Wednesday, February 26, 2014

There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today

The sun finally decided to come out in West Allis, WI this week! The warmth of the sun brought a huge smile to Sister Tanner's face! "It's been a great week of miracles and beautiful weather to enjoy! I miss you all so much, but things are so great here", she said.

She started off her week playing sports with all the other Missionaries on Monday. It was a lot of fun! After spending their P-day braving the huge snowstorm, they had a wonderful Family Home Evening. They spent that time with the same part member family whom they have been working with. They taught about temples, and the importance of them. The husband, who is a nonmember, is beginning to understand the importance of the temple! It is amazing for Sister Tanner to see the transformation in him! The Sisters enjoyed their time with this wonderful family! They ended the evening by helping shovel snow! 

Tuesday was the day of the funeral for the Relief Society President's husband. Sister Tanner was able to attend, along with her former companion, Sister Hancock. She received special permission to be there for the service, since he was someone she had taught. It was a beautiful service, and Sister Tanner was happy to be there for support. She was amazed at how strong the Relief Society President is. "She is doing so well because she has the knowledge of our Heavenly Father's plan, and that death is not the end. A lot of his non-member family and friends were there, so we had the opportunity to talk to a lot of them. We pray that he can now let go of his fears and concerns and accept the gospel", Sister Tanner said. What a blessing it was for Sister Tanner to have the opportunity to teach this man before he passed away. I'm sure he is eternally grateful for her service. 

After the funeral service, Sister Tanner was able to visit and teach with a few less active members of her ward. Later on that evening, she enjoyed having dinner with a fun family! She ended up finding out that they are distant relatives! "We got to talking, and it turns out we are related", Sister Tanner said! "Somehow through John Tanner. John Tanner is on her direct line. How cool huh? So after I discovered this, the little 5 year old girl suddenly became obsessed with me! She was like, 'We are practically sisters'! So she she wanted to sit next to me the rest of the night. So cute!" For those interested in learning more about John Tanner, and other members who played vital roles in LDS Church History, visit There is also an amazing video titled, "Treasure In Heaven" about John Tanner and his relationship with the Mormon Church.

The sun was bright and shining on Wednesday! West Allis, WI hit 50 degrees that day! Sister Tanner couldn't have been happier! "We just wore sweaters and we decided to walk everywhere. I think we walked over 5 miles! The sun gave us so many endorphins, and we were loving life", Sister Tanner said. All those endorphins were put to good use, as Sister Tanner met a few new potential investigators! "Heavenly Father definitely puts us in the path of those he wants", she said. It was a very productive and positive day! There was definitely sunshine on Sister Tanner's soul that day! Even after loosing her new cute planner, she was still in the best spirit! "Wednesday was just a good day, because we were so happy", she said. 

The sunshine didn't last for long. By Thursday it was raining and cold again. Sister Tanner still had a wonderful day. It started out by teaching a man who has been less active for many years. He has needed help with gaining a testimony, so Sister Tanner knew just the lesson to prepare for him. She taught him about how the small and simple things can help strengthen your testimony. She also read him a conference talk about Conversion. "Something finally clicked for him", she said. "He finally understood the importance. It was the best lesson we've had with him yet! So happy!" After such a great day, the Sisters arrived home to beautiful flowers from their next door neighbor! "How nice huh? She's this cute older lady! Love her", Sister Tanner said.

Zone Conference was on Friday! All 3 Milwaukee Zones combined together for the Conference! "It was way fun to spend the day with a bunch of other Missionaries. Zone Conference was so good! The whole theme was prayer and it was super motivating", Sister Tanner said. A LDS Speaker from Madison, Diana Holscher, came and spoke to all the Missionaries about working with the members. "We are so motivated", Sister Tanner said. "We have so many new ideas to work with the members. It was such a great day!"  Sister Tanner learned a lot at Zone Conference! She also loved being able to see other Missionary friends of hers! 

Sister Hancock, Sister Milligan, Sister Tanner

Sister Tanner and Sister King

South Mikwaukee Zone

"Saturday was Miracle Day", Sister Tanner said. She called the less active that she had taught on Thursday, to see how he was doing. In 2 days, he was already on Chapter 10 of "The Book of Mormon". "We were super happy", she said. The miracles didn't end there. Sister Tanner's day was spent teaching many of her new investigators. She also was able to meet a lot of new people while waiting at bus stops! "I know the Lord truly puts people in our path. Lots of new potential investigators we met", Sister Tanner said.

Sunday was an amazing day at Church for Sister Tanner. The non member who comes to Church every Sunday, was there again. She told the Sisters how excited she is to have them over. "Yay! The Lord is totally working with her, and she's so ready", Sister Tanner said. That night, Sister Tanner had dinner with the Missionaries at a wonderful family's home. They have older daughters whom are all away at college. Their youngest son is 16, and at home. They love having the positive influence of Missionaries around him. Sister Tanner just loves their family so much! "The wife joined the Church when she was 19, and it made me miss Mom, and how grateful I am for Mom joining the Church and the Missionaries that helped her. So grateful for the person it's helped me become and the person I am today because of the gospel, and growing up with a knowledge of my Savior, and of what is right and wrong. I am so grateful for my family and that we are sealed for eternity. I love you and miss you all so very much! Have the best week ever and enjoy the rest of February. Time goes by too fast. I can't believe this month is over already", Sister Tanner said. 

Sister Tanner's Mom's baptism as a young adult.

Sister Tanner had a beautiful week! Even on the days when the sun wasn't shining, Sister Tanner was bringing sunshine into the lives of others. Blessing the lives of others is what Missionary work is all about! 

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