Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zone Conference and Chiggers!?

Staying with the Senior Missionary couple, is something Sister Tanner loves! They started their week out by sleeping over at their home on Monday. They are a "hoot", as Sister Tanner puts it. She just loves them so much! Staying over at their house meant they were much closer to Zone Conference, which was Tuesday morning. This was the first Zone Conference of Sister Tanner's mission! The Mission President taught a training on the Atonement. His wife also spoke about it as well. Sister Tanner said it was powerful and spiritual. Something Sister Tanner learned was, "Even if we are good people, the Atonement can help us become even better and we have to pray for strength to change our circumstances and not pray for our circumstances to change." What a powerful message!

Madison Zone

Sister Tanner and fellow Sisters at Zone Conference.

After Zone Conference, the Senior Missionary couple drove the Sisters back. They took them out for ice cream, and showed Sister Tanner how to check her oil and tire pressure. She has learned more about cars on her mission than ever before!

Learning all about cars!

Wednesday started off with role playing of Preach My Gospel. The Sisters practiced how to begin teaching bullet points from it. After this, they had a lesson with the young man whom they have been teaching. He even bought the Sisters gluten free pizza for dinner. How sweet! The Sisters taught him about how the Book of Mormon is like our Liahona. He had even read 2 chapters from the last week! He opened up to the Sisters about feeling alone trying to do the right thing. That no one around him is on that path. Sister Tanner taught him that through Christ, we never have to feel alone. They plan on teaching him more about that during this coming week. The night ended after that with a game of ping pong. The Sisters ALMOST won! He beat them by 1 point! So close!
Thursday the Sisters experienced a bit of rejection and anger from the people they came across. Being the leader that Sister Tanner is, she comforted her companion through this rough patch. Experiencing this is never easy, but Sister Tanner read her John 15: 17-21. These scriptures are about how people hated Jesus. She taught her companion how people will also hate them, because they represent Jesus. Sister Tanner is so strong, and never lets those type of people get to her!
On Friday, the Sisters decided to fast to help them find others to teach. The strength of these missionaries is truly miraculous. Their hard work paid off and they found a new investigator! So wonderful! That night however, Sister Tanner found out she has Chiggers. One of the men in the ward is a doctor, and told her what she thought has been bad mosquito bites is actually Chiggers. They are microscopic bugs that burro under your skin. They are similar to ticks, but come many at a time. Luckily she found out what it was, and she is healing now!
This explains why we have never heard of Chiggers.
Saturday was the Pioneer activity! The turnout was amazing. One of the women in the branch had 2 of her nonmember friend's come. That's 2 families! Sister Tanner said how wonderful it was to get to know them, and she hopes they can meet with both families soon! She had a wonderful time at the activity! She got a bad sunburn, but seemed excited about actually getting sun!
Sunday is always Sister Tanner's favorite day. Church was amazing, and afterwards they had a lesson with one of the investigating couples. The Sisters invited them to be baptized! The couple was confused as to why they need to be baptized again. The Sisters taught them about the Priesthood and asked them to pray about it. She is so excited for their answer, and cannot wait!
Sister Tanner is a natural born leader. Her faith, courage, confidence, enthusiasm, and determination are all traits that have made her an amazing missionary! She is touching so many lives, and bringing happiness to all those around her and all of us back home who are following her journey. The lessons she teaches there, are all lessons we can learn from. She ends with this piece of advice, "Keep holding strong to the rod and continue to increase your faith!" She wishes everyone well, and loves you all so much!


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