Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Sister Tanner arrived in Wisconsin on Tuesday May 14th! On her way from Utah to Wisconsin, she met a man at the airport. She ended up giving him the first discussion, and a Book of Mormon. She almost missed her flight, but it was all worth it because he seemed very interested in the Church.

Last few days at the MTC.

When she arrived in Milwaukee, the Mission President and his wife were there to greet them. She already loves them so much! They drove her to the mission home, which was gorgeous. That night all the Sister Missionaries were able to stay there. She received her new Companion, who is from Utah, sings really good, and is Gluten free (just like Mom). She adores her! Her first area that she is assigned to is in Prairie du Chien. It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Milwaukee. The Mississippi River runs thru the small city, which boarders the State of Nebraska. Karlie says, "I am seriously in the middle of Nowhere, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it." I'm sure its a huge culture shock, having been in San Francisco and Sacramento for so many years. Here is a picture of the small town of Prairie du Chien.
Sister Tanner says, "Everyone calls it Snow White land because there are so many animals like Bunnies, birds, and Rabbits."
Her companion and her, do have a car. They only are able to drive it a certain amount of miles per week. The drive from Milwaukee to Prairie du Chien already maxed out those miles for them. So it was straight to walking for Sister Tanner. Not to bad of a deal, considering the Mississippi River is only 1 block from her apartment.
Thursday it was straight to Missionary work for Sister Tanner. Her and her companion spent Thursday and Friday visiting with investigators and LARC (less active recent converts). In one particular visit, the lady told them she was going thru an awful and difficult time in her life, and that they had visited her at the most perfect time. Sister Tanner says there have been a lot of "perfect timing moments."
Sister Tanner and her companion grocery shop and make their own dinners. She said eating healthy with her "gluten free" companion has really helped her. Plus they get so much exercise from walking! It's truly amazing how much these Sister Missionaries do!
On Saturday, the Sisters were able to Volunteer at a Thrift Store, which is something they have been doing for years. Even their apartment has been lived in by Sister Missionaries since the 90's. Also that day, they did service at the Branch President's home. He is on crutches at the moment. So they helped plant a vegetable garden and did yard work for him and his family.
Sunday was her first Sunday in the Branch. The ward has about 20 members, 4 youth, and a one page ward roster. She is inspired by how much room for growth they have! 3 investigators even attended church this Sunday! She can't wait to spread the gospel to even more people in this town. Her testimony has grown so much. It makes me cry just reading her letters. I know she is already touching lives and its been only one week. A family that she is teaching, is going to be asked to be baptized. I can't wait for her next letter, and to see what they said.
She says that everyone has really strong "accents". But they all tease her about being from California, and about how strong her accent is. I think that's too cute! Thank you to everyone who is sending letters and emails to Sister Tanner. Your love and encouragement is what gives her the strength to be there and do the Lord's work.

Karlie and her new companion in Prairie du Chien.

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