Monday, October 27, 2014

The Greatest Investment

Hello my beautiful family! I can't believe you will only hear from me 2 more times after today before I will see you again! Time is passing way to quickly for me! 

Monday was a fun pday. We ended up spending a bus ride to the mall teaching this man of the plan of salvation and of God's love for him because his wife died years ago and he's still struggling with it. It was a great lesson. Then we hungout at the mall for a while and just window shopped and had fun together. I love when I have companions I feel like we can hangout on pday and that we are having fun together as friends! Its the best! We had dinner at the "D"s and that was great. And then we had a lesson with Sister T (a less active and her daughters who arent members) and the "W"s came with us. Bro W was her bishop when she was active and she loves him! It was a wonderful lesson with her. The "W"s invited her back to church and she said she wants to come back, thats her goal! Her daughters haven't been baptized either. They are an amazing family and the "W"s made all the difference for them. :) The daughters made us necklaces while we were there too! :) Then we went to see Sister "B" and J was at her house! Love it! 

Tuesday we had district meeting and it was all about the law of chastity. The elders made it super awkward, which was weird. Theres one elder in our district whos super shy and awkward but he's hilarious! After, we went to try to contact a bunch of potentials and investigators without much luck. We had a lesson with an investigator and then later we went to "T"s because someone was picking us all up for Recipe group. Her boyfriend's friend Joe was at her house and he had met with missionaries like 20 years ago and he asked us lots of questions. He used to live right by Prairie du Chien too so it was fun to talk to someone who knows that area. So then we went to Recipe group and it was so fun! I love everyone in our ward! 

Wednesday we went Visiting teaching with Sister "W". We had lots of success getting in with lots of less actives! We even got a referral from one less active's daughter who wants us to start teaching her boyfriend! Yay! Then we went to our lesson with "D" and brought Sister W but "D" kinda dropped us! :( He told all his family and friends he was so excited to get baptized in our church and they all attacked him with anti stuff and told him they would disown him or not be his friend if he joined.. So he still wants to meet with us but he said he doesnt want to commit to joining right now. SADNESS! So then Sister W took us out for lunch at Qdoba! I love her! Then we went around contacting a bunch of people and had some lessons and then later we had dinner at the "G"s! I love them!!! Coolest couple ever! We had a yummy dinner and Bro G is hilarious! We were driving by Kopps and one of the flavors was 'Mint Chip' and he was like "YUCKO" because he doesnt like it so then for the rest of the night we were saying "YUCKO" to everything. Then we had to all drop off Bro G at the church for his meetings and then sis G was going to give us a ride somewhere but then once we got to the church, the Activity Days leaders asked us to stay and fellowship with their activity they were having. They were having a multi ward Mother Daughter Tea Party. SO CUTE! So we got to stay and talk to a lot of people from other wards and see Sister Dominguez and so it was way fun!

Thursday we woke up and had 3 missed calls during the middle of the night from "bob fox" and all his voicemails were like "Hey this is bob fox and I want to learn more about the church. Love you girls" We had no clue who this guy was and didnt remember meeting him! And then we kept trying to call him back and no answer! Then we had an awesome lesson with Sarah "L"! I taught her back when I was here last time. She's great and knows its true so we are just trying to get her back into learning and coming to church. Then we met this cool guy "T" on the bus. After we came home and did some weekly planning then went with Sarah W to do visiting teaching with her! Then we went to contact some part members and we got rained on. Drenched from head to toe! Haha. While we were walking in the rain, we were talking about something and Sister Askerlund told me that I love people like Christ does. So sweet, right. Shes the best comp! Then sister M picked us up for dinner and took us out to TGIFridays. My first time there. It was a blast! Sister M's roomate came with and they both spent forever telling me about their adjustments after their missions. Then we went to get the best flavor ever at Kopps. Never Enough Chocolate. I will be ordering and shipping that home for my wedding. Its the best! Haha. 

Friday we were headed to a lesson at the library and we missed our first bus so had to wait for the next one. Then on the next bus, we ran into Bob Fox! He was like, "girls, its bob fox" What the heck! We don't even remember meeting him but I guess we gave him a card on the bus last week! Haha. So were gonna meet with him this coming week! Then we got off the bus and ran into "To" again. So amazing how the Lord's timing works! Then we had a great lesson with "Ti", the less active. He's stuggling with everything in his life but learning so much from the Bom. Then we had a lesson with an investigator! She knew the whole gospel of jesus christ without us even telling her! Haha. Shes hilarious. Then we visited the "L"s during lunch, they are the senior couple that lives right by us but helps out a different ward. Then we went to dinner with the "D"s. They are a crack up! Bro D was foretelling the people we are going to marry. Haha. Then we went to see our investigator "K" and shes sooo cool. Shes 18 and just converted to Buddism. She really wants to learn and read the Book of mormon though. Then the Kenosha sisters switched with us and we were off to Kenosha for exchanges.

Saturday I spent the day in kenosha. It was so great. We had correlation meeting over a conference call but it was still fun to talk to Bro Casper and hear everything thats going on there. Sister Reed didn't tell anyone I was coming so that I could surprise people. It was wonderful! We got to see Christina and Shannon. And then we went and saw the "G"s. Only one Sister was home but it was sooooo good to see her. They are having a really rough trial right now and so it was good to see her and cry with her about everything thats going on. Then we went to lunch with "M" at Huhot. SO yummy! Then we went to help "R" clean out a room upstairs that she needed help with and it was so fun to surprise her! We scrubbed walls for hours! It was exahusting but it looks a lot better! Then on our way out of town, we surprised Sister F at her work. She saw us and screamed!!! Haha, I felt bad because she was like helping customers but it was hilarious! Overall, such a great day in Kenosha. I miss everyone there so much!

Sunday was the primary program at church. Always my favorite sundays! The kids are so cute! Bishop talked about how these are the future leaders of the church! It was a great sunday! After church, we met some guy across the street and invited him to the trunk or treat this coming week! Yay! Then we went out contacting less actives with the RS pres. We got ahold of some people. Then we came home, had lunch and studies and then walked to our dinner appointment. It was a couple miles away so my ankle was killing me by the time we got there. But we had a fun time. Then we walked to "J"s house and brought chocolate for her mom who just got in a car accident. It was great to get to know her and help her a little around her house. She broke her hips and shes still trying to walk around. It was a great sunday!

Overall, I love my life everyday. I love getting to help people feel God's love and serve his children. This truely is the greatest experience I've ever had. I am getting sad, not wanting to leave this place and people I've grown to love so much but I know God has plans for me back home as well.

Thank you all for your amazing support and love. I love you so much and can't wait to see you so soon! 

"You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment you will ever make."
- Gordon B Hinckley

Love, Sister Karlie Tanner

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