Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Taking the Lead

Sister Tanner started off her week with Zone Conference in Madison, WI. She had such a great time, and got to see many of her missionary friends from the MTC. After Zone Conference, it was time for Missionary Exchange. Usually the Junior Companion (Karlie), goes to the new area with a Senior Missionary, and vise versa. Instead, they did it the opposite this time. Sister Tanner, and a different Missionary went back to Prairie du Chien. The new Sister had never been to the area before, so Sister Tanner lead the way. She drove them back, and showed her around. Meanwhile, Sister Newton (Karlie's companion) stayed in Madison with another Sister. Sister Tanner was so nervous to be "taking the lead with everything" for the first time. She did amazing though! Fortunately, they have a device called TiWi. It is an electronic for your car that will yell at you if you are going over the speed limit, or driving aggressively. If you listen to the device you won't get "Yellow Dotted." If you receive a yellow dot, you lose your driving privileges while on your mission. Anyone who knows Sister Tanner well, will know this device is a necessity in her life! =)
During the missionary exchange, Sister Tanner learned a lot. Being with a new missionary made things very different, and at times more challenging. These challenges however, help her grow more every day. She realized how grateful she is to have such an amazing companion, Sister Newton. They have so much fun together, laugh, sing, and find the joy in everything they do, while being obedient and working hard. Sister Tanner says they will be best friends even after their missions are over. Sister Newton is such a loving and kind person. They are both so lucky to be each other's companions.
During Sister Tanner's time with the new missionary, they were able to tract and find a new investigator, and a potential investigator! They both seemed very interested in the church. Sister Tanner even has a lesson with one of them this week! How exciting!
After the missionary exchange ended, Sister Tanner drove back to Madison, WI. The new missionary that she had been working with complimented her on what a strong missionary she is. She couldn't believe she has only been in the field 3 short weeks. The entire experience really boosted her confidence in herself as a missionary. She is so excited for everything to come! The Zone Conference and Missionary Exchange even closed with exciting news! The Stake President announced that DALLIN H. OAKS is the apostle coming this Saturday! He will be speaking at the All Mission Meeting in their area.

This is amazing news! Sister Tanner cannot wait to meet him and hear him speak! It was also announced that in the next transfer there will be MANY new Sister Missionaries coming to their Mission District. This means that some of the Sisters will be trainers even after just 6 weeks of being in the field. Sister Tanner thinks this may be why she was asked to go back to Prairie du Chien on her exchange and "take the lead" this week. Maybe she will be one of those Sisters who will be trainers very soon!
On Friday, Sister Tanner and Sister Newton taught 2 lessons to different investigators. At one of the lessons, the couple invited the Jehovah Witnesses over so that they could "Bible Bash" with one another. Luckily, Sister Tanner's dad has "bible bashed" with the Jehovah Witnesses a few times growing up at the Tanner home. So this came as no surprise, and didn't scare her at all! She taught the Restoration to them, and the entire home was filled with the spirit. The woman even cried because she was so touched by the spirit. She is even going to start reading the Book of Mormon. Sister Tanner and Sister Newton taught so well together, and were completely in synch with one another.
On Saturday, the Sisters made a cute dinner calendar in hopes of getting a dinner once in awhile! They put Enos 1:4 on the calendar which reads, "And my soul hungered and we knelt down before our members and we cried unto them in mighty hunger and we did desire to teach them." On Sunday, everyone laughed at how cute the calendar was! Also on Sunday, 5 investigators came to church! How exciting! The Sisters are really working hard out there. In church, they taught about the new familysearch website. One of the investigators was so impressed with it! He even logged in and found out that his Grandfather's temple work is already all done. He can't wait to learn more with the new website!
Sister Tanner has grown so much this week, and we are all so proud of her. She says thank you to everyone for all the supportive letters and emails. She loves each and every one of you!
Program from the Prairie du Chien Branch, representing the Sacramento Temple for Sister Tanner.


  1. I have a special place in my heart for sister missionaries because we were taught by sisters. Keep up the great work.

    1. That touches my heart! I'm so grateful for missionaries! My mom was a convert at 19. Without missionaries she never would have joined the church, or met my dad. I'm so thankful to missionaries, and so proud that my sister is now serving. I know she will bring happiness to many people's lives!