Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Thou Shalt Have Strength"

The past week flew by for Sister Tanner! She could hardly believe it was already Monday again! She had a wonderful week that started off with a fun P day on Tuesday. The Missionaries in her area all played an intense game of chair soccer! Sister Tanner had a blast! They even challenged each other to a cartwheel competition! "I came in 2nd place! Who knew I had hidden cartwheel talents", Sister Tanner said! That evening, Sister Tanner met with the Relief Society President in her ward. They discussed people that they want to work with more closely, and people they want to visit teach! It was a wonderful meeting.

Sister Tanner taught a very inspired lesson on Wednesday. "Totally by the spirit! We went there with a totally different plan than what we ended up teaching. But somehow the spirit guided us to teach about the Atonement! My favorite thing", Sister Tanner said. After the amazing lesson, it was time for the Sisters to head to their District meeting. It was inspirational! Then it was back to work! Sister Tanner and Sister Reed taught a bunch of lessons that afternoon, including a new member lesson to one of the recent converts. Sister Tanner taught about eternal marriage! It was wonderful! "The family's sons had a bunch of friends over so they all stayed for the lesson and asked us questions and it was really good. They called us "Jesus Freaks" but it's fine. I guess we kinda are to the rest of the world", Sister Tanner said.
Sister Tanner felt so inspired and motivated by her companion for the day, Sister Ormsby. It was a day of exchanges on Thursday, and Sister Ormsby came to Kenosha to serve with Sister Tanner. "She's awesome! She came out with Sister King! Love her! She is an amazing Missionary and has lots of health problems with headaches and different things but she never ever uses it as an excuse not to work, which a lot of Missionaries do. She's a beast! We had a great day together and she is a great example of a consecrated missionary", Sister Tanner said. What a wonderful example to all Missionaries! This Sister has a lot of adversity, but she never complains or lets it interfere with her work! Sister Tanner felt so motivated by her! It was a successful day of catching everyone at home! Together, they taught some inspiring lessons. That evening, Sister Tanner went to teach the recently baptized 10 year old boy. His 15 year old cousin was there, as well as a bunch of their friends. They were reluctant to talk to the Sisters at first, but eventually they warmed up to them and started to participate in the lesson. The boys decided that they even wanted to sing! They performed "Amazing Grace", and had beautiful voices! They started to ask more questions, and before you knew it the Book of Mormon was being taught to them. They want to learn more! "You could tell he was kind of shocked that all his friends were so open to it. All his friends kept asking us really good questions about what we do as Missionaries and stuff", Sister Tanner said. At one point another friend showed up, and asked who Sister Tanner and Sister Reed were. A boy told her, "They are Missionaries. They are really cool!" Sister Tanner was excited to find out that she is still "cool" as a Missionary! It was the greatest lesson and the greatest day!
Sister Tanner and Sister Reed were back together on Friday, and headed off to Oshkosh for Mission Leadership Council. It was an amazing training that focused on the book, "How To Become A More Consecrated Missionary", by Tad Callister. Sister Tanner has been lucky to have known about this book, and had the opportunity to read it since the start of her Mission. Mission Leadership was spiritual and uplifting! After the long journey home, the Sisters had a lesson with one of the recently baptized members. "She's already in Helaman! She's crazy! She remembers more details about the Book of Mormon than I do", Sister Tanner said. It's wonderful to see the progression of these sweet converts as they progress further in the gospel. 

MLC on 9/5/14
Saturday morning was filled with teaching a few amazing lessons! Sister Tanner taught a lesson on the Restoration and the Priesthood with a sweet Sister. Later on, she taught an investigator the importance of attending Church and keeping the Sabbath day holy! "It was an amazing lesson! She will get baptized soon", Sister Tanner said!
Sunday was an amazing Sabbath! Two investigators came to church! The woman Sister Tanner taught the previous day attended Church! "She was crying and loved it so much! She stayed all 3 hours", Sister Tanner said. Also, the non member husband of a Sister in the ward attended Church. "We really feel like he's getting so close. Pray for him", Sister Tanner said. After the wonderful church meetings, the Sisters headed out to the country to visit people and to have dinner.  A few weeks ago, Sister Tanner had a very intense dream about a family she hadn't visited in awhile. This family has a son who is disabled and cannot walk. "I had a dream a couple weeks ago that he was totally fine, and he was walking around and telling me all about his experience being handicapped, and after I had that dream, they started coming back to church", Sister Tanner said. She is unsure what this dream means, but she is happy that they have been coming back to church. She went to visit and spend time with them that evening. The son had just gotten back from his Disney World trip with Make A Wish Foundation. He loved telling Sister Tanner all about it, and how his favorite character is Flynn Rider from "Tangled." So sweet! Sister Tanner loves this special family!
Sister Tanner's Testimony:
"Overall it was a great week full of miracles and wonderful lessons. I love getting to preach the gospel and help people make changes every day. I read this week in D&C 24:7-9 about how our strength comes from Christ when we are devoting our service in Zion. I know that on my own, I wouldn't have strength to work as hard as we do every day but that because I am doing the Lord's work, I have strength to do everything he needs me to accomplish. I know that every day when I collapse in exhaustion, that He gives me the strength to wake up and do it all over again. And I love it! I trust in Him because I know I cannot do it on my own. I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week! Thank you for your continuous prayers! Know that I am praying for all of you as well!"
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner
D&C 24: 7: For thou shalt devote all thy service in Zion; and in this thou shalt have strength.

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