Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy 9 Months!

Sister Tanner had an incredible week! "It's been a super great week! Miracles are happening and good things are coming our way here in West Allis", she said. This week entailed many changes for Sister Tanner. She is excited for everything that is yet to come on the second half of her mission.

Sister Tanner's week started off with sports day on Monday. Sister Hancock couldn't play because of her injury, but the Sisters still wanted to go. They were able to take pictures with everyone, and say goodbye to all the Missionaries who were being transferred. They had a lot of fun! That night, Sister Tanner and Sister Hancock had dinner at the bishop's house. They were taught an amazing lesson on the importance of music, and how it can invite the spirit. They ended the night by singing all of their favorite hymns together. "It's really important to remember the impact music can have in inviting the spirit", Sister Tanner said.

Tuesday was a fun filled busy day for Sister Tanner! After an amazing lesson with a less active whom they have been teaching, the Sisters seemed to run all around West Allis that day. They visited so many people that Sister Hancock wanted to say goodbye to. They also had a big lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings with all the Missionaries in their area. It was so fun to all be together before many of them were transferred. That night, they played another round of Marshmallow Wars at a member's home. This game sounds so intriguing, especially after seeing this photo.

After a long night of packing Sister Hancock's things, the Sisters left bright and early Wednesday morning to where the transfers took place. "I am really sad Sister Hancock had to leave", Sister Tanner said. Although it was hard to say goodbye to Sister Hancock, she received a new amazing companion. "Sister King is awesome! She's from Provo, and we get along really well. I am excited to be with her! She's super well prepared for her mission and is already a great teacher. We are going to accomplish great things while we are companions", Sister Tanner said. 

Once Sister King was all moved in and settled, the Sisters attended the Relief Society quarterly meeting. A less active member that Sister Tanner has been teaching came! So wonderful! The Young Women in the ward hosted the evening for the women. It was about giving them the opportunity to work on Personal Progress again. Sister Tanner loved it! 

Thursday was a fun day of showing Sister King all of West Allis! After weekly planning, Sister Tanner was able to introduce her to many of the people that they are currently teaching. As they were out contacting people, an amazing experience happened. "We were waiting for a bus and started talking to this lady at the bus stop. We had a great convo about the Book of Mormon and what we believe. The bus was super late at this point. So we asked her if we could say a prayer before we just start walking. So we say a prayer, say amen, look up, and there the bus is right there. MIRACLES. It was really cool", Sister Tanner said. The power of prayer is amazing! Her prayers were also answered about not getting lost. It was her first day without Sister Hancock, and she didn't get lost once with the buses! "Heavenly Father was really helping me", she said.

Sister Tanner was able to teach another less active member on Friday. She taught him all about the Plan of Salvation. It went really well! He had a lot of deep doctrine questions for the Sisters, and they were able to answer them well. Towards the end of the lesson he asked Sister Tanner, "Tell me how I can make it back to him. Tell me one thing I can do right now." The spirit was screaming at Sister Tanner, and telling her exactly what she needed to say. She told him, "You need to come back to Church". It was bold and direct, and she knew it was the spirit leading her in what to say. "He's a great guy", Sister Tanner said. "He 'll come back soon." 

Saturday February 1st, was the exact half way point of Sister Tanner's Mission! 9 months ago, she entered the MTC. It's amazing the strong missionary she has come to be, and how much she has grown and accomplished in such a short period of time. We are so proud of her! Here is what she had to say about this special day. "Saturday was the best day ever! My 9 months mark! It's crazy I'm halfway done. I feel like I just started my mission still. I don't want it to be over yet. It's really cool to look back and see all the things I've accomplished and the person I've become. I am grateful for my mission for a million reasons, but most of all, I have learned the gospel myself. My testimony is unshakable now. I know the Church is true. I know this is the only way. I've found the true happiness Heavenly Father wants us all to partake of. Looking back, I sometimes wonder what the heck I was thinking in serving a mission, because I didn't know anything! I still don't know everything, I never will, but I've learned more than ever. I understand the gospel of Jesus Christ now. I live it, and I will forever be a different person because of the last 9 months. I have truly come to understand the Atonement and how it applies in my life. I look forward to the miracles and experiences that the next 9 months hold. I will see you in such a short time. Time goes wayyyy too fast!"

Sister Tanner's testimony has grown so much in these last 9 months. It is so inspiring! Her day on Saturday was an amazing one. She had the opportunity to lead a Church tour with a woman who is investigating the Church. It went so well! "The spirit was so strong. That's all she could talk about is how she felt. She said she knows it's true, because she's never felt that way in any other Church building", Sister Tanner said. After the tour, they were even able to attend a baptism with her. The spirit was so strong as they watched this sweet 8 year old girl be baptized. The woman was in tears the entire time. "It was a great experience. She committed to come to church and be baptized! We are going to set a date next time we meet with her", she said. What an incredible experience and way of teaching someone! The use of the Church building itself as a missionary tool is remarkable. We are so excited to hear more about this woman and her journey to the gospel! Sister Tanner celebrated her 9 months by going out to frozen custard with a family from her ward. Frozen custard is something she will miss so much after her Mission!

Sister Tanner had the opportunity to hear her new companion, Sister King bear her testimony in Church on Sunday. They asked the new missionaries in the ward to bear their testimonies. "It was really powerful", Sister Tanner said. "Sister King has a strong testimony and I'm so grateful to be her companion." Another wonderful part of the day was having an investigator attend Church. "She was participating and making comments during class like she was already a member! Love it", Sister Tanner said.

Sister Tanner had a wonderful week full of rewarding and touching moments. She is loving her new companion, and all the great things that are in store for them! We look forward to hearing more about their teaching!

Sister Tanner's Thoughts:

"It's been a super great week! Miracles are happening and good things are coming our way here in West Allis. I am so glad to hear about the rain you guys received because of your prayers and fasting. That inspires me and strengthens my testimony of the power of prayer and fasting. Heavenly Father is willing to grant us the righteous desires of our heart if we just have faith. Remember that we can move mountains if we just have faith the size of a mustard seed. We are trying to increase our faith as we have made a goal to have a baptism this transfer. I know it's possible with Heavenly Father's help and with prayer and fasting."

"I love you all so very much! Thank you for your continuous love and support for not only the last 9 months, but for my entire life. Thank you for being such great examples to me! I love you so much! Have the best week ever!"

Love always,
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

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