Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Love To See The Temple

Sister Tanner had a rewarding and spiritual week in Kenosha! "Hello my beautiful family! It's been a great week full of spiritual highs and plenty of opposition. I'M STAYING IN KENOSHA! Yay! At least another 6 weeks here in the promised land of the Mission", she said.


After email time on Monday, Sister Tanner headed out to the country. It isn't often that they get the chance to go out that way. They spent the day there, visiting part member and less active families. Sister Tanner experienced some angry people, and a few doors were slammed in her face. However, that did not stop her. She ended up meeting someone very special! "The less active mom wasn't home, but we met her non member husband and he said he just started believing in God a year ago, and so he's going to a Christian church. He was super nice and totally open to us coming back", Sister Tanner said. Her hard work in the country paid off, and she was blessed to have met this man! Later that evening, Sister Tanner had a lesson with the young boy who is preparing for baptism. "We taught about the liahona and went over the interview questions again. He's super ready! Brightest 10 year old ever", Sister Tanner said.

Tuesday was a very fun day! After the district meeting, a testimony meeting was held. The spirit was so strong as the Missionaries took turns bearing their testimonies of the gospel! So incredible! Afterwards, the 10 year old boy and his mom met the Sisters at the church. It was time for his baptism interview! He did amazing, of course! Sister Tanner always gets nervous as people are having their baptism interview, and the boy's mom was nervous as well! When he walked out, he said, "See mom, you gotta have faith"! "He's so cute", Sister Tanner said. After a few appointments that evening, Sister Tanner and Sister Reed attended the ward Young Men/Young Women activity. "We invited a few inactive youth to come and the YW leaders asked us to come help them. It was so fun! Flour bombs! Little packs of flour just throwing it at each other. It was great because we got to set up and coordinate some things with bishop while we were there, and got to know the youth some more! They are awesome! We have really righteous and good youth here", Sister Tanner said. Flour Bomb Wars!

"Wednesday was the best day ever", Sister Tanner said. It started off with an amazing personal scripture study in the morning. Everything she studied about how to do with, "Be not weary in well doing." After scripture study, it was time for exchanges! Sister Tanner switched with the Oak Creek, Wisconsin Sisters for the day. She had the opportunity to attend the Chicago, Illinois temple with Sister Larson! The temple was amazing and perfect, and she felt so blessed to be able to attend! "While we were in the chapel waiting for the session, I just flipped open the Book of Mormon and read Alma 37;34, "Be not weary in well doing." I was like, okay Heavenly Father really wants me to learn something about this. The session was amazing! When I got to the Celestial room, I was the only person in there. I loved the couple minutes I had to myself there. I felt the spirit so strongly and received a lot of answers about things I had been worried and praying about. I didn't want to leave! I can't wait to be able to go to the temple a lot more often! I love the temple", Sister Tanner said. What a perfect and spiritually lifting day! That evening, Sister Tanner got back to Kenosha. She went to the church to meet up with the Bishop and the 10 year old boy. They had a little meeting to get to know one another more. How awesome! "The Bishop told us how he showed him the Mission plaques on the wall, and talked to "B" about preparing and looking forward to the day he can serve a full time Mission. It was really cool! "B" was so happy and excited", Sister Tanner said. She just loves him and his family so much!

Chicago Illinois Temple

The Sisters had a full day of appointments on Thursday, which was so great! One of their lessons was with a less active family. The daughter in their family is very against the church. She happened to have a friend over as they were there, and the friend had so many questions! She was very interested, and it went really good! Sister Tanner also had another lesson with the 10 year old boy. It was all about Missionary work! She gave him and his cousin, "future missionary" badges. Of course they loved them! "It was a busy, but GREAT day", Sister Tanner said of Thursday.

Kenosha was very hot and humid on Friday! The Sisters braved the sticky weather, and made it to all their appointments. They also had the opportunity to volunteer at the Shalom Center. Afterwards, they headed to the Lake for this huge community carnival! There were so many people there and Sister Tanner enjoyed the opportunity to talk to many of them! Afterwards, Sister Tanner had a lesson with one of their investigators. The husband has been sick for awhile, so they brought the Elders along with them. "The Elders gave him a blessing and we had a great lesson about the Priesthood and miracles. We met the wife a few months ago while contacting at the Lake. They are both catholic but are Church hoppers. They have so much faith. While we were at their house, I felt how much Heavenly Father loves them and how happy he is they are starting to find the truth,because they are really great people and are going to help the Church a lot", Sister Tanner said. Later that evening, the Sisters had a lesson with one of the women who were baptized a few months ago. "She seriously remembers everything she reads in the Book of Mormon", Sister Tanner said of her. She is so impressed and inspired by her ability to grasp the gospel and scriptures so well! 

"Saturday was the best", Sister Tanner said. It was Sister Reed's 21st birthday! Sister Tanner tried hard to make it a special day for her! She started by baking pancakes for breakfast. Then the transfer text came in! The Sisters are both staying in Kenosha! Yay! What exciting news! Then it was baptism time. It was "B's" baptism day! "His baptism was amazing. A lot of the primary kids and their families came and it was a beautiful experience. My heart was so filled with love and the blessing of getting to know this family and watching him make this covenant. I know they are a family that I needed to come to Wisconsin to meet. Watching people be changed by the gospel makes it all worth it. I know they will be a family I will be close to forever. I love them", Sister Tanner said. She has expressed her love and closeness to this family since the day she met them! What a special day this must have been to everyone involved. Miracles truly do happen, and this is evidence of that. This sweet young boy has been baptized into the gospel. His life will forever be blessed! The Sisters were treated to Chilis for lunch afterwards! It was fun celebrating Sister Reed's birthday, the news of staying in Kenosha, and the baptism! Afterwards, the Sisters worked hard and went to a lot of appointments. They ended their day in the kitchen having a cake fight! What an exciting and amazing day it was!

Sunday was another awesome day! "B" was confirmed and 5 new ward Missionaries were called! Sister Tanner is excited to work with them! "In his blessing it talked about him preparing to receive the Priesthood and serving a full time mission, and being an example and helping his family return to the blessings of the gospel. I was balling! It was a beautiful blessing", Sister Tanner said. After Church, the Sisters attended a celebratory lunch in his honor with all of his extended family. Many of them are nonmembers or less active, so it was great for the Sisters to meet and talk with them. For dinner, Sister Tanner attended the former Bishop's house. He was able to give the Sisters some great ideas and tips for Missionary work! "He's a genius", Sister Tanner said. Their evening ended with teaching a woman and her grandchildren about the scriptures! Sister Tanner taught them all the scripture power song! It was so much fun! What an amazing day! 

Sister Tanner's Testimony:

"I love this work! My testimony is strengthened of the Lord sending us to the people we need to teach and being able to see miracles. I know that Christ lives. I know HE would have suffered for us even if I was the only person to come to earth and make a mistake, he would have done it all. Wisconsin is the place I've come to know my Savior and understand the great love he has for me and for all. I love you all so much! Have a great week."

Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

A quote Sister Tanner wanted to share with you all.

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