Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Snow, Tornado, and Rain..... Oh MY!

Sister Tanner has taken West Allis by storm, literally. Sunday's tornado gave their city quite a scare, but everyone is okay! Her week was amazing, and she is loving her new city! 

Her week started off with lots of snow on Sunday! So exciting! She spent the day playing sports with the other Missionaries in the area. There are 50 of them! It was so much fun! She also got to spend time at the Mission home. She was excited to find mail for her there! She was able to sight see a bit, and check out the big mall they have there! After running errands and grocery shopping, she was able to have Family Home Evening with a new member of her ward. Sister Tanner just loved her!

Tuesday was spent at district meetings and also tracting. Sister Tanner was so blessed to find a new investigator! Her and her companion also met a young man while riding the bus. He came up to them and said, "Hey, I know you, you guys are the missionaries for the Church I went to on Sunday." He is dating one of the young women in their ward. The Sisters were so excited to talk to him! That night they ended their day by having dinner with a wonderful family from their ward. The son is preparing to serve a mission himself, so the Sisters loved talking with him about it.

The following day, the young man called the Sisters and wanted to learn more about the Church. He already is showing such a strong desire to be baptized. Sister Tanner and her companion taught him about the Restoration of the Church, and he was very receptive to everything. He cannot wait to start reading the Book of Mormon!

Sister Tanner started her day on Thursday by volunteering at the local thrift store. It was a great experience getting the opportunity to work in West Allis. Afterwards, she felt inspired to contact many people from her area book. These are people who were previously being taught by other Missionaries in her area. Sister Tanner said, "Oh my goodness, Miracles happened." "A bunch of them were just people the Missionaries lost contact with and now they are totally prepared and ready for the gospel. We are so excited!" Sister Tanner and Sister Hancock had such a wonderful and rewarding day. Sister Tanner already considers her one of her best friends. They work so hard and have fun doing it! Their days are filled with smiles and laughter.

The bus seems like a popular place to meet people who are interested in learning about the Gospel, and Friday was no exception to that. The Sisters were able to meet a few new people while traveling to and from their destinations. That night, they enjoyed a wonderful dinner at their Bishop's home along with the Elders from the ward. They had such a fun night! The Bishop's wife even gave them winter hats she had made for them! What a sweet gift!

Saturday was a very rainy day! The Sisters said a prayer in the middle of their day, and right during the prayer the rain stopped. They were so grateful! That night as Sister Tanner was going to bed, the phone rang. It was a lady they had met on the bus! She called to ask them if they believed "John Smith was Jesus Christ". Sister Tanner explained who Joseph Smith was, and that he restored the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. They explained that he was a prophet of God, but not Jesus Christ. The woman really wants to learn more, and they are excited to teach her soon!

Sunday was the day of the tornado! Sister Tanner and all the other Missionaries had to leave their meeting to go into a hallway. The ward who was having their sacrament meeting also had to leave their meeting to join them. Everyone was together waiting out the tornado! After the storm cleared, Sister Tanner enjoyed an amazing Sacrament meeting. One of their investigators came to Church! They were lucky enough to hear from the Mission President and his family. The Mission President gave a talk on standing up for what you believe in and know is right. He talked about being proud of who you are and your religion. He also talked about each Missionary serving in their ward, and told everyone something about them. He told the ward how Sister Tanner graduated from Fashion School. It's amazing how he remembers so much about each of the 250 Missionaries. "He's incredible", Sister Tanner said. After church she was able to chat with the Mission President's wife for a bit. She is so excited that Sister Tanner is there, and that they get to see her often. The Sisters were invited to their home for dinner on Black Friday. They are having a day after Thanksgiving for the Missionaries who serve in their building. Sister Tanner is so excited and so happy to be there! 

Sister Tanner continues to have amazing weeks, one after another. She is working miracles in West Allis, and loves every minute of it. She is so grateful to be able to serve in such an amazing place! She is loving life, and loving the Lord's work. Even through the harsh weather, she finds warmth in the love she has for the Gospel. I'm sure her smile and happiness is contagious to everyone there! We are all so proud of her! "I love West Allis! So much is happening here, and I love it! Thank you all for your prayers", Sister Tanner says. 

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