Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014, A Year of Miracles

Sister Tanner was sad to say goodbye to 2013, which is a year she will never forget. However, she was excited to welcome in 2014. She has called it, "a year of miracles" already! She cannot wait for all that this year has in store for her, as she continues to serve the Lord each day, and teach the people of Wisconsin. 

Sister Tanner's week started off with a wonderful family home evening with a part member family. They were able to have a lesson about setting goals for the new year. Everyone in the family came up with wonderful goals and things to strive for this year! The wife made her goal to renew her temple recommend. "This made me so happy", Sister Tanner said.

On New Years Eve, the Missionaries in Sister Tanner's district all got together for a training. They learned about "SMART goals", which stands for Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, Time. It was great to hear the goals that everyone has for the district and for themselves personally as Missionaries. After the District training, Sister Tanner and Sister Hancock spent New Year's Eve with a Sister from the ward. She had a get together at her home with many other members from the ward. After the festivities, they finally made it home safe and sound in the blizzard of snow.

2014 started off to a snowy start on Wednesday! During personal studies in the morning, Sister Tanner prayed very hard. She prayed to Heavenly Father and asked him to help them make it through the day. Many investigators and even members were cancelling on them because of the harsh weather conditions. She studied about going through trials, and enduring to the end. "Boy did I really need that to help me through the day", she said. Doing the Lord's work can seem impossible in freezing weather, when no one is willing to see you or listen to you. But Heavenly Father truly did listen to her prayers that day! Her spirits were lifted after having a wonderful meal, and a night of fun games with 2 wonderful families from the ward. They received wonderful news that night! The man they had met last week at the bus stop, contacted them! He wants to meet with them, and learn more! "Yay! Tender mercy! After tribulation cometh the blessings", Sister Tanner said. Her prayers were answered. Enduring that freezing cold every day is hard, but so rewarding when someone is accepting of the gospel, and wants to learn. 

Thursday was a wonderful day! One of the Sisters in the ward is starting a #tacotalkthursday night! Every Thursday she will invite an investigator or less active to her home, along with the Missionaries. This Thursday, no one ended up being able to come. The Sisters were able to share a lesson with her family about not giving up and not getting discouraged. "Welcome to Missionary Life", Sister Tanner said. What an amazing idea, and what a wonderful example of Member Missionaries. We should all try harder to be Missionaries in our every day life, just like this family!

Everything seemed to fall into place on Friday. The Sisters were able to meet with the man they met at the bus stop. They met him at a low time in his life, and their sweet message was exactly what he needed to hear. Now they were able to actually teach him. He was so receptive of the gospel, and even accepted the invitation to be baptized! Sadly, the Sisters will have to now allow the Elders to teach him. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a woman to always be at every lesson. Heavenly Father definitely led them to this man, and when he needed it most. They are so blessed to know him, and can't wait for him to further his life in the Gospel. After their meeting with him, the Sisters were able to visit with the less active that they have been teaching. They taught her the Restoration, and even watched a DVD with her on it. She told the Sisters that she is going to pray hard, because she wants to know if the Book of Mormon is true. "The spirit was so strong. We will get her back to Church one of these days! Every time we are there, I can just feel the spirit testify to her through me! I love her", Sister Tanner said. It seems that she loves Sister Tanner as well. When they were leaving, she told them that they can come visit more often if they like! Sister Tanner is truly touching her, and bringing the spirit into her life.

Saturday was a fulfilling day as well. The Sisters went out with the Relief Society President in their ward. They visited investigators and less actives. They were able to contact a few of them, and were even invited back again. Later in the day, they were in not the best of neighborhoods and Sister Hancock's bus pass went missing! Thankfully a sweet ward member was able to come and rescue them! 

What an AMAZING day Sister Tanner had on Sunday! 4 investigators came to church! How incredible! Everything went so well, and they were all warmly welcomed by the Members. After Church, one of the men that came with his wife for the first time, talked to Sister Tanner about how this is exactly what he needs in his life. "He said after Church that he knows this is exactly where he was supposed to be today, and his wife said that she looks forward to coming back! The 14 year old daughter loved Young Womens, and was begging her dad to let her come play volleyball with them on Saturday! I am so excited for this family! YAY", Sister Tanner said. Just another family that Sister Tanner is bringing into the gospel, and changing their life forever. 

Sister Tanner had an incredible start to 2014. She was able to overcome the extreme cold, and still find people and families to bring closer to Heavenly Father. Her influence on others is outstanding. Her light radiates the happiness that the Gospel can bring, and its something infectious that everyone around her wants for themselves. She continues to work miracles in Wisconsin, and we couldn't be more proud of her! I will now leave you with some of Sister Tanner's words.

"I know this year is a year of miracles! I am so excited for the adventures and experiences that lay ahead. This year I hope to do all I can to become the best Missionary I can be, and that I can accomplish the things Heavenly Father needs me to do with the time I have left in Wisconsin. I have made really specific goals, and I know with Heavenly Father's help I can accomplish them! What a blessing this year is! SO excited!
Well today is a high of -10 degrees, and -57 degrees with the wind chill. We arent supposed to be outside for any reason today or tomorrow. Everything is closed! The stores, schools, and buses are all closed and not running. The mayor announced everything is shut down! Please pray for me! I love you all so much! I am grateful for the New Year and the opportunity I have to be here doing the Lord's work. 2014 will be a good one!"
Love always,
Sister Karlie Marie Tanner

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