Monday, October 13, 2014

Back To Stallis She Goes!

Well its been the best week ever coming back to good ol' Stallis. I LOVE this ward and this place. My new companion, Sister Askerlund is amazing too. Shes a powerhouse missionary and works so hard! I love her! So many miracles have happened this week and everyday I am just sooo happy! 1 MONTH FROM TODAY I WILL SEE YOU ALL!!!!!! I can't believe how fast its coming and that my last month is already here. 

Monday was the funnest last pday in Kenosha. I was freaking out the whole day after finding out I was coming back to West Allis. The elders were like, "You totally pulled strings. Who did you talk to?" I just talked to the lord! haha. We went bowling with all the elders from our ward and it was so fun! Then we went to chinese for dinner with the "C"s. Then we went to the "Z"s to help them with family history and say goodbye. It was really hard to say goodbye to them. I love them so much. The daughter drew me this beautiful picture of me and sister reed as princess missionaries by the temple. Shes so talented and it meant so much to me. 

Tuesday we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to see everyone and saying bye to everyone. I was able to see almost everyone except the "G"s because they had to go to illinois for a family emergency. We went to HuHot and saw so many friends! We did a fun testimony meeting for our message and we were all in tears! I love the "B"s so much! Going to miss them tons! It was a great last day! :( I miss Kenosha sooo much! I found out our stake conference will be the last sunday of my mission so I cant wait to see everyone there! :)
Wednesday was transfers! Its a miracle I got all my stuff packed, I downsized a lot too! We had to hang around transfer point for a while until someone was able to give us a ride home. It was fun to chat and talk to some of my friends. Then we got to West Allis and went to work! We went to visit Sister "D" and it was sooooo good to see her. Shes my favorite person ever! She kept telling me she thinks the reason im back is for her and I love her so much! We found a ton of new investigators and walked everywhere. We met some crazies too, it wouldnt be west allis without them! 

Thursday we did weekly planning and then we went out to contact people. Sister Askerlund got really sick and we were walking and so were like, man I wish someone could give us a ride. and then Sister "G" drove up by us and offered a ride! It was great! So then we went home and sister askerlund slept for the rest of the evening. She was really sick. :/ But, Bishop called and gave us a refferal for this lady who walked into the family history center at church and wants to learn more about the church. That was great!!!

Friday was a great day! We had a lesson with this less active, and he's hilarious. He wants to dicuss his studies like in depth but hes hilarious too. Then we bused it down to Chik-fila and met SW for lunch. Shes doing soo good and told us all about how shes planning to get her endowments out on her 1 year date of her baptism. I am so excited. She said #powerofthesarahs prayed me back to west allis. I love her! Then we went to contact the referral from Bishop. She is this 90 year old lady who investigated the church like 40 plus years ago after driving thru salt lake and seeing the temple. Well I guess saturday she just happened to turn on tv and watched all of conference! She kept telling us how she really really wants a doctrine and covenants and pearl of great price! Like how the heck does she even know about those! Lol. So we spent the first like 30 minutes with her thinking shes the most prepared person in the entire world and that shes going to get baptized in 3 weeks! Later that evening, we went to the "A"s for dinner and then we carved pumpkins with them!! Yay! It was so fun and im slightly really proud of the pumpkin I carved! :) It was sooo good to see the "A"s again too! I love them!

Saturday we had a bunch of appointments and so we rode bikes!!! I havent ridden a bike in like 10 years but I did great! No falling or crashing and I was in a skirt! I can offically do anything now! Haha. We had a lesson with this guy we met on the street on wednesday and he's so prepared. He wants to get baptized! After our lesson, he was like, Im gonna have to go on facebook and tell all my mormon friends that i've now accepted the mormon beliefs. Haha! Then we went to see Sister "B"! I kept trying to surprise people that I was back but everyone had found out already! Then in the evening, we wanted to go to Kopps and we bused it down there and met the coolest girl, Shayleese on the bus. We talked to her the whole way there, gave her a book of mormon and shes so cool! I know we were supposed to meet her! So we were walking to Kopps and it was already like 8:20 and there were no buses going to get us home before 9 and so i was like, "We are going to walk into kopps and someone will be there that can give us a ride" I had total faith! So we walked into Kopps, and the "G"s were there!!!!! We could hardly believe it! So we got Kopps and got home on time!!! The church is true! 

Sunday was amazing!!! Everyone was so excited to see me and I felt so welcomed back to the ward. I really felt like I was coming home! I bore my testimony that Heavenly Father loves me because he sent me back to my West Allis. :) All the members attacked the dinner calendar and filled it up for the week. It made me feel so loved! Church was amazing as always and it was great to meet some new people and recent converts I havent met. Then we came home, had studies and then we had dinner at the "W"s. So fun! They are my favorite! We had such a fun dinner! Then we went around trying to contact some potentials and getting ahold of people. It was a great day. I am just so happy to be back.

I found a quote the other day that said, "Dont count the days, make the days count" and thats what I am doing! 

I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH! Have the best week ever! Thank you for your love and prayers always! :)

Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

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