Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Farewell Kenosha

Sister Tanner's blog post last week highlighted her trip back to West Allis on an exchange. At the time she thought that would be her last visit there. Little did she know what was about to be in store for the rest of her Mission. 
"Exciting news!!!! I'm getting transferred to... drumrolll....
WEST ALLIS for the last 5 weeks of my mission. I am so excited to go back to this special place! 
This week has been filled with miracles and fun laughs. I LOVE Kenosha and it's going to be hard for me to leave. My heart is so full of love for the people here. I can't wait to bring you all back here. I feel like I've become a much better missionary here. I've accomplished things I never knew were possible and the Lord has helped me stretch and grow and become the missionary he needed me to be. I'm so excited to take what I've learned here and apply it back in West Allis! :)

Monday was a fun pday! I finished my BYU application and felt a huge relief from that! Then we went to the church and played sports with just the missionaries in our ward. I guess all the other missionaries got mad because the Zone leaders asked them to park their cars the right way so they all got mad and left. But, we were happy because it was super fun with just the 3 sets! We are all best friends! Then we had dinner and FHE at the "Z"s and the "G"s came too. For the lesson, we helped them with their family history. It was sooo fun and "J" was getting so into it! Wish I had that fire when I was her age!

Tuesday was a busy running around day. We had to drop off some things to some members and rushed to make it to a member's birthday lunch they invited us to. Then we had district meeting. Our last one of the transfer. Afterward, we had an amazing lesson with our investigator "R" at a  (part members) house. It was so good! The elders are teaching the husband who is also not a member, but the wife is. During the lesson, the wife's brother bore his testimony of the book of mormon and it was so powerful. She really wants to find peace and understanding in life. It was probably one of the most powerful lessons on my mission. The spirit was so strong! Then we had dinner with Sister Boston. LOVE HER. She's seriously my favorite! Then we had a whole evening of appointments. We went over the baptism interview questions with "R" and it helped us know what struggles she's still having and how we can help her. Then "M" came out with us to contact some people and she helped us facebook stalk a less active and get an appointment with her. YAY! This is why missionaries need facebook. lol. Coming soon.

Wednesday morning we went to breakfast with this girl "J". I met her at the Shalom center (where we volunteer) a couple months ago and we just clicked! Shes hilarious and looks for me every time at Shalom. So I told her I might be leaving soon so we should get together. It was so fun! We taught her about the Book of mormon and she wants to learn more about it. After we left, we were like, "Teach people not lessons to the max" It was a very different than the normal lessons we have, but it was everything she needed. Then we had to go save the Bishops storehouse people and let them in the church building. Then we did some weekly planning and then went to visit a bunch of investigators and recent converts. Later, we had dinner at the "P"s. Its always a bunch of fun there! Then we were supposed to have an exchange but the sisters we were gonna exchange with were really sick, so they cancelled. :/
Thursday was Pebble's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday pebs!!! We had a good day of miracles. We tracted a street with no success and we were getting frustrated and then we went to contact some potentials and newer investigators and a miracle happened!!! We went to this one house, thinking it was a certain potential, but they had moved and we met "A". She's one of those people you feel like you've been friends for years after talking for 5 minutes. Anyway, she just moved to Kenosha, looking for a church and she's amazing! She totally wanted to watch conference and read the book of mormon. We said a prayer with her and during the prayer, I felt a prompting to invite her to be baptized. So afterward, I just did. Super bold. Lol. She said YES! We didn't set a date with her yet but we will this week! That was a goal I had on my mission too was to invite someone to be baptized in our first contact with them. The lord provides a way for us to accomplish our goals! Then we brought the "G"s pumpkins! Yay! Then we drove up to milwaukee and got dinner at the new chik-fila! AH! It was so fun! Then we went to visit some of the sisters we are over and then we went to spend the night at muskego sisters house. 

Friday was MLC. Great meeting!!! As a council, we all decided to read the Book of mormon together as a mission and to finish by Christmas as our gift to the savior. We all decided this would help unify our mission and help us focus on Christ. Im so excited for this, even though i wont be here for all of it, im going to continue to do it! We had a guest speaker guy come and showed us this powerpoint of all his drawings of the entire book of mormon in 30 minutes. He's crazy good and it all made so much sense! Then we traveled for hours to get back home and then we had dinner with the "P"s for Brother P's birthday! We sang him Amazing Grace! 

Saturday we got the transfer text and I was super sad, then we went to watch conference at the church. Our new investigator wasn't able to come but she still is interested! In between sessions, we had a halloween lunch with Sister Voas. She's amazing! I love her to death! Then during 2nd session, "R" brought a friend from work, who I guess has previously met with Sisters. The friend said she loved conference and wants to learn more. "R"s concerns and questions were totally discussed in the session she watched! After that, we went to see a less active. Then we went to visit people and sing for them too. I'm gonna miss them! 

Sunday we went to the "C"s for breakfast, correlation meeting, and to watch conference. It was soooo fun. Their family is hilarious and we had a blast with all the elders too. On our way home from the county, my GPS took us a werid way and we ended up crossing the border!!! AHH! We were freaking out and called President and he was like, "Well your tiwi should have told you that you were leaving the boundries but thank you for repenting quickly" LOL. It was funny though because we had no clue we were even close! Then we went to Sister Bostons for the 2nd session. Then we had dinner with "KB" and her entire extended family. It was sooo fun! Conference was amazing and so many of my questions were answered! I feel so much peace about the future! :) I love conference! I didnt want it to end! Everyone send me your favorite talk and why! I love that so many talks focused on following the prophet and strengthening our testimonies.

I LOVE THIS PLACE and I'm so sad to leave Kenosha but I'm so excited to go back to Stallis. :)  WEST ALLIS!!!!!!! I'm going back to Stallis!!!!!!!!! AH! I am so excited and shocked!!!! I know the Lord still has something for me to accomplish there and I am so happy to be staying in this stake and be able to come back to Kenosha on one last exchange. I'm SOO excited! :) Thank you for your prayers and love. I love you all soooo soooo much! Have the best week ever!!! :)"

love always,
Sister Karlie Tanner

5 weeks until I see you all again! :)

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