Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Never Postpone a Prompting"

Sister Tanner had a wonderful week in West Allis. Waking up to 5 inches of snow is definitely putting her in the holiday spirit. She was even lucky enough to receive a tree from a member of the ward. Her apartment is looking quite festive, and makes her feel at home. On Monday for her p day she was able to spend time with a family for FHE. They all made Thanksgiving bracelets, and had so much fun together! Sister Tanner is so thankful for the love she is being shown in West Allis.

Sister Tanner and Sister Hancock had an exciting day on Tuesday! They were able to help a family in their ward open their new restaurant! How amazing! Afterwards another member from their ward came with them to visit and teach many people. Sister Tanner said, "It helps so much when our members will give us rides and come out with us." The Missionaries appreciate the help of the ward members so much. While out looking for a particular family, they came across a new family. They are from the Dominican Republic! The parents did not speak much English, so their 15 year old daughter translated for them. They taught and testified of the Book of Mormon and it went wonderfully. The family is open to learning more, and to start reading the Book of Mormon. "We are so excited! I know the Lord led us there for a reason, because they are prepared. We can't wait to teach them more", Sister Tanner said. 

Sister Tanner has started a challenge with her ward members. The challenge is for everyone to make a list of things that they are thankful for. On Wednesday night, the Sisters had dinner with a wonderful family. Their 6 year old daughter was so excited about the challenge. By Sunday she already told Sister Tanner she had a list of 9 things she was thankful for. She said by Thanksgiving day she wants to be at 500 things. How amazing! Sister Tanner just loves their family. It's obvious that they feel the same way towards her. Sister Tanner is truly being an inspiration to so many people, especially the young children.

That same night, Sister Tanner felt truly prompted to ride the bus. She had no idea why, she just knew she needed to be on that bus. So her and Sister Hancock went for a ride. They chatted with a few people, but didn't understand exactly why they were there. Right then and there, they received a text message. It was from a young man whom they had been unable to contact, but who was interested in learning more about the Church. The Sisters sent a text back, and started to find a time when they could teach him. As they are looking over their planner, they notice a guy staring at them. The next text they received said, "Are you on the bus right now?" The man was sitting right by them! "Obviously we were supposed to be on that bus and meet him", Sister Tanner said. They were able to talk to him, and get to know him better. It is amazing how in tune to the spirit Sister Tanner is. As Thomas S. Monson has said, "Never postpone a prompting". 

On Thursday, Sister Tanner was really able to see her hard work pay off. She has been teaching this amazing woman. She is already in Alma of the Book of Mormon. She understands everything, and truly grasps all the principles that she has been taught. She is currently praying about her baptism date! How amazing! After their lesson, Sister Tanner and Sister Hancock had to unfortunately take a visit to the police station. Sister Hancock's library card was stolen. Someone checked out MANY books without returning them, and racked up quite a large bill under her name. The library is being kind and not making her pay, as long as she files a police report. Who knew a stolen library card could cause so many troubles? "Only in West Allis!" 

Sister Tanner realized on Friday how many investigators she has! Weekly planning is quite a puzzle, but she feels so blessed for that! How wonderful it is to have so many people who want to be taught the gospel. What a miracle! They decided it would be better and more safe to have the Elders teach the young man whom they met on the bus. So instead of teaching him on Friday night, they were able to do dishes for a ward member. They also enjoyed an amazing Brazilian dinner that night! Yum! 

Saturday was a full day of activities and teaching for Sister Tanner. The Sisters had intended to rack leaves for a woman that morning. However it was only 15 degrees out, so they moved their helping hands indoors. They were able to install new windows in the kitchen of this woman's home. This will help her house stay warmer. Sister Tanner is learning all kinds of handy skills during her mission! After their time helping with windows, the Sisters had several lessons. They were even lucky enough to receive 2 dinners that night! The second dinner was at a home where the father is not a member of the Church. They felt truly prompted to read him Alma 32. 

Sunday was another rewarding day for Sister Tanner! So many investigators and less active members came to Church with them! What an amazing feeling that must be for the Sisters. Church was going wonderfully, and then in Relief Society a huge fiasco began! Women began to argue over who was having the Missionaries over on Thanksgiving! People were crossing each others names off the calendar. What a great problem to have! Sister Tanner is so lucky to have such amazing members who have such a strong desire to take care of their missionaries. Luckily, the Thanksgiving day calendar all got figured out. The Sisters are going to go from one place to the next the entire day! What a fun and loving way to spend Thanksgiving! We are all so thankful for those wonderful members in West Allis who are showing so much love to Sister Tanner! 

Sister Tanner's week was amazing and full of love. She is so thankful for the wonderful people she is getting to know and teach in West Allis. She is thankful for the promptings she receives, which leads her in the right direction. She is looking forward to this Thanksgiving week! She will have zone conference, and exchanges! The following week she will be able to attend the temple for the first time in Chicago! How thankful she is to be able to be so close to the house of the Lord. 

"I am so thankful for all of you. Thank you for supporting me, thank you for being examples to me and thank you for your prayers, emails, and letters. I love you all! Have a great week and keep being the amazing people you are! Happy Thanksgiving! =) 
love always,
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner"

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