Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Sister Tanner's first email home was so exciting to receive! She is having an amazing time! She said that the saying, "If you just make it to Sunday, you'll be good" is so true. She's in classes about 14 hours a day, and is learning a lot. She says that Sundays are "the best!" On fast Sundays, (which was this past Sunday) it is MTC Mission Conference. The MTC Mission Presidency and their wives give the talks and teach. In her district meeting, her companion and her gave the lesson on Faith. It went very well! She said it was the first time that she felt like a real missionary. The MTC Mission President came to her branch for Sacrament meeting, and she was able to bear her testimony with him there.
In her zone, there are 3 districts. All of the sisters and some of the elders are going to Wisconsin after the MTC. She was able to meet Chad Lewis (NFL player and RM). She learned a lot from his devotional.
Karlie says thank you to all those who have sent her letters and wrote her on www.dearelder.com. She says that every single day she receives so much mail, and feels so loved. She hopes to eventually be able to write everyone back.
Karlie loves her companion so much! She keeps saying how much she reminds her of Tamera, and how funny she is. A sister from Elk Grove is there with her as well, Jackie Milligan. She said how great it is to have a friend there with her.
She is already teaching 2 investigators. One has progressed so much, and has already committed to baptism. She just finished teaching him the Plan of Salvation. The spirit is so strong when she teaches, and she can't wait to grow as a missionary. One night she fell asleep, and when she woke up, James 1:5 came to her mind. She ended up using it in her lesson while teaching the investigator. She was worried about not being a good enough teacher, but the Lord makes up for anything she lacks. Prayer has been her best missionary tool. Chad Lewis told the Missionaries, "No matter what language we are or aren't learning here at the MTC, we are all learning the language of the Spirit."
Mikayla, whoever and wherever you are. Karlie was so touched by the letter you wrote her. She wanted me to thank you for reaching out to her. It's amazing how much of a missionary Karlie already is, even through her social media and friends she has yet to meet. She loves you all!

Sister Tanner and Sister Reese (companions)
Fashionable Sister Missionaries

Karlie and her friend Alex
MTC Tradition where they lick the Orange Tree =)

In class with the girls

Karlie and Gloria

Provo Temple


Karlie and Gloria

Elder Josh Davis

Milwaukee Bound

Sacramento Girls going to Milwaukee

Working on their Fitness
Sharing the Gospel, and looking beautiful while doing it.
James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."


  1. Rock on, Sister Tanner! Can't wait for the next post! I know you will be a blessing to many people there in Wisconsin!

  2. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee....I love your BLOG Sister K Tanner =) and I am impressed that you and your "companions" coordinate your outfits, LOL!!! Your pictures show that you are thoroughly enjoying yourself thus far...you are going to be a "fine Sister Missionary" indeed!!! Love Love LOVE YOU xoxo