Sunday, May 5, 2013

Newbie makes an entrance at the MTC

Karlie entered the MTC on Wednesday. She was greeted by her friend Gloria, who hosted her in and made her feel instantly welcomed and at ease. In her first letter home, she talks about how she received her nametag, which we are all dying to see pics of her wearing! She has an awesome companion, Sister Reese. They get along really well and have a lot of fun. Life in the MTC is very busy, with lots to learn. The spirit is so strong for Karlie, and she just wants to teach already! The best part of her letter was hearing how on her first day in the MTC, she fell down a flight of stairs right in front of all the cute Elders. Karlie definitely knows how to make a grand entrance! I'm sure she is already putting smiles on everyone's faces! Can't wait to hear more from her!
Karlie visiting BYU right before the MTC
Café Rio
Saying Goodbye to Mom
Last pic with Dad
And she's off! Her friend Gloria sweetly greeted her as host!

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