Monday, July 14, 2014

Live A Little More Like Christ

"It's been a week full of ups and downs and lots of opposition, but that's okay because opposition means we are doing something right and miracles are about to happen", Sister Tanner said. 

Monday was a productive P-day! After playing sports with the other Missionaries, Sister Tanner spent the day running around contacting potential investigators. She ended the day with a wonderful meal from a sweet Sister in her ward! 

Zone Training Meeting was on Tuesday! Sister Tanner gave a 30 minute training on the qualifications for baptism! How amazing! Later that day, Sister Tanner had a lesson with one of her investigators. She taught her all about the Word of Wisdom. "She was like, yeah I'll totally give up coffee and tea if a prophet said that's what we should do. She's so prepared and so ready", Sister Tanner said.

On Wednesday, Sister Tanner had a wonderful morning scripture study. "Jacob 5 finally made sense to me for the first time in my life", she said. That was a great moment for Sister Tanner! That day, the Sisters watched "His Grace Is Sufficient" with a Sister in their ward. "She loved it", Sister Tanner said. Then, she was able to talk with a couple about getting sealed in the temple next year. They are so excited, and asked Sister Tanner a bunch of questions! That night, their investigator that they taught the Word of Wisdom to, came to Institute with them! She loved it, and even met some new friends! It's only a matter of time before she is a member! She is so prepared!

Sister Tanner met one of her investigators at the park on Thursday morning. Her family is against the Church, and doesn't want her to join or read the Book of Mormon. However, nothing will stand in her way. She is working hard to move out, so that she can be baptized. "We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she brought up baptism before we even did. She wanted to know what exactly happens before she is baptized, and what she's going to learn, so we went through the baptism interview questions with her. She wants to join the Church, but it's just going to take some time for things to smooth over with her family and for her to move out so we re-set her date for September. She's so prepared though", Sister Tanner said. After that, Sister Tanner was able to have lessons with less active members. She even found more new investigators! While out working, she stopped by a Sister in her ward's work. She gave Sister Tanner something called "chocolate cheese". "Weirdest thing ever! It tastes like fudge, but it's cheese! Only in Wisconsin", Sister Tanner said. After a few more lessons, Sister Tanner was able to attend a birthday celebration for one of the Elders in her ward. "They had practically a ward party for him! It was fun though ans we talked to Sister "Z" the whole time about people we can bring to lessons. I love Sister Z", Sister Tanner said.

Sister Tanner was able to volunteer at the Shalom Center again on Friday. She loves the time she spends there! Then Sister Tanner and Sister Reed made a life changing discovery! "We made a grand discovery of a USB port in our car, and Sister Reed has a USB full of good Church music and stuff. We were excited about that", she said. Sister Tanner sure loves her music! That day, they had another lesson with their sweet investigator who attended Institute with them. Sister Tanner wanted to bring someone from the ward along with them to this lesson. She was given a name of a Sister who just moved into the ward. The Sisters called her, and she was excited to come along with them! "She was PERFECT! She served a mission so she totally helped us teach the Law of Chastity. It was great", Sister Tanner said. She was perfect for their investigator, and had a fun sense of humor! Their investigator told them that she feels the power of the Book of Mormon and that it gives her strength to stay away from her past. How amazing! The Book of Mormon is so powerful and can truly change your life!

The transfer texts came in on Saturday! Sister Tanner is staying in Kenosha as the Sister Training Leader! Her companion, Sister Reed is staying too! Sister Tanner is so excited to be staying, but sad that so many of the other Missionaries are being transferred far. "It's going to be a weird change. Sister Hancock is getting transferred to the UP! She's going to Michigan! I'm sad I probably won't see her again after today until after our Missions. So sad", Sister Tanner said. Sister Hancock will forever be one of Sister Tanner's best friends. They truly have been a huge part of each other's Missions! After receiving the transfer texts, Sister Tanner and Sister Reed went to visit one of their investigators from the nursing care home. She was very sick and was sent to a hospital! I'm sure seeing the Sister Missionaries brightened her day! Later that day, Sister Tanner went to visit someone she had met while out tracting. The family ended up being so rude and shewing her and Sister Reed away. "Sometimes people forget we are people with feelings too. Missions are hard! People see our name tags and automatically think it's okay to scream at us or shew us away like we don't matter. It's okay though, we are representing our Savior. It was never easy for him, so we shouldn't expect it to be easy for us. We pulled ourselves together and went to work", Sister Tanner said. She always is able to remain positive even through the hard times. Her positive attitude helped change her day for the better! She was able to teach great lessons and meet new people! She was able to have a lesson with one of the recently baptized members. She wanted to have it at her dad's home, so that her non member family could be there too. "So we ended up teaching the Restoration, and she totally helped us teach it! It was awesome! I love sitting in someone's living room testifying of the Book of Mormon and seeing the spark in their eyes and knowing they are actually listening for a minute. I love it! We left and I was like, that's what Missionary work is about! We can get reviled, spit on, screamed at, whatever, but at the end of the day. we still get to testify of the most important thing we have and that makes it all worth it! I love it", Sister Tanner said. What an amazing feeling that must have been to see the woman she taught the gospel to, start to teach her own family. Missionary work is a rippling effect!

On Saturday night, Sister Tanner attended a Missionary farewell for a girl in her ward. "It was so nice of her to invite us because we don't even know her very well. She asked us a bunch of mission questions and we told her about the hard day we had and we were like, it's still the best thing ever. When we were leaving, we both said to each other "She has no idea what she's getting herself into, the hardest and best 18 months ever". It was so fun", Sister Tanner said. Missions are not easy, but they are one of the greatest times in your life!

"Sunday always comes at the perfect time", Sister Tanner said. It was a wonderful Sunday too! A less active family whom she has been working with, randomly showed up to Church! "So that was good! Church was awesome! Sunday school was all about sacrifices and Relief Society was all about raising your children in the gospel. The teacher has only been a member for 1 year, and went to the temple this week to receive her endowments! She's amazing. Her husband is the one we are still working on", Sister Tanner said. After church, Sister Tanner and Sister Reed went with the Elders so that they could give their sick investigator a blessing. "She's doing so much better", Sister Tanner said. That evening, Sister Tanner visited a bunch of the less active members in her ward. Then she went to visit one of her investigators, and she told her that she wants to get baptized! "WOW! We were shocked! We told her she has to do something and act if she wants that to happen", Sister Tanner said. She must have really felt the spirit! Sister Tanner has brought the spirit and gospel into so many homes this week! Despite the small trials she faced during the week, she was able to stay positive and work hard. Because of her faith and determination, miracles are happening! Sister Tanner is excited for another transfer in Kenosha. It truly is the "promised land" of Wisconsin. 

Sister Tanner's Testimony:

"So it's been a week, but only looking up from here! All we can do is try our best and let God do the rest! I'm looking forward to an awesome transfer ahead of us and all the miracles that are coming! Sister "A" made a comment during Sunday School yesterday that I totally wrote down, she said, "Live like Christ and you'll be with him in the end." That's what I strive to do every day, live a little more like Christ. It's not something I'm going to ever be perfect at but it's something I can get better at. Progress, not perfection. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week ahead of you! My prayers and thoughts are with you! Hold fast to the rod! I love you all so much!"

Sister Karlie Tanner

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