Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Staying in PRAIRIE!

Transfer time is here again, and Sister Tanner is happy to be staying in Prairie du Chien with Sister Asper! The next transfer is Halloween. Sister Tanner will for sure be in Prairie du Chien until then. That means at least 1/3 of her mission will be served in Prairie. She knows that the Lord wants her there for a reason, and its exactly where she is supposed to be. She also said she wants to cry as she realizes how fast time is going!


Their week started on Monday as they enjoyed their P day by going to the local gym to play ping pong. Sister Tanner loves it! Afterwards they had a lesson with the young man who is just getting back into Church. They taught him about the power of the Atonement. He has been reading the Book of Mormon, and Sister Tanner said you can just see a change in him. "His countenance has changed", she said. After their lesson they enjoyed a yummy dinner and a game of ping pong against the young man, to show off their skills. The Sisters lost by only 1 point, which is a huge improvement!

Tuesday, the Sisters had a District meeting. Following that, they went to a new member's home to help with the Garden. They had dinner with them, and discussed them going to the temple for the first time to do their family's work. Sister Tanner has truly sparked a desire for them to not only do their family Genealogy, but to also go to the temple and do the work for them. She also encouraged them to try to read their scriptures for at least 10 minutes every day. The positive example she is to these new members is admirable.

Sister Tanner and Sister Asper were able to spend time volunteering at Bargain Boutique on Wednesday. They love the time they are able to spend there! Afterwards, they had a voicemail from the Mission Office saying they were on their way for a surprise apartment inspection! Luckily, the Sisters keep their apartment spotless so everything was fine! When they came to inspect they said, "Everything looks perfect! Now where are we taking you Sisters out to dinner?" How sweet! What a great surprise to their day!

After their weekly planning on Thursday, one of the branch members called to tell them that a friend of hers needed some help. They were told that she was moving stuff, and so the Sisters changed into their "grubbies", as Sister Tanner puts it. When they arrived, it seemed like an entire community event! It was a flood relief event for the people of Boscobel, which is a part of their area. The Sisters were so glad that they were asked to come. They were able to help a lot, by packing clothes into boxes for the people of Boscobel. Afterwards, the lady in charge talked to the girls and thanked them for all of their help. She was so impressed with them, and said everyone recognizes them as "girls bringing people closer to God". They were able to talk to her a bit about the Church and what their mission is all about. The woman will definitely be calling them again for future charity/relief events!

Friday was a bit of a tough day for Sister Tanner. Their goal was to visit all of the less active members of the Branch. But it turned out that NO ONE was home! Sometimes this happens, but Sister Tanner never gets discouraged! The Senior Mission couple took the Sisters out for dinner to end their day on a better note. They even brought Sister Tanner a cd that she has been wanting! Some of the Elders burned it for her! So sweet! It made her day, and she is so happy to have some new music to listen to! Music brightens any day for her! If any of you have any great Church music recommendations, please leave it in the comments below! Thank you so much!

Saturday is when the Sisters received the news that they were staying in Prairie du Chien together! YAY! The majority of the day was spent trying to meet new people, which was a success! They met a few potential investigators which was amazing! Afterwards, they attended a party for one of the Branch members. They just received a Foreign Exchange student from China! They had a welcome party in his honor! After the party, Sister Tanner and Sister Asper went with one of their Branch members to visit some inactive members whom she visit teaches.

Sunday was a wonderful day! The investigators whom are friends of members of the Branch, came to church! They even brought food for the Church potluck after. They had amazing talks in Sacrament Meeting. The inventor of Apples to Apples spoke along with his daughter. They spoke on making choices and choosing the right. It was perfect!

Relief Society also seemed perfect for their investigators as well. The potluck after was a great way for them to visit with each other a bit more. The woman asked them if they are similar to nuns, or if they can marry and have families. Sister Tanner explained that their mission is a short period of time in their life where they choose to serve the Lord and live only for him during that time. She explained that Apostles pray about where they will go. She was so impressed and responded with, "So someone here needs you to bring the Gospel to them!?" Sister Tanner was thinking, "Yea, YOU!". They scheduled a time for this week to meet again, and even want to feed the Sisters! Some of the branch members thought they were members that had just moved in, because they seem such a fit for the Gospel. They can't wait to attend Church next week as well! I can't wait to hear more about this family and their journey to the Gospel. Sister Tanner describes them as "future Kingdom Builders". "I am so excited to continue teaching them. The Lord really does prepare people for the Gospel, and working with the Members is the best way to find them!", says Sister Tanner.

Some days it might seem tough for Sister Tanner to get ahold of the people she wants to teach, or meet with. But the hard times are all worth it when they get to see a Family grow in the Gospel. Sister Tanner is accomplishing so much! Not only is she sharing the Gospel with everyone she can, she is also getting to participate in so many good causes, like the Flood Relief event. She is embracing every opportunity in Prairie du Chien to share the Gospel and bring happiness to everyone she can!

"I just love love love this work! I am so blessed to be here doing the Lord's work. I love you all so much! Hold strong to the Rod! Love, Sister Karlie Marie Tanner"

Thought I'd share a little LDS humor with you all. This reminded me of Sister Tanner!

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