Monday, June 9, 2014

Flooding Wisconsin With The Book of Mormon

The life of a Sister Training Leader can be busy and even stressful at times. Luckily, Sister Tanner knows to turn to her Heavenly Father when times get hard. "This morning I was thinking about how the only way we made it through this week was with the help of our Father in Heaven. There's no other way! Elder Bednar said the following, 'Through the enabling and strengthening power of the Atonement we are able to perform beyond our own individual and natural capacities.' It's the Lord that has truly strengthened me to do more than I can on my own", Sister Tanner said.

Computer time was cut short on Monday, as there was a tornado warning! Luckily, everyone is okay! The Sisters still managed to get a lot accomplished despite the tornado scare! Sister Tanner played sports, went shopping, and even taught a few lessons.

Tuesday was a busy day for Sister Tanner! It was her companion, Sister Peterson's last day serving in Kenosha. They drove all over town, and tried to visit as many people as possible! Sister Peterson wanted to be able to say her goodbyes. They had a wonderful lunch with a recent convert to the Church. She even burned CDs for the Sisters, so that they could have each other's music. What a sweet thing to do! They ended their day by visiting a Sister in the ward. She happens to be a masseuse, and gave Sister Tanner a mini massage. Transfers can be stressful, and that sure helped! What amazing members there are in Kenosha!

Wednesday was transfer day! "Always a crazy day", Sister Tanner said. "We had to pick up Sister Newton and Sister King though, so it was fun to hangout with Sister Newton for awhile before she went home! I can't believe she's home right now! So weird! Anyway, then Sister Reed (new companion) got there and we hit it off right away! We get along really well! I love her!" Sister Tanner is truly blessed to have such amazing Sisters to serve with! Once they arrived in Kenosha, it was off to work! Sister Tanner and Sister Reed visited with a bunch of less active members. One home they went to was 2 Sisters who are both single mothers. One of the Sisters just beat Cancer, and the other works to support them and their children. It is truly an inspiring story. "They are seriously amazing", Sister Tanner said. "So as we sat there, they talked to us about wanting to come back to Church, and how one of them wants her 10 year old son to get baptized. We shared a message and the spirit was so strong as we taught their little kids about Christ and following his example. We walked out of there so happy and feeling like we found "the one family". They want us to come over to teach them every week and help them learn everything again! It was wonderful." Sister Tanner is once again touching the lives of young children, and impacting their eternal future.

Thursday was a spiritually uplifting day! It started by Sister Tanner receiving a bunch of referrals from a Sister in her ward. She gave her the info of many of her daughter's friends. She said that they are all ready to learn about the gospel, and they have parental permission. How amazing! "We can't wait to teach these young women", Sister Tanner said. After a bunch of lessons and appointments, Sister Tanner had a wonderful dinner with a family in the ward. The husband decided to give Sister Tanner a blessing. This blessing really inspired her. "In the blessing it said that I would be able to be spiritually, mentally, and physically strong, and that my mind will be able to be clear and free and that I'll be strengthened to do all that the Lord has called me to do. Also, that Heavenly Father loves me and is aware of the desires of my heart. It also said that my family would be blessed! It was EVERYTHING I needed. I know Heavenly Father truly knew what's going on and how I felt! I am so grateful for the power of the Priesthood and for blessings", Sister Tanner said. What a beautiful blessing that was! That evening, the Sisters packed up and spent the night with the Muskego Sisters.

Friday was a fun day! After staying with the Muskego Sisters, they woke up early and traveled all together to Oshkosh! They had the opportunity to attend their Mission Leadership Council. It was an incredible training! "President is a genius and it's seriously amazing the revelation he receives for our Mission. Everything is about the Book of Mormon and how we are going to flood Wisconsin with the Book of Mormon. We have this new goal of every companionship giving out at least 1 Book of Mormon every day and giving a powerful invitation to read every day with specific follow up. President was like, 'This is going to change our Mission.'", Sister Tanner said. She cannot wait to start this new goal, and challenge herself and Sister Reed to give out more Book of Mormons! The ride home was fun as always. A bus full of Sisters and Elders has more excitement than you might think! They all took turns telling crazy stories, and inspiring moments! What a fun day it was! When the Sisters returned to Kenosha, they headed straight to an appointment. They were meeting with a lady, but she wasn't there. They ended up talking to her brother who happens to be an Anti-mormon. By the end of their conversation with him, he told the Sisters that he would read the Book of Mormon and check it out! How incredible! Also that day, Sister Tanner taught the Atonement to one of her investigators.She invited her to be baptized, and she said yes! They are going to set a date this week! Sister Tanner loves her new companion, Sister Reed. She appreciates how well they teach together. "It's so nice being able to teach so well with Sister Reed already. We are already on the same page! I love it", Sister Tanner said. These Sisters truly are going to "flood Wisconsin with the Book of Mormon."

Saturday was the busiest of days for Sister Tanner. After a day full of appointments, she was able to go contacting at the Lake. She met 3 really amazing potential investigators! "It was a miracle", Sister Tanner said. Unfortunately, they ended up talking to a man who was completely against the Church. He said some really hurtful and awful things to Sister Tanner. However, none of it upset her in the slightest. "So I just testified of the Book of Mormon and how I know it's true and how it's changed my life, and we tried to leave it on a happy note and I asked if we could pray with him", Sister Tanner said. The man ended up being very cruel about the prayer. "We just walked away and laughed and I kept thinking of the quote, 'When our testimonies are strong, persecution will not cause us to deny what we know is true', and I kept thinking of Holland's talk from conference about the Sister Missionaries getting spit upon and what the cost of discipleship is. Defend your beliefs. That's what I get to do every day", Sister Tanner said. It takes a strong person to stand calmly and not phased when someone is insulting them and attacking them verbally. Sister Tanner will never succumb to the negativity that those people bring. She will always defend her faith, just like Elder Holland advises we do.

Sunday was a wonderful day at Church! The twin Sisters and both their families came! "We were so happy to see them there and they loved it", Sister Tanner said. Also at church, one of the women in the ward told Sister Tanner and her companion how great they are doing! Sister Tanner loves her! After church, Sister Tanner visited with one of the recently baptized Sisters in her ward. Her husband is not a member. He used to be against the Church, but now his heart is softening. "He said he notices a difference in himself since we've been coming over. He said he's not as angry or hostile as he used to be, and he said he's always super calm when we are there", Sister Tanner said. What a difference the spirit is making in this family's home. Sister Tanner hopes that one day the husband will have a desire to be baptized! 

Sister Tanner had a busy but amazing week. She wouldn't trade it for the world. She loves being a Missionary, and takes her calling as Sister Training Leader seriously. She is excited to have the opportunity to teach at her Zone Meeting this week. She is training the Missionaries in her Zone on keeping covenants, and becoming a covenant keeping mission. "I feel really good about it and am excited for it", she says. Keep her in your prayers this week as she helps lead all her fellow Missionaries in Wisconsin. We are so proud of Sister Tanner!

Sister Tanner's Testimony:

"I found a quote this week that I absolutely love!"

 "I never cease to be amazed by how the Lord can motivate and direct the length and breadth of his kingdom and yet have time to provide inspiration concerning one individual."
- President Thomas S. Monson

"Heavenly Father knows each of us perfectly! I love you so much and know that Heavenly Father is there to help each of you with whatever you stand in need of. Have the best week ever! I love you!"
love always,
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

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