Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Come Unto Christ And Be Perfected In Him"

Sister Tanner's week was cold, but wonderful! She is looking forward to spring and warmer weather! Monday was filled with a fun day of sports with the other Missionaries. Sister Tanner loves getting to socialize with everyone on P-days! Afterwards, the Sisters made really cute treats to bring to the Family Home Evening they were teaching. Their lesson was on the Priesthood, and the power it has in our lives as men and women. Sister Tanner made cute Reese's covered in labels that read, "P-Riest-hood". Sadly, they ended up finding out the son was allergic! It was such a cute idea though!

Sister Tanner attended her District meeting on Tuesday. They spent the day doing lots of role-plays and learning new methods of teaching people. Right after their meeting, a less active member texted Sister Tanner asking if her and Sister King could come over. They were able to talk to this woman for awhile about the problems she is currently going through. Sister Tanner was able to use the scriptures to comfort her, and help her through this rough time. "By the time we left, she was feeling a lot better! It's awesome that the scriptures always have something for everyone", Sister Tanner said.

Sister Tanner had so much success on Wednesday! She was able to visit and contact so many people! Her and Sister King even went tracting in a new area together! "We must have picked the meanest street in Wisconsin", Sister Tanner said. "Sister King was scared to death!" Luckily, the Sisters had a great day and were able to stay safe! That night, they were able to teach a Priesthood lesson to a family in their ward. The kids loved getting their Priesthood Reese's! 

After weekly planning on Thursday, Sister Tanner and her companion went to contact a referral they had received. The Sisters are so dedicated, as it took them over an hour to get there! "I'm surprised my toes still don't have frost-bite. The Lord blesses us for sure", Sister Tanner said. The appointment went amazing! The girl was very nice and open, and even scheduled a time to meet with them again. Meeting with her was worth every minute of Sister Tanner walking through the freezing cold.

Friday was another full day of teaching for Sister Tanner. One of her lessons that day was with another less active member she has been working with. She had planned to teach him a lesson about Jesus Christ and the gospel. Right when she started the lesson, something felt wrong. She kept feeling inspired to ask certain questions. Before she knew it, the entire lesson was on prayer. " That's what he needed", Sister Tanner said! "I love feeling the Spirit prompting me to change our lesson plans because that means we are relying on the Spirit." How amazing it is to be so in tune to the spirit, that the Lord can completely guide you in a lesson! I'm sure she was able to inspire that man! Afterwards, she met an amazing family who invited her right into their home! She taught them a lesson right away, and even has another scheduled with them! They seem like an amazing family who is ready to hear the Gospel! What a successful Friday for Sister Tanner! She ended her day by making Valentines to pass out to people next week. She also had dinner with one of her favorite Sisters in the ward! "She's awesome, and the most hilarious person on earth", Sister Tanner said of her. She is so lucky to have such amazing ward members who love her and take such great care of her!

Saturday was another successful day full of lessons and visiting with less actives and investigators. Sister Tanner feels so blessed to be able to bring the spirit into so many homes, and share the gospel with the people of Wisconsin.

The Sabbath is always a wonderful day for Sister Tanner. She enjoyed hearing all the talks in Sacrament Meeting about enduring to the end and overcoming trials. In class, she learned about families, and the Plan of Salvation. "It was a great Sunday", she said. What a wonderful week it was for Sister Tanner!

Sister Tanner's Thoughts and Testimony:

"Happy LOVE Week! I love you all so very much! Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays! One reason, the decorations are PINK and HEARTS! Duh! But the main reason is because it's about LOVE. Charity is the pure love of Christ. We should all strive to love others the way Christ did. I think of his life and the many lives he touched because of his love. He LOVES us so he atoned for us to be able to overcome all things and return to him and Heavenly Father. I pray to be able to love with the pure love of Christ."

"I've been studying about the Atonement and about Jesus Christ because I'm reading the New Testament. I read Matt 11:28-30. "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest". " (This is also quoted at Sister Tanner's favorite spot in the Visitor's Center of the Oakland Temple.)

"Moroni 10:32-33, "Come unto Christ and be perfected in him". I am so grateful for my Savior. It truly is because of him that I can overcome my trials. Because Jesus Christ bled from every pore and died for me, I can find peace, I can become perfect, I can be forgiven of my sins, and I can stand before my Heavenly Father without spot, I can be with my family forever, and I can live up to my potential. Christ makes it possible. He is my Savior and redeemer, my brother, and my best friend. I know that He lives, and I know He loves us more than we can comprehend. Happy Valentine's Day!"

Sister Karlie Tanner


  1. hi Karlie.

    I want to say I commend you for the work you do, and its admirable you choose to do the Lords work. I was recently baptized because I feel the power of the holy spirit, and i believe that your church does some very good things.

    but I want you to know that even before i was baptized, i knew all these things your church does.

    I know that, the way yuo were trained, you only give your investigators some of the details, not the complete story. I know that you always rushed your investigators towards baptism because you may be yelled out if you dont meet certain quotas. I dont know if the Cutlers are that way, but a lot of mission presidents are.

    I know you did this thing called temple endowment where you wore a strange toga and made strange chants. its all laid out in newnamenoah's video. And youve had a hard life of having to go to seminary every day. You need to be perfect in others eyes. And I certainly know about the tithing thing which you never tell investigators. I feel bad that your parents have to give up too much of their hard earned money to pay for 32-story apartments in Philadelphia and shopping malls in Utah. Thats on top of the fact the church doesnt pay you to go on this mission.

    And dont think your investigators read stories of the church leaders problems, such as President Monson being ordered to testify in Britain or face arrest if he doesnt come. We know that. I understand your teachers at MTC dont allow you to read up these things. I hope President Cutler is nice to you and lets you read up on those things.

    Im writing this because Im concerned for you Sister Tanner. People say bad things about the church. Know why? Because the church has done bad things! It lies to not only its followers, but to other general authorities! Youve mey have heard about Joseph Smith marrying 33 women, but what about the Smoot hearings? You know whats unfortuante about missionaries today? Its called the Internet. Maybe your dad did this, but he had the luxury of no one finding out the truth about the church. Now everybody does! So why lie to investigators when your church has so many good things to offer and can glorify the name of Jesus Christ?

    Ive seen the video Sister Tanner, dont feel ashamed that you had to do that. Dont feel bad that you may have had a rough time in Provo MTC. Dont be distraught that so many people call the church a cult. But why make it worse? It must break your heart that so many people leave this church including those who grew up in it. They do it because they find out the truth that church leaders hid from them so long. Its sad that a wonderful young lady like you is deceived, and your family is treated like a piece of meat even after your mom and dad give 10% which could be used for better things. There are lots of people inwisconsin that love you. But they dont like to be cheated by the people they put trust in.

    So I ask you Sister Tanner to please pass this message to all the elders and sisters in your mission. Not all of us you come across are ignorant. I wouldnt pressure my daughter to do this if they did the same stuff they did to you. Some of us actually like the good things LDS does that other churches fall short of. So tell your mission people that maybe you shouldnt do things the way your MTC teachers told you to do. otherwise, nmore and more people will call you a cult. And you dont want that, do you?

    God bless you Sister Tanner!

    1. First off. This is not Sister Tanner. She does not write this blog. So your hopes of her reading this are very very slim. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. Instead of seeking out people to tell them how their religion is wrong, maybe you should focus on your own faith. Sister Tanner never had a rough time in the MTC, so I'm not sure where you are getting that from. Our family has never been "treated like meat". And Sister Tanner has never been treated badly by anyone on her mission. I'm not exactly sure where you are getting your sources? This is a positive blog to share my Sister's mission with her friends and family. Please find somewhere else to spread your negativity and unhappiness. Thank you!

  2. wow. I just came across this blog by accident, but I'm surprised at the first response! It seems that someone that is quite uneducated has responded. If you don't think so, check out the sentence structure and the spelling. But I wanted to leave a comment from someone that didn't grow up in the church but has been in the culture all my life.
    The "church" as a people - yes. We do bad things. We make mistakes. We aren't perfect! I'm pretty sure that everyone that has ever walked on this earth wear the same shoes - except ONE!
    The "Church" as a governing body of a group of religious people - Yes. They do bad things and make mistakes. They aren't perfect men or women... and I'm pretty sure that everyone that has ever led a church on this earth also wear the same shoes! The DIFFERENCE is that the governing body of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is led by men who have had the Priesthood conferred upon them and have been ORDAINED to the priesthood instead of just deciding that they wanted to lead a church. These blessed men have spent their lives in the service of JESUS CHRIST, many many years in a volunteer capacity. I'm not aware of ONE of these men or women (yes, we have women in places of authority contrary to the worlds opinion and many disgruntled LDS women that don't understand or are mislead) that have ASKED to be placed in the positions that they are in. The reason that they are in their positions is simply that they are willing to do what the Lord, Jesus Christ, has asked them to do. I don't believe that ANY of them would say that they are doing what they do because of their own strength, but rather that they are upheld by a merciful and gracious God. They are people that are just like the rest of us, only they make better, righteous decisions on a consistent basis. BUT WAIT!!! THEY AREN'T PERFECT AND THEY MAKE MISTAKES!!!!! HOW CAN THEY SAY THEY REPRESENT THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST IF THEY MAKE MISTAKES????
    Simply by the fact that they understand the ATONEMENT of Jesus Christ, and they USE IT DAILY!!! They try every day to be a little bit better and get a little bit closer to God.
    And because of their example, I too, try to do this.

  3. I've spent many years outside of this wonderful church. Are the people perfect? NO. Does the church have a perfect "governing body"? NO. they are mortal... just like you. Is the DOCTORINE of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints perfect? YES. It is. It comes from God through divine revelation to His Prophet, who on this day is President Thomas S. Monson. Is President Monson perfect? Nope. He's mortal too and subject to mortality. But he does what the Lord requires at his hands at great sacrifice and service to the world.
    We ALL have the ability to feel the light of Christ, in fact we are born with it. It allows us to know right from wrong. We ALL have the ability to feel the HOLY GHOST if we ask God, with FAITH in Jesus Christ that He will answer our prayers if this church is the most correct of any of the churches on the face of the earth. If it is the Lord's church. But you have to have the FAITH TO ASK. The missionaries are serving because they had the courage to ASK GOD if this church was true. They have received that witness that it is. That is why they are out in the field sharing the message. If you think this is a new thing, then you need to go read the Holy Bible!
    I agree with Karlie Tanner. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs. I believe in the first Amendment of the United States Constitution that everyone has a right to free speech. But that also includes me. So I will record this here for the world to read.
    I KNOW that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real. They LOVE US - THEY LOVE YOU! (If you want to experience how the Holy Ghost communicates with us lowly mortals, kneel down on your knees and say a prayer from your heart and ask Heavenly Father if He Loves You! and then wait. You will feel it.)
    I KNOW that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the True Church on the face of the earth today. I KNOW that it is led by a Living Prophet - Just like in the times of Jesus Christ (read the bible people!) that is the spokesman for Jesus Christ on this earth.
    I KNOW that this church was restored to the earth again through the boy prophet JOSPEH SMITH, and that all the keys, ordinances and privileges are upon the face of the earth today in preparation for the return of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I KNOW that the records that Joseph Smith translated from journals of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas, now known as THE BOOK OF MORMON; ANOTHER TESTAMENT OF JESUS CHRIST is true. I have read it. I have studied it. I have seen its blessings and miracles in my life. I have felt the spirit of Peace and Joy as I have read it. I have felt Peace and Joy IN TODAY'S WORLD as I live by the teachings that it contains. I have also seen the hardships in peoples lives when they decide to turn away from the truth of these teachings. (Does it mean that us "Mormons" never have trials? NOPE!!!! We have plenty! But it does provide the peace that we need and the strength from God that we desire as we face our trials. )
    Thank you for this blog. Thank you for letting me express my love for my Savior, Jesus Christ. thank you for your sisters service and the support you are giving to her.
    We, as a people, will always have opposition. Satan doesn't let go of those he deceives easily. He's a pretty nasty little spirit. But God's people (ALL people who believe in God - not just the LDS) will triumph in the end. (I've read the book! I know how it ends! :)
    Bless you sister for your service. And I WILL say these things in my Savior's name, even Jesus Christ, Amen.