Tuesday, June 4, 2013


What an exciting week Sister Tanner has had! It amazes me at what she has accomplished in such a short period of time.  She says, "This is probably the best week so far on my mission." On Wednesday, she braved her first tornado! It hit the small town of Prairie du Chien. Luckily, the Sisters were out of town at a district meeting when it occurred. She said that she has never seen weather so scary in her life. That night, they came back to their apartment and saw the entire street torn apart. Trees had fallen over on homes, leaving many destroyed. The tornado had come right through their street, and lifted right before her apartment complex. The lord must have been protecting them! The following day, they helped as many people as they could. They moved branches, helped with yards, and shared the gospel with many people whom they never would have otherwise been able to talk to. The lord really does work in mysterious ways. Apparently, this is the worst tornado the town has ever seen. Sister Tanner was even able to save a few baby birds that were hidden in a fallen tree.
Friday was a very special day for Sister Tanner. She met with a couple whom the woman is an inactive, and her significant other is investigating. She taught them about the restoration, and they were truly engaged. The man committed to baptism on June 29th. Sister Tanner said, "He is like a sponge and just soaks everything in that we tell him. He had read the BOM before our lesson and had a few questions on how the church started and we were like, 'that's exactly what were going to talk about today'. He's so excited to get baptized." It is amazing how much she is touching other people's lives.
Saturday, the sisters had their very first dinner appointment! How happy and thankful they were! Things are definitely different than in California. The Sister Missionaries clean up and do dishes after their dinner. They did not mind, and probably would have cleaned the entire house. They were so grateful for the yummy pot roast and potatoes.
This Sunday was fast Sunday, and Sister Tanner's best day on her mission so far. She was able to fast, and bear her testimony. It was amazing for her to hear the branch members testimonies. Two of them even bore their testimonies about the Sister Missionaries. How special! Sister Tanner was able to read the June Ensign. It is all about Families this month. She encourages everyone to read it! There is a specific talk  by James E. Faust titled, "Dear Are The Sheep That Have Wandered." She encourages parents to read it. It's an amazing talk! "To those brokenhearted parents who have been righteous, diligent, and prayerful in the teaching of their disobedient children, we say to you, the Good Shepherd is watching over them." -James E Faust.
Sister Tanner and her companion met an amazing family on Sunday night, while outside. They loved the Sisters, and agreed to attend church next Sunday. They were even excited about what they could bring for the potluck afterwards. Sister Tanner kept telling herself, "I love being a missionary." "It was a great day to be a missionary. I absolutely LOVE this work. Yes, there are hard days where we see no success in our tracting or contacting efforts. We start to question if we are being the best missionaries we can be and then there are days like yesterday, or when *** (name not used) accepted to be baptized that makes every door we tract that seems pointless, it makes it all worth it. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do the lord's work, especially now. I know there is a reason I am here, with Sister Newton and in Prairie du Chien. The Lord needs us here together right now. I feel so privileged to have the time we get to study the scriptures everyday. I have learned more than I ever have this time reading the BOM (Book of Mormon). I have grown such a strong testimony that every word I read is true. And every word is written for us and to guide us today. I am so grateful for the BOM and the strong spirit that is always there every time we read from it with our investigators or tracting."
Sister Tanner is so exciting for the coming week! She has Zone Conference, and Missionary exchange. She also has her 6 week training on Wednesday, even though she hasn't been out 6 weeks! In a few weeks, it will be Mission Conference. One of the 12 Apostles is coming, and she gets to meet him! Can't wait to find out who it will be!
Sister Tanner is so grateful for all of your prayers. She feels the blessings of them every day! What a wonderful week it has been for her!

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