Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Baptisms in Kenosha!

"Happy June! I can't believe I've been out for 13 months! So weird! This week was an extra short week. even though every week seems to fly by! We've been working so hard at eating healthy and working out hard and running every morning, and it's made all the difference in our work. We are so much happier! We can barely walk now because we are so sore, but it's okay because I feel so great! It's been such a great week", Sister Tanner said.

Sister Tanner's week started on Tuesday, with a late P-day due to the Monday holiday. It was such a fun day! The Sisters went to the beach to play sports with all the other missionaries. It started pouring raining! "It was raining like crazy, but we all just got soaked and had so much fun! We played football and then we played duck, duck, goose around this huge puddle, and everyone was slipping and sliding! It was a blast", Sister Tanner said. That evening, was the baptism interview for the sweet woman who was being baptized later in the week. While waiting for her to have her interview, Sister Tanner and Sister Peterson attended the "Speak English" class that the Spanish Missionaries were teaching. Sister Tanner loved getting to learn a bit of Spanish!

District meeting was held on Wednesday this week, and it was a great meeting! It was focused on leaving good commitments. So wonderful! After the meeting, Sister Tanner was able to visit many investigators and less active members. She also enjoyed a wonderful lesson with the woman who was baptized a few weeks back. She was struggling to get through Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon. "We helped her tackle it", Sister Tanner said. "It was interesting trying to explain a chapter that is still hard for me to even understand the deeper meaning. But she totally understood all of it, so that's great!" Sister Tanner was able to learn a lot as she taught this woman. That evening, the Sisters had dinner at the new Ward Mission Leader's home. "They are the funniest family ever! We had this whole conversation about ticks because their daughter and dog both got one that week, and now I'm paranoid of them! AH! Ticks are one of my greatest fears", Sister Tanner said. She prays that she never has to go through having a tick! Her night ended by getting to go back to West Allis! She was sent there on exchanges with Sister Newton, her very first companion in Wisconsin! Sister Tanner was so excited!

"Thursday was an amazing day in "STALLIS". I seriously felt like I was back home for the day! It was an answer to my prayers to be able to be companions with Sister Newton for one more day before the end of her mission. This was her last exchange! She goes home on Wednesday! We had a blast talking about old memories from Prairie and catching up on the last year of our Missions", Sister Tanner said. What a special day this must have been for both Sister Tanner and Sister Newton, to serve together one last time! They were able to teach a lesson to a man that Sister Tanner found at a gas station when she was serving there! "He's such a kingdom builder", Sister Tanner said. "He's an honest seeker of truth and a really nice guy! It was cool to be able to teach him." They taught so many people, and a lot of them were familiar faces to Sister Tanner. Their dinner appointment was a very special one! They had dinner with the girl who was baptized when Sister Tanner served there. "Oh it was so fun to be able to spend time with her again! We taught her about patriarchal blessings and she is so stoked to get hers! She is doing great! She goes to lessons with the Sisters and is starting FHE with her daughter! It just made me so happy to see how well she's doing", Sister Tanner said. What an amazing day! Sister Tanner did not want to say goodbye to West Allis or to Sister Newton. She was so blessed to be able to serve there for a day! "I was sad to have to leave and go back to Kenosha, because I love "Stallis" so much, but I'm grateful I get to go back on exchanges", Sister Tanner said.

On Friday, Sister Tanner was back in Kenosha. She had the opportunity to volunteer at the Shalom Center again. After that, the Sisters were off to teach lessons! As they were going to someone's home, they ran into this man who approached them. "He is so cool", Sister Tanner said. "He used to meet with the Missionaries and go to Church like 6 years ago and then he moved away, and just moved back. The Lord totally led us to him. He's so prepared for the gospel! God's timing is always perfect! I can't wait to start teaching him!" That evening was full of more lessons, and by the end of them the Sisters had to use the bathroom so bad. They felt like they needed to visit one more home. They sucked up their discomfort, and went to that home that they felt prompted to visit. It was a potential investigator that they have been trying to teach, but instead his wife answered. She ended up being very interested in the gospel, and excited to learn more! How amazing! "YAY! New investigators galore", Sister Tanner said.

The Sisters had a major work out session on Saturday morning! They woke up extra early so that they could go for a long run. They also squeezed in time to do lunges around their parking lot. "I really thought my legs were going to fall off", Sister Tanner said. Then it was baptism time! The sweet woman they have been teaching was baptized! "The spirit was so strong and it was a beautiful program", Sister Tanner said. The Mission President even attended her baptism! It was so special! The rest of Sister Tanner's day went really well. The Sisters enjoyed an afternoon of tracting. They had a wonderful dinner that night with a lovely Sister from their ward. Sister Tanner just loved her daughter so much! She reminded her of a younger version of herself. Their evening ended by having a really great lesson with one of their investigators! "She's so ready for this gospel. She will probably get baptized soon", Sister Tanner said. More souls are being brought into the gospel by the wonderful service of Sister Tanner and all the other Missionaries around the world.

Sunday was an amazing day for Sister Tanner! It was confirmation day and fast and testimony meeting. "She had a really cool blessing that said she'll be a strong member of the Church", Sister Tanner said. "Also, one of the members shared his testimony and experience doing this assignment we committed his family to do! So neat" It sounds like Sacrament meeting was a very spiritual time for Sister Tanner. She also had the privilege of getting to teach the Young Women! "Our lesson was about strengthening our testimonies so we focused on the Book of Mormon. The girls were great at participating and they were all pumped to do the 90 day Book of Mormon challenge! I love the girls in our ward! Great Sunday overall", Sister Tanner said. Below is a chart for the 90 day Book of Mormon Challenge! We are only a few days into June, and it's not too late to catch up! Sister Tanner encourages us all to read the Book of Mormon by the end of Summer. What an amazing testimony builder that will be!

Sister Tanner had another spiritually uplifting week. Another sweet soul has been baptized into the gospel. More lives will forever be blessed because of her decision to do so. Sister Tanner continually shares her light and testimony with all the people of Wisconsin. What an inspiration she is to all of us! Happy 13 months Sister Tanner!

Sister Tanner's Testimony:

"Just know that I love you all so much! I know God loves us and know's each of us perfectly. He knows what challenges will help us become stronger, he knows exactly who's lives we need to touch and who we can help as well as who can help us. I'll share another awesome quote with you this week.

'May I be bold enough to suggest that it is impossible for anyone who really knows God to doubt his willingness to receive us with open arms in a divine embrace if we will but come unto HIM. I am convinced that none of us can appreciate how deeply it wounds the loving heart of the Savior of the world when he finds that his people do not feel confident in his care or secure in his hands.'
-Jeffrey R Holland

Plus I found a cool scripture this morning. Acts 18:11, "So Paul stayed in Corinth for a year and a half, teaching them the word of God." Best 18 months ever! I love you all so much! Have a great week! Please pray for me with everything going on with transfers! Getting a new companion is always nerve racking! I love you all!"
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

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