Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Newest Sister Training Leader

"Wow, what a week it has been", Sister Tanner said. She had an exciting week full of changes and wonderful news! She also enjoyed this special holiday, and was able to help others focus on Christ. "It's been so wonderful to celebrate our Savior's resurrection and help get people excited about it", she said. 

Monday was an interesting P-day for Sister Tanner. After writing her emails last week, her and Sister King spotted their "stalker". They started hurrying out of the library as quickly as they could. As they were running down a flight of stairs, Sister Tanner fell! Luckily, she was not seriously injured. All that came from the fall was a sprained finger. Ouch! So, no sports for her that day! Instead, the Sisters decided to go to the nearby mall and get new Easter outfits! That evening, the Sisters had a wonderful Family Home Evening with a family from their ward. "We planned the coolest Easter Egg hunt activity to do with all the families this week. It was way cool", Sister Tanner said. 

Sister Tanner attended her District meeting on Tuesday. It was such a special one this week! All the missionaries were able to share their testimonies of the Savior with one another. "The spirit was really strong", Sister Tanner said. Later that day, Sister Tanner taught one of her investigators. Sadly, the lesson did not end as she had hoped. The man decided to no longer investigate the Church. Sister Tanner still encouraged him to read the Book of Mormon. It was a sad moment, and hard for her to accept. It is times like these however, that help her to grow and mature as a Missionary. Luckily, her day ended on a wonderful note. She was able to teach her Easter lesson again to another family that she loves. "Love them", she said. "They loved our Easter Activity!" On the bus ride home that night, Sister Tanner and Sister King met a really cool girl! "Tender mercy", Sister Tanner said.

Sister Tanner had a very productive and successful day on Wednesday. She was able to have a lesson with one of the less active members whom she teaches. It went really well. "He's totally progressing spiritually", she said. "He's reading conference talks all the time!" That is so amazing! After the lesson, the Sisters went to help clean for a family who just had a newborn baby. Sister Tanner loved being in their home, and seeing their new baby boy! "It's amazing to see newborn babies and think that they were JUST with Heavenly Father", Sister Tanner said. After being with their family, Sister Tanner and Sister King went and helped out with another family from the ward. Sister Tanner loved knowing that their small acts of service could truly help so much. She just loves both of those families so much! "I love them", she said. "Such great families!"

The weather was so beautiful on Thursday, that the Sisters decided to walk everywhere to contact people. They ended up meeting so many people! At one point in the day, the Sisters got a call from the girl who was just baptized last week. Her call really touched Sister Tanner! "She told us she was having an awesome week and that she feels different and she can feel the Holy Ghost in her life! Awesome right", Sister Tanner said. She also expressed to her that she cannot wait to go to the temple and do baptisms there. She is also looking forward to getting a calling soon! Sister Tanner is so happy for her, and so proud of this decision she has made in her life. She can see how it has changed everything for her! "She's awesome", Sister Tanner said.

On Friday, the Sisters were running ahead of schedule to their lesson, so they decided to stop at this random gas station. They just felt like they needed to go there. When they walked in, a man quickly came up to them. He asked them if they were missionaries. Of course the Sisters said, "YES WE ARE!" The man asked them why they had never knocked on his door. The Sisters were so excited! "SO AWESOME! He's this cool family guy and wants to learn about our Church. New investigator", Sister Tanner exclaimed! They were both so glad that they went inside that gas station when they did. They were definitely prompted by the Lord. After that, they had a lesson with a less active member. They were able to talk with her a lot, and even teach her children about the Resurrection. They children didn't know the true meaning of Easter before that day. Sister Tanner was excited to be able to teach them about the Savior's Resurrection. After that, it started to seem like a struggle to contact anyone. The Sisters started to feel a bit down. Right then, one of their favorite Sisters from the ward drove by and honked and waved at them. "For some reason it totally made our day! Thinking about it after, we were having a hard time and to have some one drive by, literally cheering us on was a blessing from Heavenly Father. It reminded us how many people we have "cheering us on" even during the hard times", Sister Tanner said. We are never alone. We always have a cheerleader rooting for us. Our Heavenly Father is our biggest fan. Even when it seems like there is no one, he is always there.

 Saturday was Stake conference in West Allis. "It was amazing", Sister Tanner said. Elder Godoy, from the 70 was there. His talk was all about Missionary work. He shared his conversion story with everyone, along with many other recent converts who spoke. "He's hilarious", Sister Tanner said. "The most animated, hilarious, General Authority I've ever met!

"Easter Sunday was amazing", Sister Tanner said. They had Stake Conference, and it was amazing to see everyone in their stake all together. "My first Sunday in West Allis was Stake Conference, and my last Sunday in West Allis is Stake Conference. What a great way to leave", she said. It was such a wonderful day! She even met a family whose children and grandchildren all live in Sacramento. It turned out that Sister Tanner grew up with them! What a small world! All the speakers were amazing at Stake Conference, and the spirit filled the room. "Stake Conference was wonderful! We have an awesome stake Presidency here in Milwaukee South Stake! Kenosha is still in this Stake! Yay! Elder Godoy sharing his witness and testimony of the Savior was so powerful. He spoke a lot to the youth and a lot to husbands about treating their wives better. It was really good", Sister Tanner said. It was an amazing Easter Sunday!

A sweet family had Sister Tanner over for Easter dinner. They aren't very active, and don't have the strongest testimonies. "I think us being there and bringing the spirit into their home was just what they needed. It was wonderful", Sister Tanner said. Then the transfer call came! The Mission President called to tell her that she will be the new SISTER TRAINING LEADER! She is also moving to Kenosha! Her very first companion, Sister Newton is coming to West Allis to be companions with Sister King. How amazing! "What a miracle! I get to do exchanges with Sister Newton and Sister Hancock! I'm really nervous for this leadership position but I know the Lord qualifies whom he calls so I'm looking forward to growing and learning a lot and becoming the best missionary I can be. I will need your prayers", Sister Tanner said. We are all so excited and proud of her! We knew this day would come, because she is such a strong and inspiring missionary! That night, Sister Tanner went to one of her favorite family's house to say goodbye and spend the end of Easter with them. She was also able to do her Easter activity with the kids! She had so much fun! She loves that sweet family so much. They have treated her so good during her time in West Allis. She will forever be grateful for everything they have done for her! 

Sister Tanner had such a wonderful week! We are so proud of her new position as a missionary. She will be in our thoughts and prayers this week as she moves to Kenosha, and becomes a Training Leader. We know she will bless so many lives there, and touch so many people. She will definitely miss West Allis though, and can't wait to visit there again one day! 

She will never forget WEST ALLIS and all the amazing people there.

Sister Tanner's Testimony:

"West Allis has been amazing and will always be such a special place to me. I'm really excited to go to the "promised land" as everyone in the Mission calls Kenosha, where they baptize like crazy. It will be an amazing adventure! I love you all!"
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

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