsin sayings!
Sister Tanner and Sister Asper spent Friday and Saturday serving others. Friday they helped a woman get her house clean and ready for her daughter's rehearsal dinner. Her daughter's wedding was Saturday, and she was hosting the rehearsal dinner. The Sisters helped prepare food and prep everything. They were so happy to be able to help assist her on such a hectic day. They were invited to the wedding the following day, but were unable to go because they had made plans prior to knowing about it. The spent their day on Saturday at a family's home whom they are teaching. They cleaned their entire home! I'm sure the family is so grateful for the Sister's kind service! Sister Tanner is praying that it touched and softened their hearts.
Sunday was an amazing day. President Hassler, the 2nd counselor in the Mission Presidency came and spoke in Sister Tanner's branch. Him and his wife spoke all about being member Missionaries. They talked about how the full time missionaries are there to assist the members with their Missionary efforts. It was an amazing lesson, and full of the spirit. President Hassler encouraged everyone to have a family mission plan, and to make Missionary work the center of our homes. We should invite our friends over, fill our homes with pictures of the temples, and have our children's friends participate in scripture study and family prayer. Sister Tanner said, "I hope to be the kind of member missionary that he is someday."
After Church, the Sisters had dinner with one of the Branch member families. She was able to give them ideas on how to share the gospel with their friends. They even role played giving a Book of Mormon to a friend. Sister Tanner really encouraged the teenage son to take all the opportunities he has to share the Gospel with his friends. Just as the quote says above, we are all Missionaries in our hearts. We must work with the Missionaries to share the Gospel to all who are willing to hear it.
Sister Tanner's week was full of service and giving to others. The great Mother Teresa once said, "the fruit of love is service." There is no better way to share the love of Christ, then to Serve. We are so proud of our Sister Tanner, and all the lives she continues to touch daily. May we all take her counsel this week, to be a better Member Missionary and share the Gospel with all of our friends! I will now leave you with Sister Tanner's testimony.
"The work is moving forward. Being on my mission, I've noticed that the more the work hastens, the stronger Satan tries to destroy it, but he will not win. He is nothing compared to the power of the Holy Ghost and the power of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the every day miracles I am able to witness. My mission is the best thing I've ever done. I pray to let this be a part of me forever. Hard days come, but they allow us to rely on Heavenly Father more and allow us to appreciate our blessings we have and the good days that come. I am grateful for my family and that I can be with you for eternity. I am so blessed for our knowledge of this gospel, of the truth. There are so many souls who think they've found the truth, but they don't realize there is so much more happiness waiting for them! I love you all so much!"
-Sister Karlie Tanner


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