Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Come Follow Me"

Sister Tanner has had another INCREDIBLE week in Prairie du Chien. However, she says that time is going by too fast! "Everyday I am just so grateful that I followed the Lord's plan for me to serve a mission. There's nothing else better than being here and doing his work everyday. I absolutely LOVE it."

Her week started off by getting a quick piano lesson from her companion on Monday. Sister Asper taught her how to play "Come Follow Me". Sister Tanner said she is so happy that she can now play 1 song on the piano!


On Tuesday Sister Tanner had a wonderful conversation with the wife of the family they are currently teaching. She was able to explain some basics about the Church, including the Word of Wisdom. They get along so well, and Sister Tanner just thinks she is the sweetest person ever! Their family is so prepared for the Gospel! Afterwards, they had a yummy member dinner. The Sisters were fed home made soup, which was perfect considering it was a very chilly day! They were also spoiled with Gluten free cookies! So sweet!

Wednesday, Sister Tanner and Sister Asper had a lesson with the young man they have been teaching. Sister Tanner says that he is flying through the Book of Mormon and is already in 2 Nephi! He has been reading and praying everyday. He told Sister Tanner that his prayers have become longer and more meaningful. She has seen such a change in him and his countenance. His work schedule has prevented him from attending church. The Ping-Pong game he has going on with the Sisters is that if they can beat him, he will make it possible to attend Church. Well the night ended in a victory for the Sisters! Sister Tanner beat him at Ping pong! It must have been the Lord helping her in order for him to go to Church!

After their ping pong victory, the Sisters volunteered at Bargain Boutique and priced purses for them! Sister Tanner's favorite task! That night, the Sisters went to Church to have an interview with a girl who is doing a school project on Mormonism. Sister Tanner said it was awesome! They basically taught her the 1st-3rd discussions. The girl came with wonderful questions, many of them about the Temple. Sister Tanner hopes that she felt the spirit while the interview was taking place.

Thursday the Sisters had a lesson with the family who they are teaching. Sister Tanner had the opportunity to speak with the wife earlier in the week, but this time was with the entire family. They went to their home, which is beautiful! She described it as a "huge red house by the river"! They taught them about the Plan of Salvation and more about the Word of Wisdom. They have already been reading from the Book of Mormon, and Sister Tanner just knows they will be baptized. This family sounds so wonderful!

Unfortunately, many of the Sister's lessons fell through on Friday. They basically had the entire day to tract, so Sister Tanner decided to go about it in a different approach. The Sisters made surveys about prayer and went around telling people they met that they were doing a survey. Everyone was so receptive to this! They were invited into many homes, and had the pleasure to meet a bunch of potential investigators!

Saturday the Sisters used their survey approach again, and found it so successful! They met a lady who has read the entire Book of Mormon, but said that the Missionaries never came back to talk to her. Sister Tanner said, "The lord is truly leading us to the people that are prepared for the Gospel." So amazing! After their successful day, they went to the home of the members that just moved into the Branch. They loved getting to know them better! The husband served his mission in Hong Kong, and he was able to share so many of his experiences with the Sisters.

Sunday was a very exciting day! The young man they beat at Ping-Pong, came to Church! Sister Tanner said she just about cried of happiness! It's amazing how far this young man has come! Sister Tanner and her companions in Prairie, really have changed his life!

Sister Tanner's week has been very successful and rewarding! They found out that they are able to volunteer and perform at the Nursing Home!  This is so exciting for them! They also found out that Elder Perkins of the 70 is coming to their Zone! Sister Tanner has to plan a 5 minute talk and a 10 minute training on the Book of Mormon. This is in case they get called on! They want the Missionaries prepared! Sister Tanner has wrote her talk, and is a bit nervous about the training. Can you imagine training 100 other missionaries, AND one of the 70? Wow! She can do it!

Prairie du Chien is starting to get very cold! She said it already feels like the coldest it gets in California in the dead of Winter, and its only September! It is beautiful there though, as all the leaves are changing colors! Hopefully we receive pictures soon! I'll leave you with a few words from Sister Tanner.

"I love you all so much. I wish you could be here and meet these amazing people that I get to be with and teach every day. This truly is the Lord's work and I am so happy I get to be an instrument in his hand. Being a missionary is the best thing ever. It's hard, no doubt, but the reward and blessings totally outweigh all of the hard days and hard times. Thank you for helping me be here and knowing that I could do this even when I didn't think I could. I will forever be grateful for following the Lord's plan for me."

A little LDS humor: "Come Follow Me"

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