Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go, Dear Lord"

Sister Tanner's week started off with lots of goodbyes to everyone she had grown to love in Prairie du Chien. She decided to receive a blessing to comfort her during this change. It was an amazing blessing, and gave her the confidence and reassurance as she moved across Wisconsin! She also had the pleasure of saying goodbye to one of her favorite families in Prairie! The children all sang "I am A Child of God" to her on her last night. How precious! She will never forget that. Investigators and less actives were even in tears as their sweet Sister Tanner said goodbye. Many people gave her gifts, or thanked her for everything she had done in Prairie! She touched so many lives in Prairie du Chien!

Wednesday was the day that Sister Tanner moved to the city of West Allis, in Milwaukee county. During the transfer she got to see Sister Reese, her companion from the MTC! It was great that they got to catch up! Afterwards she met her new companion, Sister Hancock! She just loves her! She said how blessed she feels to have a companion whom she can have fun with while working hard. After meeting her companion, they went to move in to their apartment! She loves her apartment, and says its very nice! Right after, the Sisters headed off to their first dinner appointment. They went with the Elders to an older couple in the ward's home. Sister Tanner fell in love with this elderly couple! They also turned out to be the parents of one of the Missionaries who was murdered by the real life Texas Chainsaw Massacre killer in the 1970's. They told Sister Tanner the real story. Their son and his companion were teaching Robert Kleason. The Mission President told them to never go back again, but the Elders wanted to go back one more time to teach him. When they went into his home, they were both murdered. So sad. Robert Kleason is the killer who inspired Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other horror films.

Sister Tanner was able to get acquainted with her new city a bit on Thursday. She was excited to find out that there is a Walmart, Target, AND even a Mall! It's quite a big change from Prairie du Chien! There are also a lot more people there! This means many more ward members, more investigators, and more less actives. During weekly planning, Sister Tanner realized how many people she will get to meet, know, teach, and grow to love! That day she even met a Sister in the ward who served a mission in San Francisco. "We instantly became best friends", Sister Tanner said.

Sister Tanner got her first experience getting lost on Public transportation in Milwaukee on Friday. Luckily the Sisters quickly figured out where they were. All those years of taking BART in San Francisco, really helped Sister Tanner be prepared for her Mission. Riding the public transportation can open doors for meeting new people! Also, it's fun to run into other Missionaries on the buses! Sister Tanner is still getting used to the fact that she sees other Missionaries on a daily basis! 

Saturday was full of many lessons and lots of teaching! Their days are packed full of meetings there, and Sister Tanner loves it! That night was the adult session of Stake Conference. Sister Tanner was so happy to be able to attend! She had the pleasure of hearing her Mission President and his wife speak. The entire session was about Missionary work. Sister Tanner said that the spirit was so strong there. At one point they had every full time Missionary stand up. They all sang "Called to Serve". "I just felt so amazing that I am part of this work. I just felt so important that I am doing the Lord's work", Sister Tanner said. 

Sunday was an amazing day! Sister Tanner and her companion had 2 investigators attend Stake Conference with them! Their mission President spoke again, and this time his 15 year old daughter did as well. Sister Tanner said, "She has such a strong knowledge and testimony! I wish I had that at her age! I love that they are in our stake!" After the wonderful conference, the Sisters had another amazing experience. They had dinner with a family whom the wife is a member of the Church and the husband is not. They were told in advance that the husband is not interested in learning about the Church. After dinner they shared only a simple message and a scripture from Alma 26:37. The man started to cry and completely opened up to them. He told them how he wants to be sealed to his wife in the temple. He just needs to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. He told them how he wants to see the "pillars of light". He agreed to be taught by the Sisters, and also committed to reading the Book of Mormon. It was an incredible experience. The wife told them later, that he has never opened up like this before. Sister Tanner can't wait to teach him! "Miracles are happening", Sister Tanner says! 

Sister Tanner's week was amazing! We are so glad she has moved safely to West Allis. She seems to be loving it and is getting used to the change! Maybe not quite used to the heavy snow yet though! We are faithful that Sister Tanner will continue to work miracles and bless the lives of many people there in West Allis. No matter where she goes, we know it is where the Lord wants her. "I'll go where you want me to go, Dear Lord."

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