Monday, March 3, 2014

MARCH in Righteousness!

Sister Tanner cannot believe how quickly the weeks and months are flying by. You lose sense of time when you are lost in the work of the Lord. "Happy March my beautiful family! I cannot believe another month has past us by! Time is going quicker than I would ever have thought. I only have 8 months left to work my hardest and accomplish all the things I want to", Sister Tanner said.

The week started off with a wonderful P-day! Sister Tanner enjoyed playing dodge-ball with some of her favorite Sister Missionaries and Elders! It's always a fun day when they all get to be together. That evening, she spent Family Home Evening with the Bishop and his family. The Elders, Relief Society President, and two other families from the ward were all there. It was a lot of fun for everyone! "I love our ward", Sister Tanner said.

Tuesday was the last District Meeting of the transfer for the Missionaries. "It was really good", Sister Tanner said. They learned a lot about working with the members more. They were also given suggestions on how they can implement the ideas from the woman who spoke to them at Zone Conference. It was a very productive meeting full of great ideas! Sister Tanner can hardly believe this transfer is coming to an end! Later that afternoon, Sister Tanner and Sister King attended Recipe group with the Relief Society women. It was a lot of fun! At the end of the day, Sister Tanner went to Kenosha, WI for Missionary exchanges! She got to be companions with Sister Milligan for a day!

Sister Tanner and Sister Milligan from the MTC

Sister Tanner was able to spend the day with Sister Milligan on Wednesday. "It was fun to be with Sister Milligan, and talk about back home. Love her", Sister Tanner said. Sister Milligan is from Elk Grove, and the two were able to meet before their missions. They entered the MTC on the same day, and traveled to Wisconsin together to serve! The two Sisters had a wonderful day full of teaching lots of lessons. They were able to visit converts, less actives, and investigators. It was also nice for Sister Tanner to have a car for the day! That's always a special treat! That evening, Sister Tanner returned to West Allis, WI. Her and Sister King visited and taught one of the less active members in their ward. The lesson went wonderfully! However, on their way home the bus system stopped working. The Sisters were stranded! Luckily, a sweet woman from their ward came to the rescue! "Tender mercy", Sister Tanner said. She is so thankful for those sweet members who drop everything to come and get them! It is amazing how willing and gracious the members are in wanting to help the Missionaries!

Thursday was a busy day full of teaching many less active and inactive members! Sister Tanner was able to meet with a man whom she has been teaching recently. He has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot, and praying about it. "Slowly but surely, we are making progress with him", Sister Tanner said. After that lesson, a miracle happened! There is a family whom the ward has been wanting the Missionaries to teach. They haven't been able to contact them until now! Sister Tanner was able to talk with them a lot! The Mom was so excited that they were Sister Missionaries! She even invited them back for a lesson. Sister Tanner is so excited! What an amazing miracle! After that, the Sisters were able to teach the young 13 year old girl who comes from the polygamist home. "She is so cute", Sister Tanner said. She hopes she can get the Young Women to reach out to her! After the successful day of teaching, Sister Tanner received many referrals from other Missionaries! "Referrals are the best", she said! She is so excited to set up more amazing appointments for the following week! That night, Sister Tanner and Sister King called to sing "Happy Birthday" to one of their favorite ward members! Her friend who is investigating the Church, was there! She is the one who has invited the Sisters over for dinner! "She is super excited to have us over for dinner! She's so ready", Sister Tanner said. She cannot wait to bring the gospel into this woman's life! She is so prepared for it! Just another beautiful example of how beneficial it is to work with the Members when it comes to Missionary work! 

On Friday, Sister Tanner had to say goodbye to a woman who had grown into a dear friend. She had been teaching her since she began serving in West Allis. It was very sad to say goodbye to this woman she has grown to love so much. "It was really hard and sad to see her go", she said. "This lady that we've come to love and helped come back to Church moving away. We were reflecting this and we know that Heavenly Father puts people in our path for a reason. Even for the short time we get to enjoy their friendship, we have something to learn from them and something to help them. I will miss her a lot! We were really grateful that the Elders and some of the young men preparing for Missions, or guys that have their Mission calls, came to help her move. We know this made a big impact on her non-member family that was there." This woman has progressed so much in the gospel since being taught by Sister Tanner. She helped her regain her testimony, and come back to Church. I'm sure her life will be forever blessed by the love Sister Tanner showed her. After the move, everyone went out for Wisconsin custard! 

Milwaukee, WI, home to the World's finest custard!

Later that night, Sister Tanner and Sister King had a wonderful dinner with a fun family from the ward. "Love them", Sister Tanner said! She helped get the family pumped up about Missionary work! They are helping the family's niece get ready to take the discussions! Sister Tanner cannot wait to teach her! After dinner, Sister Tanner headed to the Church to help out. She was able to serve a meal to the Stake leaders who were having a special fireside. "A full day of service for us! It was fun", Sister Tanner said!

March started off with a lot of snow on Saturday! "Saturday was March 1st! 10 months mark! Craziness", Sister Tanner said! It's hard to believe how fast time has gone! Happy 10 Months of being a Missionary to our Sister Tanner! Sister Tanner spent part of the day helping a family shovel snow at their apartment complex. The husband also cooked for them. He made them an amazing chicken meal. "He's basically the best chef", Sister Tanner said. She is so blessed to be surrounded by loving people who provide her with food and with love! That night was the ward's game night! "OH MY GOSH, it was SOOOOOOO fun! Seriously, the most fun I've had in a while", Sister Tanner said. She was able to see so many less active members who attended the fun night! Also, her new investigator she is working with attended! It was amazing to have so many people she is teaching, all in the same place together! They spent the night playing games such as; Catch Phrase, Uno, and Heads Up! How fun! Sister Tanner explained how it was a great way for the less active members to get to know more people, and for the investigators to make new friends! "We had so much fun! I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard", Sister Tanner said. Their new investigator game them a ride home from the game night. She told the Sisters how excited she is for Wednesday (dinner night with them). "She loves us", Sister Tanner exclaimed! "I'm so excited to start teaching her! She'll get baptized probably before the end of the month!" We are all so excited to see Sister Tanner bring the gospel into this woman's life. She is more than ready! What a great start to Sister Tanner's 10th month serving!

Fast and Testimony meeting was beautiful on Sunday! Sister Tanner and Sister King both bore their testimonies. The spirit was so strong during the entire meeting! Sister Tanner's investigator came, along with a less active and a former investigator! Amazing! The Relief Society lesson was an amazing one! It was all about Divine Nature. "We truly have divine qualities that aren't only for this life but for eternity", Sister Tanner said. 

That night, Sister Tanner was able to teach a family in the ward! She shared a lesson with them, and got them pumped about giving Book of Mormons away!

Sister Tanner had a very eventful week! So many of her investigators and less active members are progressing so much in the gospel! It is amazing to see her hard work as a Missionary bless so many lives! We are so proud of everything she has accomplished in her last 10 months as a Missionary, and we can only imagine what is in store for her in the next 8 months. We love you Sister Tanner!

Sister Tanner's Testimony:

"I love the gospel so much. My testimony is strengthened everyday because I get to share it with other people. I was reading the story of Abinadi this week. He had so much integrity and faith, to the point he was killed because he would not deny what he was teaching. He never saw the fruits of his efforts. But he touched 1 person, Alma the older. Through Alma, hundreds of people were converted to the gospel and baptized. Although, we may sometimes feel like Abinadi and never see what comes of our efforts, we are still making a difference, even if we only touch 1 person. Never give up on your quest to touch 1 person's heart! I love this story!"
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

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